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Monday 2 continued

I Beth Nielsen Chapman The Arches. Argyle Street. 8pm. £15. Tickets 0901 ()22 0300.


I Patty Griffin The Arches. Argyle Street. 090| ()22 0300. 8pm. U l. Texan xitiger/songwriter over in support of new album [000 Kissr'y‘ on Sanctuary

Records. I La Bambas Ramshorn Theatre. Ingram Street. 552 348‘). l.l5~2pm.

£2.50. The l'niy‘ersity ol’ Strathclyde‘s own Salsa Band.

Wednesday 4


I Gordon Haskell with Robbie

McIntosh The Renl'rew l‘erry. (‘lyde

Place. (ilasgow. 8pm. £ l 3. Tickets from

52 THE LIST 78 No'./- 32’ Doc 9002

(ilasgow Royal (‘oncert llall box office. 353 8000. Fame arriy'ed late for Haskell. who has risen to notice in the last few years with his cottntry folk meanders.


I Alastair McDonald lidinbtirgh Folk ('lub. (‘abaret Bar. the Pleasance. ()50 234‘). 8pm. £6 (£5). Popular t‘olk entertainer and showman.


I Gordeanna McCulloch and Chris Miles MW at the Star. St Andrew‘s in the Square. ol‘l~ Salttnarket. St Andrew‘s Street. 548 6020. 8pm. £6 (£4). Two magnificent. wholly Scots y'ocal stylists with a huge range of unaccompanied traditional song.

I Mambo Tango (‘tiha .\'orte. John Street. 552 3505. 9pm. Free. See Thu 28.



Sunday in Callején Hammel, Havana,

means being blown away by the murals and

the rumba, that dynamic interaction

between percussion, song and dance. ‘Rumba identifies Cuba . . . all music is born from it.’ So says Anga Diaz, conga player

Wwith Buena Vista’s Cachaito. Diaz learned from master Tata Giiines, still thriving in his 703, who took rumba to New York in the 19505. The two are part of a group brought together for the first rumba show out of

_‘ Cuba, with singers Teresa Caturla, Pio at» Leyva, rap duo Obsesién, and mesmerising

dancers including ‘Aspirina’ Chacon.

Prepare to meet the gods . . . (Jan Fairley) I Rumba de/ Sig/o play Royal Concert Hall,

Glasgow, Fri 29 Nov.


I Out of the Bedroom Waycrlcy Bar. St M;tt'_\".\ Street. 557 1050.

()pm midnight. Free. See Thu 28.


I Cappella Nova The Sacred Heart Church. l.auri.\ton Street. 22‘) 082 l. 7.30pm. £9 t£(i.50i. See Sun I.

I Voicehouse Si Bridc\ (‘enii-e. ()rw ell 'l‘erracc. 346 1405. 7.30pm. £l0 (£7). Tenth anniversary concert l'or lidinburgh'x populist choir l‘ormed l'or the European Summit. Led by Jenny (ioodman. they perform \(ittg\ l'rom South Africa. (icorgia and other l‘olk traditions.


I Rudsambee Roxxlytt (‘hapeL Roxlin. 4-10 2|5‘). 7.30pm. £5. See Stilt l.

I Beat it 2! North lidinbtirgh .'\l‘l\ ('entre. l’ennywell ('ourt. 3l5 2151. Spin. An eyening oi drumming and percussion l’rom lidinbtirgh all-women group. the ltnpact Di'lllttlttc‘h.


I Flora MacNeil, the Maggie Maclnnes Trio and Friends 'l‘tilbooth 'l‘heati‘c. Jtttl \Vy ltd. (H 780 27-1000. 7.30pm. £10 l£(i.50t. An ey'ening ol‘ top traditional (iaelic \ong l‘rom Mac.\'eil and daughter Maggie. backed by ('apercaillie'x ('hai'lie MacKerron on liddle and multi- instrumentalist Brian McAlpine.


I Geoff Beaumont \Vee l-‘olk (’lub. Royal Oak. lnlirmary Street. 557 2970. Spm. £5. Bluex and jug band muxic.


I Gaelic Choral Music 'I‘ollmoth 'l‘heatre. Jail \Vynd. 0l7.\‘(i 274000. l.30pm. l’ree. 'l‘he Stirling (iaclic ('hoir harmonise their traditional Mod lay'otiritex.

Monday 9


I Party Night Stirling liolk (’lttb. 'l‘ert'aces llotel. Mely ille 'l‘eri'acc. 0l7b'o 472268. Spin. The annual ('hrixtmax hthll with the club\ usual xtixpectx in an ey'ening ol‘ \ong. music and mine dancing.

Wednesday 1 1


0 Shine lidinbttrgh l’olk (‘lub. ('aiiai-ci Bar. the l’leasance. (i50 234‘). Spm. £(i (£5). Ay lith Mc('orniack. (‘oi'rina llcwat and Mary MacMastercleyerly intertwine \ocal harmony and two electro—harpx in ati original take on ancient (iaclic and contemporary songwriting traditions.

