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The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 5 Dec; the Stand, Edinburgh, Fri 6 & Sat 7 Dec

Campbell’s world coup

‘."/"r,r:'.t;r said 'the world's a stage' ‘.'./as ix'otialit'y sitting l'l a pub. nursing a :,r.-I.-'. and listenng to the road tales of C'ai'; Cami/bet. fio‘,’ this man has fut/flied. llzr; Canadian comedian

sag. seeing tltr; .vorld is his life's focus a' r: t: 3 stories arr; more colourful -—

and infinitely funnier than anything you'll find in a room full ()f Rough Gil/dos.

'I did the first stand-up gig ever in Hanoi. Vietnam, which was pretty amazing and honourable.‘ says

)ampbell. ‘There was just nothing familiar. Like you go into your hotel room. turn on the TV and it's Russian. It Just really swept me off my feet.‘

Now based in London in between bouts of travel his passport stamps for this year alone include Norway. SWII/(Brlillld, Japan and Shanghai Campbell returns to native Canada once a year to record his TV chat show Ed's Night Party. All going well. Campbell could soon be gracing our screens too alongside Dan Antopolski. Stewart Lee and Tony Law if E4 continue to endorse their piloted Viking sitcom. tentatively entitled Dicks.

That said. he seems unfazed by the prospect of impending British television success. The extra readies would merely facilitate more adventures. Similarly, while most comedians are quite content to set up


camp in Edinburgh in August. Campbell's itchy feet get the better of him after a week. 'I first came to Edinburgh in he says. 'I love it as a visit. but I don't care whether it's Home or Amsterdam or Tokyo or Paris 30 days is a long time. Sooner or later that castle isn't as exciting as it was.’

Still. it was Craig Campbell who urged Doug Stanhope to dip his toes into Fringe waters. and was blown away by his friend's success. ‘I know Doug loved it. He was iust the perfect guy to have there because he was totally nonplussed by it.‘

It probably reads like a platitude. but Craig Campbell comes across as an incredibly nice guy. He’s warm, effortlessly entertaining. and this donkey's hind legs were well and truly gnawed off. And he's hugely appreciative of his advantaged lifestyle. ‘I'm from a pretty humble background financially so I can't think what else I could be doing in life that won allow me that amount of insight in so many diverse places. It‘s just wicked.’ (Maureen Ellis)

Joking aside

Where the laughter matters

TO BORROW THE SUITABLY surreal words of Alice in Wonderland, curiouser and curiouser . . . On walking into a shop in Glasgow, Noel Fielding’s dulcet tones were heard blasting from the sound system. His bizarre scribbled animation - reminiscent of his festival show Voodoo Hedgehog - was seen playing on the video screens. The lyrics talked of macaws and woodland creatures. It couldn’t be . . . could it? Noel Fielding, a pop star? If anyone can shed light on this enigma, please write in and put us out of our misery.

ANOTHER OF THIS YEAR'S festival stars. this time Dan Antopolski. has rescheduled his date at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh until 17 January. JeSLis' number one lookalike will bring his unique brand of intellectual abs‘urdity to the city as part of a national tour. Antopolski is also working With Craig Campbell. Stewart Lee and Tony Law on a new sitcom pilot.

Noel Fielding

MICHAEL MOORE, THE American political satirist who cancelled his run at this year’s festival following his mother's death, was due to appear at the Traverse on Mon 25 Nov, but cancelled, again. His recent film Bowling for Columbine is Britain’s seventh largest grossing documentary (so far), so fingers crossed he’ll put Scotland in his diary for the New Year.

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS IN Edinburgh will never be the same now that the Rabbit Warren Comedy Club is no longer holed up igeddit?l in Nichol Edwards. The club is still geing strong on Sundays at the Canon's Gait. and acts interested in playing open spots should call 0794 192 9239. OUTRAGE! SCANDAL! THE nominations for the British Comedy Awards are announced and not a single award for stand-up or live comedy is to be seen. Solace can be found in the Best TV Comedy category, which pits Black Books, Phoenix Nights and The Office against each other. But why don’t organisers acknowledge the breeding ground from which their entire industry grows? Madness.

28 No\—I2 Dec 2002 THE LIST 61