Events are listed by city, date, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by fax on 0141 353 2803. Listings are compiled by Jane Hamilton.

Glasgow Thursdays


Booty Mercury Lounge. I42 Bath Lane. 248 I777. 8pm 3am. £4 hefore I lpm: £5 after. Weekly. Alan Anderson comperes the weekly comedy club while Jo Liyely takes I)J duties upstairs.

TV Pam Ann’s Mile High Club (’hannel 4. Thu 12 Dec. I l.30pm. Free. Sit hackand enjoy the camp comedy capers on hoard Pam Airways as part of the new ('omedy Lah series. Join Pain. ('aptain Rimtning and Mamma Yy'ette in their inllight Pamayision entertaimnent. safety

\ ideo and Rough us Guide In Rome.


Gay and Lesbian Badminton Club Knightswood Secondary School. 60 Kttightswood Road. 7pm. \Veekly. .-\ll

w elcotne at this friendly cluh. contact Donn on 07‘)|‘) 4 I0042 (Mon Fri 6 ‘)pttt: Sat & Sun noon 8pm) for tnore details. Glasgow G00 Swimmers (‘otttact 64‘) 58%. 7.30? 4‘)pm. Weekly. Informal session.

Lesbian Health Clinic Sandyford Initiatiye. Sauchiehall Street. 2l I 6700. 5.30 8pm. Free. Weekly. Health adyice. LIPS (iIasgow Women's Lihrary. l0‘) ’I'rongate. 552 8345/753‘). Thu 28 .\'o\.

2 4pm. Free Fortnightly. Support for Ieshians and hisexual women under 25. Steve Retson l.(iB'I' ('entre. ll Dixon Street. 22l 7203. 5.30 8.30pm. Free. Weekly. (iay men's sexual health ady'isory .seryice. (‘ontact 2I I 860] for appointments.

Glasgow Fridays


Girls on Top Bennei‘s. (iiassforti Street. 552 576I. Fri 6 Dec.

I Iptn 3.30am. £3»£6 (£2 £5l. Monthly. The women only cltth celehrates it's 4th anniy'ersary' with an appearance hy (‘liewiii ' the lit! star Karen l)unhar. Thank God Mercury Lounge. I42 Bath Lane. 248 I777. 8pm 3am. £4 hefore

l lpm: £8 after. Weekly. Iind of the week sottttds front I)J Hushpuppy and drag performances proy ide the etttertaimnent downstairs while upstairs is the dominion of resident DJ Jon Pleased.

Glasgow Saturdays


Lifebuoy Mercury Lounge. I42 Bath Lane. 248 I777. 8pm 3am. £4 hefore

I lpm: £8 after. I'pstairs Jon Pleased continues his residency while drag acts and music proyide the fttn downstairs.

Groups LIPS Sat 7 Dec. Fortnightly. See Thtt.


Pick Up the Pen Writing Workshop The Arches. 253 Argy le Street. 0‘)0l 022 0300. Sat 30 .\'oy.

l lam 4pm. £7 (£4). Leading gay Scottish writer (’hris l)eans heads this workshop for new writers. ('all 334 7 l 26 to hook a place. I’urt o/‘(ilusguyx

Glasgow Sundays


Life’s a Drag Mercury Lounge. I42 8th Lane. 248 I777. 8pm 3am. Free.

Weekly. A night of music from I)J (‘olin I)ayey pltts regular drag performances.


Encompass St Mary ‘s iipiscopal ('athedt'al. 300 (ireat Western Road. 33‘) 66‘)I. Sun I Dec. 3 4pm. Free. Part of World AIDS Day this workshop for young people ( I4-plust explores this year's I'NAII)S theme of Stigma and Discrimination.

Reflection & Meditation St Mary‘s [{piscopal ('athedt‘al. 300 (ireat Western Road. 33‘) 66‘)l. Sun I l)ec. 4.30 6pm. Free. Take titne out for reflection and meditation with the help of two thought pt'oyoking \ ideo installations.

