King Tut's, Glasgow, Mon 11 Nov

He doesn’t say much, does John Squire, although if there was ever an excuse to trot out the old ‘music does the talking’ cliche', then it’s now. It wasn’t hard to win us over -

walk on stage, kick out the

instrumental coda from ‘I am the Resurrection’ and watch a couple of hundred Scots collectively cream

themselves. Easy!

The new stuff sounds fine, too, but

naturally the response was more muted. If ‘Joe Louis’ and ‘Time Changes Everything”s jammed ending were

greeted as old mates, though, then ‘Waterfall’ and a countrified ‘She Bangs the Drums’ were like long-lost sons back from the war. And while a personalised, icing-on-the-cake encore of Second Coming’s ‘Tightrope’ let us know that nothing stays the same forever - this gig proved that not all your heroes have to let you down when they get old. (David Pollock)

HIP HOP i—.-.i_r_‘cinoNic,\ DAVID JACK

Gilded Saloon, Edinburgh, Sat 16 Nov eeoe

Who's Déi‘.’l(l Jack? Just in case we ‘.‘.rere in any doubt. he was the one on the left

Willi the big sign saying ‘Dayid Jack' pointed at his head.

He's also the man behind the album Texture Freak -— released on Edinburgh label Knife Fighting Mantis and Mott‘s/ai's guitar tech. too. So it's kinda fitting that he played his first solo gig at this. Stuart Braithwaite and cos ever- dependable Extra \‘VKllll night.

And what a quality gig. First-time nen'es were notably absent. as Jack and coinpadres shared san‘pier. scratching and bass duties. catching the packed— 0ut venue's ears With an extended set of finely-tuned. loose-liinbed psychedelic hip hop. Very much like the cut-ups ( f DJ Shadow. in fact. but lust relocated

from California to the Cor/gate. iDayid Pollocki

t g5 I U r iii” in éfi‘i’n’jfi-‘TQT‘: ‘rrr'r'a’a WW":

M’s/alts my .1 or:

Denotes just announced I Murderdolls Liquid

Rooms. Edinburgh. l2 Um:

I The Bandits King 'l'ut's. (ilmgim. l3 DCL‘.

I Royksopp Barrow land. Glasgow. l3 Dec.

I Bjorn Again and Jason Donovan Sli('('. Glasgow. l3 DCL‘.

I The Reindeer Section ()All'. (iltlsgim. l—l l)L‘L‘.

I Runrig Barrow land. (il;lsgt)\\. l-l l)L‘L‘.

I Radio 4 and The Faint Bai'll}. Glasgow l-l Dcc.

I Madness Sl-‘.(‘(‘. (ilil\gtl\\. l5 “CC.

I Saw Doctors Barrow land. (ilil\‘_'()\\. l5 UCL‘.

I The Black Heart Procession King Tut‘s. Glasgow. l5 l)L‘L‘.

I Schneider TM King Tut‘s. Glasgow lo Du:

I Primal Scream (“iii-n liwhangc. lidinhurgli. lo Dcc; Barrowland. Glasgow. l7 Dcc SOLD ()l'l.

I Bootleg Beatles t'slit-i-

,g ~2

Hall. Edinburgh. lh Dcc.

I Idlewild Barrow land. Glasgow. lb DL‘L‘ SOLD ()l'l: ('orii liwhangc. Edinburgh. l7 l)i‘L‘

I King Prawn King Tut’s. (ilusgim. l3 DCL‘.

I Millencolin Barrow laiid. (iliisgim. l‘) “CC.

I Status Quo (‘hdc Auditorium. (ilasgim. 2() Dec. I MeNdEeD The (iaragc. (ilihgim. 2” “cc.

I The Almighty Garage. (ilitsgim. 2l DCL‘.

I Snow Patrol King 'l‘ut’s. (ilztxgim. 22 “CC.

I Kevin Montgomery King 'I‘ut's. Glasgow 2‘) Dcc. I The Music Barrow land. Glasgow l2 Jan.

I Tori Amos (’l_\tlc Auditorium. Glasgow l2 Jan. I Wasyworld King 'l‘iii's.

Glasgow 12 Jan

I Flaming Lips Barrow land.

Glasgow. l4 Jan. I Counting Crows Sli(‘(‘.

Glasgow. l5 Jan.

No smoke without Squire




SWEARING AT MOTORISTS 000 King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sat 9 Nov

Rarely do you get such a great way to spend a Saturday night three quality US bands.

Swearing at Motorists are a duo from Ohio fronted by a hyper Phil Lynott look-a-like called Dave. Their set was unfortunately plagued by technical problems - what's the chances of a guitarist breaking three strings? but they performed a grand rock‘n‘roll set regardless. The criminally under-rated Enon were also Outstanding. their electrorock tunes from their most recent album High Society went down a storm.

