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Brazil (15) 0... (Terry (iilliant. l'S. I985) Jonathatt Pryce. Kim (iriest. Robert De Niro. Peter Vaughan. 142mm. Extravagantly designed arid blackly humorous ()rwellian visioit of tlte future. as titodest bureaucrat Pryce battles tlte forces of totalitarianism artd figltts for ltis dream girl. feisty trucker (iriest. ()verlong aitd ramshackle fantasia. with montents of slteer creative adrettalin and a classic ending. (‘(‘A. (ilasgow.

Brighton Rock (PG) 0000 (John Boultirtg. l'K. I947) Ricltard Attenborouglt. Hermione Baddeley. William llartnell. 91min. The pre-luvvie Attenborough brings a menacing delirtquiitcy to Pinkie. wlto ltas to sweet-talk a waitress who witnesses oite of his murders. The seaside atmosphere is essentially Ertglislt and somehow sordid iit this fiite adaptation of (iraham (ireene‘s novel. which ltas lost none of its power to thrill. Eilnthouse. Edinburgh.

Cabaret ( lb’) ..... (Bob liosse. [75. 1972) Liza Minnelli. Joel (irey'. Micltael York. l2-1ntitt. ln divinely decadent early 1930s Berlin. singer Sally Bowles wows them at tlte notorious Kit Kat Klub. encounters the beginnings of Nazism and shares her pretty Eitglish boyfriend with a gay baron. Stylish arid irtvigoratiitg Broadway musical ttirtted ()scar-winitiitg cinematic landmark. MacRobert. Stirling. 0 Changing Lanes ( 15) .000 (Roger Michell. LS. 2002) Bert Affieck. Santuel l. Jackson. Williaiit lltirt. 99min. Doyle (iipson (Jackson). a recovering alcoholic figlttirtg to keep his kids iii a custody battle with his ex-wife. artd high flying attorney (iavin Battek (Affieck) are iitvolved iit art auto accident on a New York freeway. From this seemingly small altercation. a sequence of events is set itt motion that will see Baitek attd Doyle serioUsly messing with eaclt other over the course of a very long (iood Friday. ('lrmrer'ng 1.1mm is an intelligent. gripping thriller. The optimistic ending. however. is soittewltat otit of place. Selected release. Chaos ( lh’) ((‘oline Serreau. France. 200] ) (‘atheritie Erot. Vincent Lindon. Racltida Brakrti. 1 10min. Attempting to reconcile the guilt that she feels after failing to intervene having witnessed an attack on a young prostitute. Malika. lleleite tracks down the girl in hospital attd decides to take on the responsibility of the girl's recuperation. lit doing so Helene inadvertently exposes herself aitd her fantily to the dark arid violent underworld that Malika came from. liilitthouse. Edinburglt.

Cinemania (cert tbc) (Angela (‘hristifieb aitd Stephen Kijack. (ierntany. 2002) 80min. This documentary offers a unique insight iitto the lives of five severely obsessed filitt btiffs. Each protagonist ltas a signature obsessive compulsive characteristic. including one belonging to a fellow who is on a ‘no fibrc' diet iit order not to waste valuable cinema time iii the loo. Eilmhouse. Edinburgh. Circleen-Mice and Romance (cert tbc) tbc Mitt. Animation of a little elf girl arid her ntouse friends. Discovering a pitiful

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26 THE LIST 28 Nov—<12 DOC 200?.

mouse called Millie who has been ordered to collect cheese by her horrible stepfather on her birthday. they conte to her rescue. MacRobert. Stirling.

The Color Purple (PG) .0.

(Steven Spielberg. LS. 1985) Danny (ilover.

Wftoopi (ioldberg. ()pralt Winfrey. lS-littiii. Based on Alice Walker's Pulitzer Prize winning novel about being poor. black arid troubled iii the Deep South. the boy wonder naturally takes one or two liberties arid plays down aitd talks tip different elements of tlte tale. However. it's hard not to be moved by the story arid performances of Wltoopi. ()pralt attd Danny. ()deott. Edinburgh.

Curry and lrn-Bru (15) (Various. t'K. 2002) the Mitt. Short filttt made by young Asian people iii the Woodlands area of (ilasgow iit conjunction with filmmaker Attitie (ieorge. A discussion with the young people involved will follow. covering topics of the place of filiit itt British Asian coittittttitities. identity. discrimination aitd media representation. (il’l'. (ilasgow. Cyberworld (PG) (Various. ('8. 2002) tbc Mitt. New 3D filitt for the giant screen featuring aitiittated characters front Ant: to The .S'i'mpsmrs. lMAX. (ilasgow.

Czech Animation: Midsummer Night’s Dream ( l5) (Jiri Trnka. ('/.ech Republic. 1950) 76min. World‘s first puppet filitt iit cineitiascope. Shakespeare's verse is replaced by stylised dance-like movement. acoustic expression aitd a striking musical score. (il’l‘. (ilasgow.

The Dancer Upstairs ( IS) .00. (John Malkoviclt. l'S/Spain. 2002) Javier Bardent. Laura Morante. Juan Diego Botto. 133mm. Malkovich's first filitt as a director is set iit aii unnamed Latiit American country where honest. underpaid police investigator Atigtistiit Rejas (Bardent) is trying to track dowit the shadowy leader of a ruthless terrorist organisation. The state strikes back with ferocity of its owrt. but Rejas strives to remain uncorrttpted. his only solace a developing romantic friendship with his daughter's ballet teacher (Moraitte). lts portrait of violent fanaticism all too timely. 'I‘Iir' Dancer ('psmr'rs is chilling. tiiorally' complex. psychologically astute arid sometimes mordantly funny. As you'd expect. its also superbly acted. above all by the magnificent Bardent. See review. l'(i(' Renfrew Street. (ilasgow; l'(i('. Edinburgh.

