Spin 3am. £»t belore llpm; £8 alter. Weekly. l'.lltl til the \\ cek xtitltitlx lt'tilti l)J lltixhptippy and drag perl'ormancex proy ide the entertainment downxtairx while upxtairx ix the tltitittliititi til l'L‘Slthlll l).l Jtiti l’leaxed. l‘ill‘ /) /)t't’ ult/\ '.'l-I.l\I I t'lll‘t/ ltU/t/(H L’t'l t'lI!/‘\ 3 for I/It' [)I'lt‘l’ (If I.

0 Tronicsole at the Archex. l lpm 3am. £tbc. (i Dec. Monthly. Legendarin t'tinky New York hottxe god Joexki ix in xexxion at llll\ llllL' ltlg lllglll c‘tilli‘lc‘\y ill. the Sole collectiye. llixty. I’or III/y l/(lll' HII/\ '.l-l.ixl' t‘tll't/ /IU/t/t'l'\ L't'l {‘3 UN t/UHI' [)I'lt't' il/l Illa/II. I Urban at the tunnel. llpm 3am. £5 l£.5 i. \Vcclxly. All Rkli \cxxiiiti ctitit‘tcxy til l’aul .\"Jie at lliix new ly relaunched. claxxic (ilaxgow name.

I Urban Groove at ('hih litititia.

llpm 3am. £4 t£.ii. Weekly. l-‘eaturing the talenlx ol Domenic Marlin. \\ ho xeamlexxly mergex l'S hotixe and garage. deep hottxe. dixco. xotil. l'tink and _ia//. while adding the odd daxh ol’ Latin and aim grooy ex.

Glasgow Saturdays


I Aerodynamico at Bar t) I.

9pm midnight. liree. Weekly. The xttipendouxly cool Aerody namico kick oil what w ill be one or the coolexl pre—club xcxxttiiix iti town at thix. otic til. the ctitilcxt barx in the Merchant (‘ily Broken beatx ahoy?

I Bubblin’ Under at the (are Bat: ‘thii midnight. l‘ree. .tli Dec. l-"ortnightly. (io xtiblerranean in one ot‘ the city 'x moxt atlractiye barx/calex. l)J l);I\L‘ .\ltitit'L‘ ix .lllxl the man to take care ol the grooy ex.

I Buttox at Bar Jedi. ‘)pm midnight. Free. Weekly. New pre—cltib night or booty baxx and electro limit the .\lono\ ladx. And gtiexx w hat it'x called Butlo\. l’ure claxx. I Chillin’ at lla\ana. hpm midnight. l-‘ree. lb \m. liortnightly. l’remier .-\xian muxic DJ Rl‘ gelx down and dirty with a xelection ol' Rtkli. bhangra and hip hop. (’hunky t'unky.

I Chris Marr at liar (iattdi.

‘)pm midnight. l‘rec. Weekly. ()ne halt ol the ('arbon e\pericnce play x techno. breakbcal. hottxe and anything elxe that xhiyerx hix limbei'x at lliix attracti\e bar oil the beaten track.

I Cul de Sac at the (‘ul dc Sac.

Upm midnight tree. 7 Dec. l‘orlnightly. A DJ ol' xome calibre. Michael l’cck cutx arid xcl'alchex hix way through the delectable record bag with e\erylhing t'rom hip hop to ltink. lrom hottxe lo the bexl ol the rext.

I Dirty Wriggles at the Variety liar. Upm midnight. l‘ree. Weekly. .\ lechno‘n'clccti'o pre-club xet lrom Dirty Wrigglcx ol' My xlcc Beau.

I Electric Cafe at \y'exi Ifiih.

Snittpm midnight. l't‘ce. DJx Robotnik and (ihellohcad iaka Sle\ en and .loliii trom liixi xhoyycaxe the bexl iii xyiithetic pop.