I Rudsambee l’riexil'ield l’arldi (’htirch. l)alkeith Road. Spin. £5. See Sun



I Jock Tamson’s Bairns l,l\L‘ at the Star. St Andrew '5 in the Square. ol'l' Saltmarket. St Andrew '\ Street. 548 6020. 8pm. £6 t£~l). laid-ol-tlie-year \pccial ey'ent lot‘ the Star ('lth with \ingers Rod Paterson and John (‘roall in the celebrated llllllll-ll1\ll'lllllL‘ltl;lJ liye-piece. The (‘lub then reopens iti February.

I Mambo Tango (‘uba .\'orte. John Street. 552 3505. 0pm. Free. See 'l'hu 2S. Edinburgh

I Out of the Bedroom \thyci’lcy Bar. I St Mary's Street. 557 I050.

0pm midnight. l’ree. See Thu 28.

Classical fa

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to Ruth Hedges at, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Ruth Hedges and Carol Main.

Thursday 28


I Competition RS.v\.\tl). loo Reni'iew Street. 332 5057. 2pm. l-tee. Bram playcn compete in the (ioyernorx‘ Recital l’ri/e ('otnpctitioii.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Royal ('oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 S000. 7.30pm.

£l 1.50 £23.75. In the \tart til it \pecial \eaxon to commemorate the 50th anniyerxary ol‘ l’rokoliey \ death the RSV) w ill perl‘oi'in hix /\t and 2nd Sy'nt/i/totttm ltlgCth‘l’ \\ llh hill/ttl‘l'\ Pit/Ht) (.Ullt't’l'lll IIU 2/. perl'ormed by Mikhail Rudy.


I Norwegian Advent Carol Concert St (iilex' ('athedi‘al. Royal Mile. 225 9-1-12. (i.-l5pm. (‘ome and loin in thix adyent carol concert in the beatitil'til \tlt't'titltttl\ til 51 (iilcx'.

0 Edinburgh University Renaissance Singers (‘ationgatc Kirk. I53 (‘anongatta 667 77.7». 7.45pm. £(i i£3.50i. A programme ol‘ ltlllxlc‘ limit the lii'xt hall‘ol' the l7th century entitled .3lll\l(‘ for Smart llotttt't‘untt/tuy. linglixh Renaixxance coinpoxerx (iibbonx atid 'l'omkinx are among thmc w hoxc lllllle‘

w ax perl'ormed during the \ ixitx to Edinburgh ol'Jainex l/\'l in lolS and ('harlex l in M33. .\'oel ()‘Regan cotidttch and Mark Stimmei'x direct\ the enxemble ol \ iol\.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra QUL‘L‘HK Hall. (.R‘t'k Street. (i(i.\’ 20W. 7.45pm. £0.50 £21. 'l‘wo ol‘ the moxt popular \ytnphoniex item the early 19th century: Schubert'x Sittt/t/toiti no .5 and liccthoy cn\ Sy'ttt/tltutty no N are conducted by Arnold ()xllllillt together with Mo/ai't\ I’litti' ('oitt't't'to pei'l'ormed by Jactitiex



I BBC Radio 3 Midday Concert RSAMl). l00 Rent'rew Street. 332 5057. lpm. £5 i£3 i. Leopold String 'l‘rio perl'orni Beethoyen‘x String 'I‘i'to [it I) and Brahth Piano Quartet in (i nit/tor.

I Competition RSAMI). loo Reni'i-t-w Street. 332 505". 2.30pm. l’ree. RSAMD'x xiiigerx compete iii the (ioyernorx' Recital l’ri/e ('ompetiiion.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra (’ity Hall. ('andlerigg\. 353 8000. ".30pm. U) f l 3. See “in 23.


I Royal Scottish National Orchestra l'xhei- Hall. l.othiaii Road. 228 l I55. 7.30pm. £0.25 £23. See ‘l'hti N

Saturday 30


I Scottish Opera - Orfeo ed Euridice ‘l‘heatre Royal. 282 Hope Street. 332 0000. 2.l5pm. £3.50 £52.50. Scottish ()pera pei'l'oi'm a new production ol‘(iltick\ iiiaxtci'piccc ()t‘ltw t't/ littt‘tt/tt't' \tipported by the .-\le\ander (iibxon (‘ii‘cle and conducted by Raymond l,cppai‘d. Sec prey icw.

I The Kelvin Ensemble Bute Hall. l'niyerxity ol‘(ila\gow. l'niyei'xity .'\\L‘ttllL'. 330-1002. ".30pm. L‘" tL‘3i. Stephen Broad condtictx l'niyei'xity ol'(ila\gow \ moxt innoyatiye oi'cliextra pei'l'oi'niing Mac('tmti\ [JUN/U,Illt’31t’llllltllll ttttt/t/ti' I'-/(HHI. hick illll'L'.\ HIV (.(I/tdlll’H-(UI ,illlul' .\ Si‘iit/t/totttt' ly’ltrt/tyotli and Mctidclxxohit'x Sittt/t/totty I14’ 3'.