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I St Andrew’s Night Dance Albert Halls. Dumbarton Road. 01786 4735-14. 8pm. £6.50 (£4). Music from David ()swald and his Ceilidh Band.


I Cappella Nova St Andrew's in the Square. off Saltmarket. St Andrew‘s Street. 5-18 6020. 7.30pm. £9 (£6.50). Medieval (‘hristmas carols from (‘appella Nova's female quartet. Cant): with William Taylor on medieval harps. readings from (iillean McDougall. and the combined voices of the Scottish Plainsong Choir and Aberdeen Schola.

ifilickedly Hilarious Totally irreverent.

This will put: a smile on

the face. oi” any scrooge. Available. from all good

Edinburgh . Patrick Street Former players I Rudsambee Royal Museum. in Planxty. the Bothy Band and De record shops. (‘hambers Street. 247 4219. 4pm. Free. Dannan, singer Andy Irvine, fiddler

Also available direct: l’roii'i Greentrax at

Edinburgh-based amateur folk orchestra Kevin Burke accordion player

covers a wide—ranging repertoire of . - ~ Scottish. (iaclic. West African. Middle JaCk'e Da'y and gu‘tar'St Ged

Eastern and Scandinavian mUsic. FOIeY carry on lr'Sh mUS'CaI .. i y 5% (ind 2" U 0 I-) I W ()riginal arrangements and traditions with Sty|e. Queen '3 Ha”, *“ “C law i) ' 5" “5%) compositions from the l9-strong Edinburgh Sat 30 NOV

ensemble. ' '

I Arthur Johnston and Brian “UN!” (‘9' 5'9'0

Miller wuc Folk Club. Royal Oak. Septugenarian Cuban Tata Giiines a Q. _, v m

Infirmary Street. 557 2976. 8pm. £5. heads a crack team aiming to Spin MUM“; UiflWdi’i’ LJUUS 7

Two Ureat voices that to wav back in . . . H'f'“, j, r .. r i l .,.- .r a“ saw, -n

[he SEottish folk rcciiil. Politics. social heads and SW'”9 “'93 W'th the ,, - HM j‘é‘m' “WW?” UH“ 05- “Hm”???

song and ballad are the roots of their maglcal sound of rumba. Royal “There are lid or? my Ll‘il'istn-‘lds free”. M’mmw Concert Hall, Glasgow, Fri 29 Nov. ummy gammy! mm

songwriting as Aylitn McCormack

m_ We More twists on Gaelc iii-'1': :

S'gts‘gonwd A Oh . R I and friends parade their G R E E N T R A X I

e e my our oya - - _ -.

Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 353 bew'tChlng 9'99“) harp and Vocal R E C o R o I N c; 5 LT D if 3:; .15 v i

8000. 7.30pm. mom—£17.50. Big. harmoo'es- Str'ng Jam C'Ub' ' i - » - a i . , _ . , . piggy;

colourful Russian extravaganza. with GalaShlelsi sat 30 NOV; FO/k C/Ub. - - ~ 1 v .. » ~ I soloists. choirs. dancers and an Edinburgh, Wed 7 7 Dec 4 -- , :.: , :- x.‘ ‘4\\\\_: . orchestra incorporating brass. zither and ., _ . . \-:~.—..-::-


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28 NOV—12 Dec 2002 'fl'IE LIST 51