I Fake at Bar lti. ()pm midnight. l'rec. Weekly. l‘ake DJx .lllll lltttchixon and Brian \ltll'lllll lakc lit the tlcelxx til tlt‘llH‘l‘ ll lxlllc‘l' preclth xet in thix beautilul. cool and claxxy city centre ptib.

I Fourward Thinking at l'our (‘ate liar l(‘(‘.'\i. 0pm midnight. l‘rcc. Weekly. Beatx and breakx characterixc lliix pie-club \L'SSJllll ill the (.(‘.'\. .ltlxt lllL‘ ticket.

I Mist ‘.lt lltli \titc (illlli.

9pm midnight. tree. 7 Dec. l'orlnightly. Kid in ixl playx hip hop. rock. ia//.

broken beat and clcctroiiica ot all xoi‘tx'. a t';ttlixll;tL‘l\lc xlcw til \ty lt'x lilelitlt'tl \\ ill] low. Ax it that waxn't iiicenti\c enough to head down. each night a ten tree mi\tapcx \‘xill be ayailablc.

I Mapuchi at .Moloco. 7 llpm. l'i'ee. \Veckly. DJ Marcello digx deep in the \ inyl \aultx to unearth the bext Ill ltink. xotil. tan and Latin.

I Slick at Moda. ‘lpnt 3am. l'rcc. Weekly. Barry (iemmel and (iordoii Miller eaxc their way through llte iiiglil with the \ery bexl in houxc. garage and RAM till 3am. lltt til cltlxx.

Club I Bailamos at llayana. 9pm 3am. l'ree.

Weekly. DJ Keith I) bringx you a world xclcction: xalxa. Rtkli. Latin cllai‘t action

and w hatey er elxe moy ex yoti.

I Base at the tunnel. Ilifitipm 3am. £7 t£5i. Weekly. ('hrix and Martin llexkelh. along with ('hrix llarrix and Al Kent.

\\ cay e a line labi'ic ol' l'unky hottxe and Rtkli at Mitchell Lane'x litiext dance emporium.

I Bennet’s at Bennei'x. l l..‘~lipm 5am. £5. Weekly. l"ee| the goddamn lunk ax Shaun and Annie giye the lic‘llllc‘LS party poxxe e\aclly what lltey want: commercial dance mi\ed with a xelection ol 7(ix, .S’tix tltitl ‘Jllx ltitx.

I Club Cuba! at ('uba \tii'te. 9pm 3am. l‘i‘ee. Weekly. (iet in lotich with your Latin xpirit at thix claxxy night ol' dance. The linext Latino bealx are xtipplied by Duncan. l‘arah and Shannon and make xure you arriy e early to guarantee entry.

I Colours at the Ai‘cliex. ltipin 3am. £l5. l4 Dec. Monthly. In lerinx ol'(’oloui'x nighlx. thix ix pretty xinall-xcale. btit don't think that thix ineanx any dip in quality. Ste\e Law lei‘. John (‘reaineiz Jo Millx ol l’acha l‘utura. l’aul Richardx and Mutiny are at the helm ol' thix maxxiye dance night under the train xtalion.

I Cube Class at (‘ube l lpm 3am. £7 l£5i. Weekly. l’ro\ing that thix \enue didn’t die \\ ith the Sub (‘ltib. (‘ube ix now hugely xticcexxl'ul in itx own riglil. ()ld-xchool hottxe claxxicx aiid up-to-date anlhetnx are the order ot‘ the day at thix packed Sat iiigliler. thankx to main room man Mall Le l-‘tink. In the back DM(i xeryex tip Rtkll. 0 European Techno Heaven at Barrowlandx. 8pm 3am. £20. 30 .\'o\ only. Hard ax nailx tiuropean techno per\adex the ballroom at thix old-xly le raye tip. Dyeyyiliiexx. lloi‘i'oi'ixl. DJ Mixjah. Babry l’axxalio and ('hi'ix Liberator make tip the line-up. xo are you ready '.’ .St't' prerlen.