World Aids Day Service St Mary ‘s lipiscepal ('athedral. 300 (ireat Western Road. 33‘) 66‘)I. Sun I l)ec. 6.30pm. Free. A time to rememher and celehrate. There will also he time for quiet reflection attd meditation from 4.30pm (see ahoyel.


Gay Rambling Group ('ontact 050 l08l. Sttn 8 Dec. Fortnightly (alternating between Sat and Sum. (’all for more details on meeting places and times. GOC Cycling Group ('ontact 64‘) 58%. Sun 8 Dec. Monthly. (‘all for tnore details.

Icebreakers t.(iB'I‘ ('entt'e. ll Dixon Street. 22l 7203. Stm I l)ec. 12.30 3pm. Free. Monthly. Group for Ieshians. gays and bisexuals new to the scene.

Glasgow Mondays


Holistic Healing Group LUB'I' ('entt'e. II I)ixon Street. 22l 7203. 7.30 l0pm. Free. Weekly. ('ontact 423 5‘)52 for more information. Performance Group LUBT Centre. ll [)ixon Street. 221 7203. 7.30pm. Free. Weekly. Meeting for anyone interested in theatre and music


Glasgow Tuesdays


Campus Mercury Lounge. I42 Bath Lane. 248 I777. 8pm 3am. £3 hefore

I Ipm: £4 after. Weekly. Student night in the company of Barbara La Bttsh which promises games and laughter. I)J Michelle sets the tone upstairs.


Icebreakers Sadie t-‘rosi’s. U to \Vesl (ieorge Street. .352 3005. Tue .3 Dec. 8 ‘).30pm. Free. Monthly. Group for leshians. gays and hisexuals new to the scene.

Glasgow Wednesdays


Biva Mercury Lounge. I42 Bath Lane. 248 I777. 8pm 3am. £4 hefore I Ipm: [5 after. Weekly. l)J Michelle pt'oy ides the soundtrack to this women's night featuring drag king perfirrmances.


CDT in Glasgow The Stand. 333 \Voodlatttis Road. 0870 600 6055. \Ved I l [)ec. 8.30pm. £5 (£4). Monthly. The Stand's monthly dose of camp comedy with compere ('t‘aig Hill introdttcing Sally Holloway. while Jill Peacock oy‘ersees the ('ampest Link cotnpetition.


Bi-Glasgow l.(il3'1‘ (‘entt'e. It Dixon Street. 22l 7203. “ed 4 Dec. 7.30pm. Free. Monthly. Regular tneeting of the bisexual grottp.

Crosslynx Group t.(}B'l' (‘enti-e. l l Dixon Street. 22l 7203. Wed 1 I Dec.

7 l0pm. Free. Monthly.

Edinburgh Thursdays


Place for Reflection (‘lrurelr or St John the Iiyangelist. Princes Street. 661 ()‘)82. Thu 28 Nos Sun 1 Dec.

l0am 4pm. Free. A peaceful space pttt aside for reflection on those affected hy

listings Gay

Pam Ann experiments in the Comedy Lab

AIDS. with the Milestone Quilt on display and an information stall.


Gay Dads Scotland t.(iB (‘enti-e. 58a & 60 Broughton Street. 478 706‘). Thu 28 .\'oy'. 8pm. Monthly.

Edinburgh Fridays


Velvet ligo. I4 Picardy Place. 478 7434. Fri 2‘) .\'oy. I lptn 3am. £6 (£5). Monthly. .\'ew night for gay girls and their specially iny ited hoy friends with resident DJ Michelle (Poptastic. Wiggle. Joy. Planet Out). This. the launch night. features at Me hand. the Angel (’onyersations. See panel. Velvet Chains Laughing Duck. 24

How e Street. 220 2376. Fri 2‘) \(t\.

8pm lam. £3 (U l. liyet'y si\ weeks. Night for (ioths. (iay StkM attd leather IiiiARS w here the dress code say s anything goes except stt‘eetw ear.

Woman’s Own ('luh Jaya. ('ommercial Street. Leith. 555 5622. Fri 6 Dec.

l0pm 2am. £5 hefore midnight: £7 after. Monthly. Women only club with resident DJ Rol. As art added honus taxi fares of up to £5 can he claimed hack hy groups of

fly e when paying into the cluh and showing a yalid receipt.

