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HILLS ARE ALIVE Meditation and perception When I lived opposite Dores. just above Castle Urquhart at Drumnadrochit on Loch Ness, I started meditating while looking out of the window of the caravan I was staying in and saw the opposite bank transform itself into a totally different shape to the one it usually possesses.

I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience and. if so. what they might have seen.

Also I thought it might prove an interesting experiment if other people did what I did and then sent the results in to you to see if there was any correlation with my results. or even if a totally different perception emerged.

Tony Sandy Glasgow


Re: 24-hour party people? (455)

I read with interest your club- survey results article. Yes. most clubs are becoming too mainstream and dull. but it doesn't take a genius to suss out the more original club nights out there (try reading The List for starters). Could it be the same punters who are moaning about this are the very same punters who are too scared to try out something new?

Take Optimo as a prime example: in its first year there were only about 75 dedicated regulars on Sunday nights at the Sub: now. as you well know. it's rammed every week at MAS. bank holiday or no bank holiday. Other excellent nights in Glasgow which could never be described as mainstream are the Funk Room at the Arches, Melting Pot at the Riverside. and my new favourite. Death Disco. also at the Arches. whose first night was mobbed so maybe there are a few daredevils out there after all . . .

David O’Connor via email

2 TME LIST 28 Nov-12 Dec 2002


React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehaii Street, Glasgow G2 NO

or email

JUKE BOX JURY Re: Bar Guide (455) I noticed in the bar guide with the latest edition of The List that we have ‘a good sized pool table but. Oddly. no jukeboxfi

We obviously have. and always have had. a jukebox which has all genres of music on it and is positioned beside the bar next to the front door! Dave McGeachan King Tut's Wah Wah Hut Glasgow


Re: Thumbs down (455) Regarding Game On, Michael Ryan asks us: 'Why have the Glasgow gamers been neglected? [They] deserve an exhibition of their own. Can Glasgow not hold one of its own?’

Are you taking the mickey. Mike? Game On is a fantastic exhibition indiscriminately catering for all. irrespective of age. gender or ability/disability. By being located in Edinburgh city centre Game On is easily accessible to all of Scotland's gamers and non-gamers.

It takes less than an hour to get there from Glasgow. even using public transport. Why not look beyond your west-coast- centric world and take a day trip to Auld Reekie like all the rest of us. and quit yer moaning?

You know. some people are never satisfied.

Bob (from Glasgow) via email

THE REAL THING Urban Outfitters in Glasgow Having recently visited Urban Outfitters in Glasgow I feel compelled to share my thoughts with your readers. While I found the shop beautifully set out and some of the products displayed within were of the highest standard. I could not help but think that the demographic which they were aiming at was one that had read one copy of The Face magazine too many.

Can I suggest to the regular

customers of said establishment (and especially the staff you do realise that you work in a shop?) that if you live your life as one big ironic statement. one day you will wake up. you'll be 40, have an awful asymmetric haircut and you'll be wearing £300 jeans just because they have a nice little squiggle on the arse. Kevin Rae

via email

SHOP’N’ROLL STAR Oasis at Braehead Arena

I don't know who decided to hold two nights of Oasis gigs at the Braehead Arena, but I'd like to say thanks mate. thanks a lot. especially for the sheer surrealness of the venue (it really is just a shopping mall), the sound 'quality' and the total lack of any transport after the gig.

What really pisses me off is they must have known the sheer numbers attending - the two nights had sold out almost instantly, so you had several thousand fans all heading back to town at the same time. Getting there was fine, but getting back was another story. Was there a bus? Was there any public transport at all? No!

Buses finished at 10.40pm, well before the gig finished. Cabs were few and far between and with a 'feisty' crowd all desperate to get home. tempers began to flare. Large amounts of folk were left stranded for 45 minutes or more.

Seeing that I had travelled from Edinburgh this meant I missed the last train and last bus; thank God I know a few peOple in Glasgow or I really would have been up shit creek without a paddle. It really spoilt an otherwise cracking night out, Oasis as always put on a blinding show of lad rock. I really fancied catching Sum 41 there next year but this experience has put me right off.

Ian McKeown via email

BARRAS BOY Seats at gigs Why do Scottish promoters insist on booking seated venues for rock gigs? So often what happens is if you don't get the tickets straight away you get Iumbered with having to take seated tickets. Motorhead at an all seated venue? Sitting down for the Foo Fighters or Smashing Pumpkins? Are you mad? Make space for more moshing, cos I'm young and rock'n'roll isn’t for my granny: if I needed a seat, I would go to a bingo hall or a furniture showroom. Is it a wonder people always say the Barras is the best venue in Britain? There's no bleeding seats for a start. Gavin Baker via email


The nation has decided. And what is the upshot of the Great Britons series of historically inaccurate documentaries hosted by B-list politicians. journalists and comedians? The top three are an alcoholic warmonger who was displaced by a populace at the earliest possible opportunity in peacetime; an industrialist renowned for the exploitation of his poverty stricken workforce; and a moronic, PR- crazy Princess with a penchant for inviting hordes of press into AIDS hospitals.

It's sad. it's pathetic and it certainly deconstructs the meaning of the word ‘great'. As for me. I'm moving to the former Yugoslavia. I hear Slobodan Milosevic is in the running for the Greatest Slav. Lucy Kirkpatrick Edinburgh


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