Then came Girls Against Boys. Here. without bass player Eli Janney. they relied predominantly on older songs for the bulk of their set; treating the throng to a greatest hits set including 'Sexy Sam' and an excellent cover of Joy Division's ‘She‘s Lost Control‘. GVSB haven't played Scotland for four years. but it was certainly worth the wait. (Carolyn Aiken)



The Arches, Glasgow, Thu 14 Nov see

Any hope of a breakthrough for Homelife was dashed: at a show poorly attended by a largely disinterested and talkative throng. the Manchester-based collective seemed discouraged by such an indifferent response. Too bad because with members and influences from around the world. Homelife are literally all over the map and have thrilling eclectic eccentriCities. Three fiddles. a cello. double bass. a few woodwinds. guitars. two percussionists - tight players of dreamy tunes that defy categorisation.

A good sincere listen is what Homelife demand—and deserve. Stunning Chinese vocalist Seaining T0. with a

Homelife struggle to be heard

soaring operatic voice. broke this audience's ennui once or twice as did the swirling polyrhythmic ‘Fairweather View'. But when songs ended abruptly. the drone of chatter from the floor was too clear. Did this magazine recently advocate audiences be more demonstrative if they don't like a performance? Sod that: just shut up or leave the room. (Barry Shelby)

‘i‘illralkdn. L's am W «liable 17W 9 um:


Way Mikaela:

I The Flaming Lips Barrow land. Glasgow. l5 Jan. I Sophie Ellis Bextor ('l)dc Auditorium. Glasgow. 1‘) Jan.

I Supergrass Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 22 Jan.

I Taproot Garage. Glasgow. 22 Jan.

* NME Awards Tour tout. the Datsuns, the Polyphonic Spree, the Thrills and Interpol Barrow land. Glasgow. 26 Jan. I John Squire Barrowland. (ilasgim. 2812111.

* Love with Arthur Lee ()uccn's Hall.lidinhurgh. 2‘) Jan.

* Sum41 Braclicad Arcna. Glasgow. 3 lich.

* Low Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 3 lich: QMl'. Glasgow. 5 l'iL'h.

I Reel Big Fish

Barrow land. Glasgow. 4 lich. I The Coral Barrow land. (ilasgim. 5 l‘t‘l).

I Sigur Ros Barrowland.

Glasgow. ll Feb.

I Waterdown King Tut‘s. Glasgow. 12 Feb.

I Vanessa Carlton Queen‘s Hall. Edinburgh. l4


I Stereo MC’s Barrowland.

Glasgow. 14 Feb. NOTE RES(‘llEl)l'l.ED DA'I‘E.

I Bowling for Soup Barrowland. Glasgow. 15 Feb. I Erasure Barrowland. Glasgow. In Feb.

I Stone Sour Barrowland. Glasgow. 1‘) Feb.

I Teenage Fanclub Barrowland. Glasgow. 2| lich; Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 23 lich. NOTE RESCHEDULED DATE.

I Feeder Barrowlaml. Glasgow. 22 Feb. SOLD OUT.

I Def Leppard Barrowland.

Glasgow. 2-1 lich.

* Turin Brakes Barrowland.

Glasgow. 25 lich.

I Jackson Browne Royal (‘onccrl Hall. Glasgow. 2 Mar SOLD ()lT'I‘; [Tshcr Hall.

Edinburgh. 3 Mar.

I Donny Osmond (flydc Auditorium. Glasgow. 3 Mar. I Red Hot Chili Peppers SE(‘('. Glasgow. 5 & (3 Mar SOLD OL'T.

* Idlewild Barrowland. Glasgow. 6 Mar.

* Mellincolin Barrowland. Glasgow. 8 Mar.

I Liberty X (‘lydc Auditorium. Glasgow. 14 Mar. * Stiff Little Fingers Barrowland. Glasgow. 17 Mar. * Jimmy Cliff Liquid Rooms. Edinburgh. 22 Mar.

I flacy Chapman (,‘lydc Auditorium. Glasgow. 17 Mar. I S Club United SIZCC. Glasgow. 2 Apr.

I Tom Jones Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 22 Apr.

Bon Jovi lbrox Stadium. Glasgow. 22 Jun.

* Robbie Williams Murrayl'icld. Edinburgh. 28 & 2‘) June. SOLD ()lf'l'.

I Westlife SE(‘('. Glasgow. 8. ‘) & 12 Jul.

._ \ / ,— .—— - -— q _.__., "'t A - r j in l6”. ri..

28 Nov— 12 Dec 2002 THE LIST 41