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LEE MACK star of the BAFTA winning The Sketch Show, and stand-up of fine repute, appropriater gives us his top five sketch shows.

1 The Sketch Show I'm gonna have to put The Sketch Show in there because I'm in it. and it won me a nice shiny award.

2 Morecambe and Wise Well that's top of the list. I'd even put that above The Sketch Show (laughs).

3 Not the Nine O’clock News Though it wasn't really classed as a sketch show. they had a lot of sketches in it and it was what really got me involved in comedy in the first place.

4 Dave Allen He did some of the best sketches I've ever seen.

5 Monty Python A bit before my time. and a bit Oxbridge for me - but fantastic.

HUSHPUPPY, DJ and club promoter of Abnormals ' Anonymous, and resident DJ at Divinei, CCA Bar, Mercury Lounge and Brel chooses his favourite places to nosh in Glasvegas.

1 Babbity Bowsters, Blackfriars Street The Cullen skink here is unbeatable. I couldn't get through the winter without my weekly serving.

2 Where the Monkey Sleeps, West Regent Street Hip, wholesome and humourous fast food. I swear by their Stooffah Deluxe. Staff are pretty tasty too.

3 Naked Soup, Byres Road Soup is the new black. Believe me.

4 Le Permigiens, Great Western Road One of the top five Italian restaurants in the UK. Really rather special.

5 China Sea Restaurant, Rentield 8t Deliciously kitsch! The essential antidote to Glasgow's endless wallpaper'-style restaurants and bars.



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Ever wondered what occupies the heads of our beloved stars? Don’t, cos it’s not a pretty sight . . .

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