Hanayo savours the variety of flavours


Arches, Glasgow, Sun 1 Dec

If you don’t go to Instal, you’re an idiot. Because this second annual all-dayer of contemporary music, both electronic and more classically inspired, is a rare and wondrous beast to be savoured. Taking full advantage of the Arches labyrinthine expanse, the eight-hour event allows the open-eared to drift through three different spaces, the sound and vision of nine acts in transit transcending the by-and-large still lumpen gig in a sweatbox routine practised by imagination-lacking nostalgists. In this respect it’s more of an exercise in internal aural psychogeography than a gig per se. A spectacle. An event.

Get the picture? Yes, we see. At least, anyone who witnessed John Cage contemporary Phill Niblock's floor rattling routine in Edinburgh last year will, having already been startled by the belly-rumbling shock of the sixtysomething minimalist innovator. His Instal visit is a

on offer at Instal 02

major coup, especially as on top of a live set comes a screening of his film on Saturn’s own bandleader, Sun Ra. Closer to home is the meeting of hearts and minds of our very own Paragon Ensemble performing Japanese composer Koji Asano’s Eclipse of the Moon from the Backyard. Further far reaching delights come from Ryoji lkeda, Teutonic electro-squiggle from alva.noto, John Wall’s cut’n’paste improv, Japanese chanteuse Hanayo backed by Pansonic’s llpo Vaisainen and more.

And yet, there’s a ‘what is it, exactly?’ suspicion to events like Instal far more incomprehensible than anything on the bill, not least of which comes from a popstar—hungry media. Even in avant circles, some self- publicist hacks prefer to write about themselves. In an ideal world this would be the intro to a three-page feature, but I guess some airbrushed moppet just got a new hair-do and has taken all the colour pages for herself. Bugger her. Instal 02 is where it’s at. More importantly, it’s where it will be. (Neil Cooper)

Wet Wet. The choice is yours. . .

The man from Mogwai asks: what can you get for £710? A Boards of Canada 12in, a debut album or 59 copies of Marti Pellow sings the songs of Wet

over and Mike from Boards even likes it! Happin ever after etc. etc.

But it isn't all happy tales from the underground though. I happened to notice that Marti Pellow has taken it upon himself to re-record the hits he had with Wet Wet Wet in a bid for slice of the lucrative Christmas market. When I saw a television advert for this frankly ludicrous endeavour I started to

avid Jack made his debut at

Our Extra Width night a few

weeks back. For those who don't know. David makes excellent instrumental hip hop and his debut album came about under the oddest of circumstances.

After hijacking hrs girlfriend's computer to record hrs album David and pal Scott (of record label Knife Fighting Mame/Monkey fame) set about trying to work out just how to raise funds for manufacturing. At the time I happened to mention to Scott that I'd seen an early Boards of Canada EP for sale on ebay for $500. clearly a ludicrous amount of money to pay for a t2rn with

no sleeve but also an indication of how highly regarded Boards are hold all over the ‘.-'/orld. Scott. rt transpires. had the aforemeritroned EP and wasn't particularly precious aberrt clinging onto rt. So he sold the record on ebay rthe original one didn't sell cos rt had a scratchi for a monumental .7710. In the process he also secured someone to master the proposed album in New York.

The icing on the metaphorical cake came last month when Skarn Records re-released the )rigrnal Boards EP thus making original copies far less valuable. So Davrd's record came out and has since sold enough to pay for itself twice

wonder why the Health Education Board for Scotland's anti-drugs lobby have not used this as propaganda in the war against drugs. Surely footage of Martr's demented cheezer belting Out muzak versions of his already atrocious pantheon would be enough to prevent anyone from even considering a lifestyle that might lead towards any such undignifred eventualities.

If he wasn't enough I'm currently looking at a picture of Michael 'John Merrrck' Jackson dangling a wean with a towel over its head out of a window rt could be said that it is a great time for demented 80s celebrities to make total arsewrpes of themselves.

38 THE LIST 75’) Nov 17 [)M; I’Tlii?


Surface noise

All the intimations, revelations and publications around in the wonderful world of music

At if. R MUCH TUMULT IN THE ldlewrld camp of late. Surface noise rs pleased to announce that Irishman Gavin Fox has been confirmed as the new baSSrst to replace departed Bob Farrfoul. Also live guitarist Allan Stewart has been added as a full-time member of the band. Further to their December shows the band have announced a single for January. ‘A Modern Way of Letting Go'. and another date at the arroxlvland on 6 February. See ya down the front.

FOPP ARE EXPANDING THEIR universe with their new venture on Edinburgh’s Rose Street. As well as another quality music emporium like those we all know and love, the twist with the new shop, due to open on 5 December, is that it has a bar on its first floor that will sell bottled beers and wine and have listening posts. The hope is customers will ‘sit, browse, talk, sing and or dance and read the music press’. And even buy the odd record too?

So just where did I leave our new bassist?

GOT A GREAT IDEA FOR A music vrdeo and no Way to get yOur concept to become a reality? Then ditch the camcorder and look to Four Minute Wonders. an organisation that gets promo filmmakers together Willi bands. faCrIrties and most importantly, cash. Previous acts to have promos made through the scheme include Bendy Toy and Radar Brothers. And damn fine they are too ~ we had a wee look. Vrsrt ‘.'.’\'.r".‘./.iil‘ilnlll(}‘.‘~.’()ll(lCtSCOlti fer rnore.

NOT WISHING TO BIG UP THE competition or anything but keep a look out for the second issue of Is this Music? a new fanzine from the makers of the Jockrock website dedicated to highlighting the finer points of quality Scottish music. Much in the same spirit as The List of course but you can never have too much information, can you? It is available from most good discerning independent record shops at the princely sum of £2.