Events Place for Reflection Thu 28 Nos Sun I l)ec. See Thu.


Juice Solas. 2/4 Ahlwymount. 661 ()‘)82. 2 4pm. Free. Weekly. Social grottp for gay tnen affected by HIV/AIDS.

Edinburgh Saturdays


Blast ('luh Mercado. 36 3‘) Market Street. 226 4224. Sat 7 Dec. llpm 3am. £I0 (£8t. Fortnightly. (iay friendly night with residents Ilttggy and Markell sery ing tip uplifting yocal house and dirty funky gl'lilfi L‘\.

Eye Candy ('ltth Mercado. 36 3‘) Market Street. 226 4224 Sat 7 Dec.

I Ipm 3am. £l0 (£8); £6 in fancy dress. Fortnightly. Residents (iraeme Popstar. \cjat Barton and Neil ('rookston ltost their infamous. glatn house party.

Luvely The Liquid Room. ‘)c Victoria Street. 225 2564. Sat 7 Dec. l0.30pttt 3am. £6. Monthly. Iixuherant house party.

Men Only (‘larenionr I33 I35 tiast (‘Iaremont Street. 556 5662. Sat 7 Dec. 8pm. Free. Fortnightly. MS(‘ and the Bears organise the men only night with a dress code as wild as you like.

Mingin’ Studio 24 (upstairs). ('alton Road. 558 3758. Sat 30 NM.

10.30pm 3am. £5 hefore midnight; £6 after. Fortnightly. (Bay-friendly cluhhing with residents Brian l)empster and Alan Joy.

Taste The Venue. ('alton Road. 557 3073. Sat 30 .\'oy. l0pm 3am. £l5. Special fundraiser featuring I)J's froin Taste.‘e|y. Majestica and Soo l)elicious with garage in the ('ooler. deep and progressiy‘e house on the tnain floor and hard and funky house on the top Iloor with a fashion show hy lmpractical (‘lothing

Events Place for Reflection thin 28 No\ Sun I l)ec. See Thu.


Scottish TV/TS Group The Phoenix (‘eIlar Bar. 46 Broughton Street. 557 0234. Sat 30 Nov | 5pm. Monthly. TransAlba Nexus. Broughton Street. 557 8847. 3pm. Weekly. Drop-in transsexual support group.

Edinburgh Sundays


Taste The Liquid Room. ‘)c Victoria Street. 225 2564. llpm 3am. £l0 (£8t. Weekly. Tasty hrew of house and garage.


Place for Reflection Thu 28

.\'oy Sun J Dec. Sec Thu.

Time for Reflection, Remembering and Hope ('hurch of St John the liyangelist. Princes Street. 66I 0‘)82. Sun I l)ec. 4.30pm. Free. A \‘igil marking World AIDS Day allow ittg a time for people to he together and rememher those whose liy es haye heen

affected by :\ l i )5.

Edinburgh Mondays

Groups Gay Men’s Swimming Group (‘all 226 4476. 8pm. Weekly. Informal.

Edinburgh Tuesdays


Vibe iigo. Picartiy Place. 478 7434. llpm 3am. £2. Weekly. James Longworth proy ides the sounds at this popular. sparkly. charty party.


CDT on Tuesday The Stand. 6 York Place. .553 7272. Tue l0 l)ec. 7.30pm. £5 (£4). Monthly. The Stand's monthly dose of catnp comedy with compere ('raig ilill introducing Sally Holloway. w hilc Jill Peacock oyersees the (‘ampest Link competition.

Edinburgh Wednesdays


Edinburgh Gay Women’s Group Nexus. Broughton Street. 557 8847. 7pm. Free. Weekly. Social grottp. Icebreakers (’(‘ Blooms. 33 24 (it‘eettside Place. 556 933 l. \Ved I I Dec. 8 ‘).|5pm. Free. Monthly. (it‘ottp for Ieshians. gay men. hisexuals. and transgender people.

Women’s Group Drop-In I.(;B (‘entre. 60 Broughton Street. 478 706‘). 7pm. Free. Weekly. Informal.

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