I Freefall at the Archex. l lpm 5am. £lbc. 7 Dec. Monthly. Tall l’aul ix the honoured guext at lliix hard-axx hottxe night with rexidcnlx Simon l’oy and Alan llelxhaw.

I Freeforrn at tiari‘ly ii'orinerly the lfith .\‘ote (JitlH. 9pm 3am. l'ree belore lll.5l)]tttll £5 t£4i alter. Weekly. ()ne of the longext running clubx in town. and nix all lhankx to tlte Watt brotherx and their xelection til (ile xotil. 7th lttlik and the titltl curxeball to keep thingx interexliiig.

I Havana Esperito at (‘amax iAi'iai. Spin midnight. £7. Weekly. A night ol' xophixlicalcd Latino claxx. DJ Ja// bringx litx l‘tt\ til ll'ickx lit the Merchant ('lly 'x newexl \enue. (‘ait\ax. where there'x no tlL‘tlteutL‘tl tlilllL‘L‘lilllttl'. lillt lltL‘l'L‘ lx L‘lélSS} xei'\ ice and an elegant. laid-back \ the l'or llioxe who'ye had enough oi xweal with their xalxa.

I Homecookin’ at Baba/a. llipm—Kam. l‘ree liel'ore l lpm: £5 alter. \Veekly. DJx Stewart .\lc('allum arid Joe lliggiitx keep the inuxic iaminin' and the dance lloor itiinpin‘ all night long. Rtkll trackx mi\ed \\ itlt the odd claxxic atitl tiltl‘Slxthl layouritcx. .ltixt watch out Mr lootball playerx.

I Homegrown at Bamboo. 5pm 5am. Lb (UH. Weekly. Sley ie Middleton l't'titti Sole playx a l'unky. xotill'til hottxe xet witli (ia\ in McLeod. Junior and J-Me play xottl alid RAB. and Nolan and Janiex (iardiicr do \\ haleyei‘ they want. A line line-up tor a Sat.

0 Inside Out Birthday Party at the Archex. llifitipm 3am. £tbc. 3t) Soy. \ltilitlily. ('elcbrale lliix liittxxiyc litti‘tl litiltxc and trance night with (Buy ()rnadel. John ‘lili' l‘lemmg. erx De Ruyler pltix rexidenlx Simon l’oy and Alan lielxhaw. Make no mixtakc. thix will rock. [or I/ll\ i/tili' HII/\ '.l-/.i'\l't‘tm/ lll’ll/('I'\ 21'! £3 UH t/mir ,u-m' Ire/ore nut/night. Sew pretrial.

I Inspire at the \cl\et Rooinx.

ltlpm 3am. £3 bel'oi'e midnight; £(i i£4i at'ler. Weekly. Keith l’y per breakx otit the tunky houxe and garage lit the main room w hile Raymond Woodx coolx thingx down with hip hop and Rtkll in room two.

I Jamboree at Redx_ l lpiti 3am. £7 l£5t. Weekly. John Lyonx and Martin llcxkcth ot \clyct Roomx lame Iiii\ tip a blend ol conunercial RMl and xotil.

I Jerry Dammers at 'l'ramway theatre. Spin lain. £lbt. it) .\'o\ only. The Specialx

kingpin playx a xet at the legendary 'l‘ratnway. Thix ix a rare appearance from one ot' the main rude boyx. xo check it.

I Kube at lilacklriarx Baxement.

.S’pm lain. £4. 7 Dec. Monthly. Another night ol' techno mayhem with the Ktibe i'exidenlx. SYD ix on liye xonicx. RA on the lucked tip beatx and SAK on the lilthy acid techno.

I Life at tile i('orinthiani. ltlpm 3am. £5. Weekly. A l'ormidable night of tank tor lhoxe who like their entertainment mature. btil xtill jammin'. DJ Skud. t’aul Rea and laii 'lhomxon prexent a xeleclion ol' xotil. t'tink atid dixco augmented with original xainplex and Ioopx to guarantee a new take on familiar xoundx.

