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Glasgow Drama


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Damn’d Jacobite Bitches

l'ttlil Sat 3| Dec lnot Sun/Mon). 7.30pm. HEW-1). t('ircleStttdiol. The tall and the rise ol' (‘harlcx Iiduard Stuart is re\ealed as tour “omen. each ha\ ing had a dil‘l‘erettt l'c‘iztlittllxhlp \\ ith him. share their thoughts. Stephen Scott takes the role ol'(‘|tar|c\ iidnard Stuart.

Pleasure and Pain

l'ntil Sat 21 Dec (not Sun/Mont. 7.30pm. U2 (£4). lStalls Studiol.

l)a\ id Mark 'I'hontxon. tlte \ooll lo he artistic director of lidinhttrgh'x RU};ti l,_\'cettm. adapts and directs some of (in) de Mattpaxxant\ original \hol‘l \[Ul'iL‘\ “illc‘h L‘\pltll‘c lilL‘ human condition. \tith .Iohtt Ka/ek as Matipaxxant.

Scrooge 'l’hu 2s .\‘m Sat 28 Dec tnot Sun). Hit: 28 .\'o\. The 3 Dec ck 'l'tte ll) l)ec 10.30am; Hi 2‘) Nov Mon 2 Dec & .\lon ‘) Dec 10.30am & 2pm; Sat 30 .\'o\ & Sat 7 Dec 2pm «k





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7pm: Wed 4 Dec Hi (1 Dec 10.30am & 7pm. U3 (U1); lantin ticket £30. Dickens. classic slol‘)‘ of the overly- prttdent hllxillL‘\sttlilll iihenee/er Scrooge who becomes a saint

o\ ernighl. (iilex HaVergaI takes the lead it\ \kinl'lint lihenee/er with \llppol‘l l‘rom Tam [)ean Burn. (irae ('leugh and Jay Manley.



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Ti “a, 1': ‘1 £9- .. 1'. a his. Paisley born Tom Conti stars in the British Premiere of he Tony

Award-winning story of the matinee idol John Barrymore.

Mon 27 Jan - Sat 1 Feb

Cow that’s what I call Panto: Jack “and the Beanstalk, Tron, Glasgow

.' a 193$? H1;- ,,


()3 ()5 Hyndland Street. 357 3868. I”. \\'('. WA]

Richard III L'ittil Sat 30 .\'o\'. 7.30pm. £8 (£4) from ()1355 23665 I. Shakespeare’s story of Richard III and his murderous rise to the throne showcased here by the Rapture Theatre company. See review.

E A R A R A R lit. [7 F “RT

stars in

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\i: c‘ l fix: , *1 t'ifl‘ The award winning sell-out show returns to the King's. A daring and witty comedy about the joys and agonies of parenting. ’A hilarious coup de theatre that you have to see for yourself’ Daily Mail

Mon 3-Sat 22 Feb

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The Night Before Christmas Dundee Rep's production of Anthony Neilson‘s anti-Christmas play is one of two productions on in Scotland this Christmas, and it‘s jaded. ill-will-to- all-men spirit should play as well as in previous years at the rep. Directed. once again. by Neilson‘s father. Dundee Rep actor/director Sandy. this looks to contain as much acidic fun as ever. Dundee Rep, Tue 7 O—Sat 27 Dec.

Richard Alston High quality. cutting edge work has been the hallmark of Alston's contemporary dance company over the past few years. and this production looks like no exception. New pieces such as Stampede are included in this programme. which you can catch for one night only in an extensive UK tour. Festival Theatre. Edinburgh. Tue 3 Dec.

stars-in n Noel Coward ’s

A fabuloust witty comedy set in the glamourous theatre world of the Jazz Age.

Mon 24 Feb- Sat 1 Mar

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