Art listings

Edinburgh Galleries continued THE QUEEN’S GALLERY

Palace of Holyroodhouse. 0207 3122233. Daily 9.30am 43()pm. £4 (£21.31: fatnily £10: under 5s free. 0 Leonardo da Vinci: The Divine and the Grotesque Sat 3(1Nov» Sun 3() Mar. £4 (£2-£3): family £l(); under 5s free. Designed by Benjatnitt 'I‘indall Architects. the £3mi|lion Queen‘s Galley opens with the largest exhibition devoted to Leonardo da Vinci ever held in Scotland. Drawn frotn the Royal Collection. which holds the world’s fittest grottp of da Vinci drawings. the exhibition features 73 works which explore the Renaissance artist's life- long obsession with the human fortn. From his attempts to define perfect proportion to his distortion of the human face to explore its comic potential. the exhibition includes studies for this masterpiece The lust Supper. self-portraits and designs for festival costumes. See feature. NEW SHOW.


Clerk Street. 668 2019. Mon—Sat

10am 5.30pm.

Under a Northern Sky tintil Mon 30 Nov. Recent drawings attd paintings

by ()rkney-based artists Isobel (iardner.

Doug Muir and Alan S Watson. Liz Tainsh Mon 2 I)ec—I‘ri 3 Jan. Recent work.

Closes, Wynds and Traffic Lights tintil Mon 2 Dec. Recent paintings by Sandra Vick.

RANDOLPH GALLERY 46 I)tmdas Street. 556 8364. Tue -I"ri 10am 5pm; Sat l()am—-4pm.

Mixed Exhibition Critil Sat 30 Nov.

The newly opened Randolph (iaIIery presents a mixed show of paintings by gallery artists.


I5 Rutland Square. 229 7545. Mon-I’ri 9am-5pm: Sat 10am ~4pm.

Terry Farrell and Partners L'ntil Tue 24 Dec. A survey of the work of Terry I‘arrell and Partners. carried out in the last ten years in Scotland. Projects include the Iidinburgh International Conference Centre. the Sheraton Spa and the ()cean Point development in Leith.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith Ilottse. lnverleith Row. 552 7171. TuemSun l().3()am—3.3()pm. Kevin Henderson: Zebra tintit Sun 22 Dec (lnverleith House). Kevin Henderson is a performance-orientated artist who has contributed to sortie of the major group shows including Scatter. Britt‘s/t A rt Show 3’ and Here and Now. For Zebra. his first significant solo show in Scotland. he presents sculpture. drawing and performance documentation including S‘ltnesltine. an arrangement/ittstalIation of elements. See review.

And the Dawn Came Up Like Thunder lintil Sun 5 Jan (Iixhibition Hall: Mon» Fri l()am -3.3()pm: Sat & Sun noon-3.30pm). Taking its title frotn Kipling's Rum! tn Manda/(1y. an exhibition of photographs by Maurice and Norma Joseph documenting their journey down the Irrawaddy River in Burma during 2()()().

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings Gallery. 1()() Princes Street. 225. I501. Mon-I‘ri I()am»~6pm. Art to Go Until liri 141-‘eb. Affordable paintings. prints and drawings by artists from Australia. Bangladesh. Canada. Malaysia. Singapore. South Africa and the I'K. SAMARKAND GALLERIES

16 Howe Street. 225 2010. Mon- Sat l()am~5.3()pm‘. Sun by appointment.

84 THE LIST 28 NOV- 12 Dec 2002

Life in Leith as documented by David Morrison on show at the Village

Antique and Contemporary Eastern Carpets Iidinburgh’s newest Iiastern rug and carpet gallery set tip by Brian MacDonald features a fine selection of contemporary rug art from the Iiast as well as antique rugs and tribal bags.


l6 I)undas Street. 558 1200. Mon I’ri 1()am~6pm: Sat l()am 4pm. Christmas Exhibition Sat 30 .\'ov- Tue 24 Dec. A mixed show of works including textiles by Jane and Sarah Keith. glassware by Steven Newell and I.indean MiIl (ilass. ceramics by Anna Lambert and Jane Hamlyn attd modern jewellery by Jacqueline Mina. Wendy Ratttshaw and Dorothy Ilogg. NEW SHOW.

Will Levi-Marshall Sat 3()

Nov Tue 24 Dec. A new series of thrown and tttrned bowls along with a selection of large platters and vases. Grainne Morton Sat 30 .\'ov- Tue 24 Dec. New flower box fortns by (irainne Morton.