Woody Allen can’t insure against disaster in the tragic Curse of the Jade Scorpion

Das Sams (The Slurb) (cert tbc) (Ben Verbong. (iermany. 2001) l'lriclt Noetheit. (‘hristine l'rspruch. Aglaia S/y'zkowitl. l03ntin. The Slurb is a ‘speckled little unidentified redlteadcd being' that descends from nowhere into the lap of meek- manttered push-over Bruno. The Slurb assumes ftill responsibility for turning Bruno‘s character iitto something more like his own. i.e. sassy arid self-assured. Ait adventure for all the family. l'ilttthouse. Edinburgh.

Das Verlangen (The Longing) ( l8) (lain Dilthey. (ierntany. 2002) Susanne- Marie Wrage. Klaus (irtiitberg. Robert Loltr. 90min. Lena is trapped iii a loveless marriage attd silently suffers a monotonous. dreary existence. The sleepy South-(ierman village iii which site lives is suddenly awoken when a sltockiiig aitd mysterious ttturder occtirs. Events following the murder prompt Lcita to realise her affection for a local village mait. arid the possibility of happiness is dangled before her. But at what sacrifice can her happiness be aclticved'.’ liilnthouse. Edinburgh.

Der Glanz Von Berlin (The Queens of Dust) (cert tbc) (Antic Kruska arid Judith Keil. (ierittaity. 200] ) 84min. A portrait of three cleaning ladies living and working in Berlin. This touching documentary illustrates the humorous aspects of a life not chosen. as well as the sadness of dreams unrealised. l-‘ilitthousc. Edinburgh.

Detektor (Detector) (cert tbc) (Pal Jackntan. Norway. 2000) Mads ()usdal. llildegun Riise. litgjerd Egeberg. l02ntin. Thirty year old psychologist Daniel spends his free time roanting the local fields w itlt a metal-detector on the hunt for metal objects. llint aitd his friend Ronny discover a bracelet belonging to a woman that w ill change their lives forever... liilmltouse. Edinburgh. Devil Doll (cert tbc) 0.. (rod Browning. LS. 1936) Lioitel Barrymore. Maureen O’Sullivan. Rafaela ()ttiano. 79min. llaviitg been framed by his Parisian partners. fornter banker Patil Lavond (Barrymore) escapes front Devil's Island after seventeen years of incarceration. Revenge is all that kept hint alive. so Lavond sees a golden opportunity to ply some of it iit his fellow escaped convict. a titad scientist who has invented a way of shrinking living beings to [lie size of children's toys and controlling them with

willpower alortc. ()dd as the itotioit of ntiniature killers ittigltt be. stranger still is tlte disguise Leyoitd adopts in order to sneak back iitto Paris: Barrymore. a fairly imposing actor. dresses himself tip as Madante Maitdclip. sweet old lady and dollntaker. lle'd be right at home itt l-i‘mks. ('ameo. Edinburgh.

Die Another Day ( 12A) 0.. (Lee Tantahori. l'K/l‘S. 2002) Pierce Brosnait. lialle Berry. Rick Yune. l35min. ‘Bond 20' opens with 007 betrayed during a mission to assassinate rogue Nortlt Korean (‘oloitel Mooit. which although successful sees ltitit subsequently left to rot itt prison. Released fourteen ittoittlts later. Bond makes the unearthing of the individual who betrayed hint a personal vendetta. So far. so divergent front the standard Bond plot. 'I‘hereaftcr. however. Die .'lIlU!/I(’I' [My relaxes back iitto the familiar formula: globe-hoping. girls arid gadgets. The appearance of Berry 's American agent. bikini-clad front the (’aribbean sea. is a direct reference to l'rsula Andress‘ memorable entrance in Dr .Vu. And the new film thus celebrates the Boitd film franchise‘s 40th anniversary by paying homage to prev iotis films. How ever. nu» Another Day is a top heavy film. with a great opening set-piece attd disappointing finale. Still. Brosnan remains more than up It) tlte role. (ienci‘al release.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (Subtitled) ( 12) ((‘allie Khotiri. LS. 2002) Sandra Bullock. Ellen Btirstyn. Ashley Jtidd. 1 10min. (Subtitled version for the hard of hearing). As directed by 'I'lielmu wu/ [nurse screenwriter ('allie Kltotiri. this Deep South-set chick flick is a sprawling. selflindtilgent mess, Wheii mother (Btiisty n) and daughter (Bullock) fall out. the mother's lifelong friends. the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. altetttpt to reconcile the pair. Will the Ya-Yas. including Maggie Smith (w ltosc dry. deadpatt w it provides the film's best moments) heal the bi'eacli'.’ The viewer will most likely be too numb w itlt boredom to care. l'('l. Edinburgh.

Dog Days ( is) 0.0 (l'li'iclt Seidl. Atistria. 2001) l2()inin. Welconte to Dog [My v. Austrian director Seidl's \ isioit of suburban hell on a sweltering suiniitei' weekend. Aiming for authenticity and intimacy. tlte director l.()llt)\\\ his lonely characters (play ed mainly by non- pi'ofessionals) iitto bailii'ooiiis and se\ parlotii's. where the caittet'a obser\ es their