Lifebuoy at the Mercury Lounge.

8pm 5am. £4 before I lpm; £8 alter. t'pxtairx Jon l’leaxed conliiitiex hix rexidcncy w hile drag actx and muxic

proy ide the fun dow nxtairx.

I Lush at the Polo Lounge.

ll).3t)pm 3am. £5. Weekly. l-‘eaturing Andy in the Trophy Room \\ itli hitx l'i‘oni the ()()\ to tile 80x. while Tom proy idex an tip-tronl dance xeleetion in the main room at the city 'x prettiext gay cltib.

0 Mamassan at Ad Lih.

llpm 3.30am. £7 l£(ii. 7 Dec. Monthly. Tonight xeex the return to (ilaxgow ol London'x linext pai'tnei'xhip in quality hottxe inuxic. the ldjul Boyx. who. in collaboration with Marc and Day id l‘roiii Mamaxann. hay e clubbed together enough lteniiiex to in\ ite Ruxxia’x c/ar ol‘ the deckx DJ ()n Lee. to join them l'or what promixex lobe a truly memorable eyeningx entertainment at Ad Lib.

I My Machines at (ilaxgow School ol- Art. I lpm 3am. £(i l£-t £5i. Weekly.

They ‘\ e had xome ol‘ the greatext namex in techno come and blexx their deckx. xo they know how to maxh it tip.

I Papacool at Ad Lib. ltl.3()pm «lam. £5. 30 .\'o\. Monthly. l’apa ix back with the tixual nonxenxe including thrill xtore lunk'.

listings Clubs

xecond hand xotil and junk xhop ja/l. What more do you w ant'.’

I Red and Gold Room at Al'ta.

lllpm 3am. l-'ree bel‘ore l lpm: £8 alter. Weekly. DJ Jorito manx the deckx tor a line night of Latin hottxe. Thix w ill xeriouxly .xpice tip your life. it. lhat'x what ix required.

I Remedy at Ad Lib. t lpm 4am. £5. Weekly. Dayey 'l'hoiitxon. (‘olin Dayey and xomeone witlioul Dayey in hix name

()w en ('aldw ell get into the tech-hottxe grome with the Ad Lib maxxiy e.

I The Shed at the Shed. tl).3t)pm 2am. £(i. Weekly. Demand ix high tor thix one. xo get there early. Tuneage deploy ed by DJ Raymond Dayren in the main hall. RdtB ttliciotiadti (‘hl‘lx llexketh ill the Lott.

I Soulsa at MAS. llpm 3am. £8. Weekly. Andy and Shae l) are in charge at thix 2nd birthday celebration at the cltib in Royal lixchange Square. A great xoull‘ul hottxe xexxion on thix well-dexeryed party. 0 Subculture at the Sub (tub.

I lpm 3am. £lti. Weekly. The linext hottxe night in Britain gelx back into the grooye under Jamaica Street. It it'x a quality underground 12in. Harri and Domenic will be playing it.

I Superfly at Woodxide Social.

llipni 2am. £5. 7 Dec. Monthly. The

pxy cliedelic cabaret continuex ax we enter the ('hrixtmax month. Wear what you want. do what you w ant. btil make it interexting. pleaxe.

I Traxx at Soundhaux. I 1.30pm -5ain. £9 l£7i. 7 Dec. Memberx and guexlx only. The Traxx collectiye do it again at thix underground yenue. Brilliant houxe played by claxx DJx a great night otil.

I Vegas at the Rent'rew l-‘erry. t)..‘~()pin~2am. £8 Him. 7 Dee. Monthly. Join Lola. Bugxy and the rext for another eyeiiing ol the linext in xwing. eaxy lixtening and country. Thix ix the real loye boat. xo get on board for a unique clubbing experience.

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