'l'he ropy comedy llillt’l' to the ('arihhean. (‘aine took any role with sun. sea. sand and lmtdsatnoney not so good for your professional standing.

‘Hang on lads, I’ve got a great idea.’ But ('aine’s changed his tune. Now. he says. it‘s about the script. ’lt's the script. the script. the script.‘ And he‘s laughing here: "l‘he script.’

He‘s making better iihns nowadays. certainly more than he has during those l5 years between (iv! ('urler and his lirst ()scar. And that career choice. conscious or coincidental. is serying hitn well. ('aine‘s now not merely the star he was in the ()()s. he‘s also a highly respected actor.

‘Keep looking at me - it helps to keep my soul from flying off.’

Those lines were spoken by (‘aine’s li‘eehooter l’eachey (‘arnehan to Sean (‘onnery‘s soldier-with-a-(iod—coniplex Daniel l)ra\‘ot in the rollicking Rudyard Kipling adaptation The .ilun who Him/(l by King. But they might equally apply to the actor‘s professional life. ‘I don‘t have to work and I'm nearly 70] he says. ‘I suppose I should retire. But I enjoy working. so [just sit there and wait for great scripts to conie.‘

'l'here‘s a great exchange ot~ dialogue in (iv! ('urler that I can only paraphrase. :\ Newcastle hood says to (‘aine‘s gangster: ‘You think you‘re intelligent. don‘t you (‘arter'." To which he replies: ‘()nly ctnnparatiyely.~ Neat way of summing up ('aine’s career. that.

The Quiet American goeg—o—n general release on Fri 29 Novi See review, page 21.