5 Crichton‘s Close. Canongate. 557 2876. Mon Fri 1(1am 6pm; Sat

noon 4pm.

Graveyard Stories I'ntiI Sat 2! Dec. A series of drawings taken from gravestone rubbings by Iidinburgh College of Art student (iillian IIoodIess as part of a week's residency at the Library.


5 Barony Street. 478 7441). Tue Sat 10am 6pm.

Contemporary Scottish Art and Design A gallery and shop featuring a changing selection of hand- woven and etttbroidered rttgs and textiles from the 'I‘urkmen. I'/.bek. Belttclt and Aitttaq tribes of Central Asia.


Reiach and Hall Architects. 6 I)arnaway Street. 225 8444. Mon I-‘ri

2 -5pm.

0 Colours: Adam Barker-Mill tintil Mon 23 Dec. Internationally acclaimed artist. Adam Barker-Mill creates a new light installation for the Sleeper space. For Colours he has created a new wall in the gallery with a central circle cut otit. revealing coloured light. If you enjoyed his show at lnverleith House in 1997. his work as part of .N'm't/tern Lights in the same year at the I‘ruitmarket (iallery and his lightbox sited ottt at Iidinbtirgh Park‘s B'I‘ Building. this is not to be missed. See review.


44 High Street. 557 8360. Daily

1(1am 6pm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings by predominantly Italian artists. featuring still life. landscapes attd figurative. with all works for sale.


58 Ratcliffe Terrace. 667 1966. Mon I‘ri 9am 6pm; Sat Illam 5pm.

Mixed Show t'ntil Tue 31 Dec. ()riginal artworks by various artists including new works by \‘iswam.


5 York Place. ()7775 974452. Mon Sttn I 6pm.

Jewellery Exhibition and Sale I'ntil Tue 24 Dec. An exhibition and sale of work by nine new jewellery designers.


21 I.istnol‘e Crescent. 621) 5344.

Wed I-ri by appointment only.

Colin Andrews t'ntil Hi 20 Dec. Iidittbttrglt-Imsed artist Colin Andrew s shows a video work entitled The (heat Insert/re I(iermtlit/Iz’ne/isIti which reworks the familiar World War II prisoner of war epic.

TALBOT RICE GALLERY l'niversity of Iidinburgh. South Bridge. 65() 9746. Tue Sat ltlam 5pm. Richard Wilson: Irons in the Fire t'ntil Silt 14 Dec. Richard \Vilson is best known for his seminal installation 20.150. which flooded the gallery space with a sea of stttttp oil. Iior over 211 years. he has been tttakiiig site- specilic sculpture attd inspired architectural interventions and this touring exhibition reveals the complex workings behind his ideas. Sketchbooks. drawings and maquettes are presented within tiling cabinets and shelving specially created by \Vilson.

David Connearn: 24 Hours t'ntil Sat 14 Dec (round room). Drawings made for a contemporary Book of Hours tilltistrated religious texts originating iii the Middle Ages which served as guides for personal contemplative ttsei. Along with drawings by David Connearn. written contributions include John Burnside. Alec I‘inlay. l-‘t‘ancis McKcy. Louise Milne and Jayne Wilding.


36 I)undas Street. 556 6366. Mon Hi 1 Iain 6pm; Sat l().3()am—4pm. Christmas Exhibition Sat 30 .\'o\ Sat 11 Jan. Paintings by over 711

gallery artists attd jewellery by Sheana Stephen. NFW SHOW.


Iior a detailed itinerary call 529 5632/3930.I't'ee. '

The Drawing Room t'ntil Thu 5 Dec. 'I'hc Tray elling (iallery’s latest tottring exltibition explores drawings in its tnany fortns. inclttding wall. life. abstract. animation and computer drawings. l-‘eatured artists include Rachel Bevan Baker. Balint Bolygo. David Connearn. tili/abeth Hobbs. Alan Johnston. Chad McCaiI. Kathy Prendergast. Renato attd Aileett Stackhouse. The gallery will be stopping oil. at (ieorge Street. Bathgate 129 Nov): Duncan of Jordanstone College 13 Dec) and the City Art Centre. Iidinburgh 15 Dec 1.


Cafe Bar. 11) Cambridge Street. 228 5383.

Re-order t'ntil Sat 4 Jan. Abstract paintings inspired by Japanese architecture and urban landscapes by Louise Anderson.

Ronnie Forbes 'I‘htt 2s Nov. 3 4pm. Scottish artist Ronnie liorbes launches ltlS new book Kit/(Hes tIIu/ l’Ile/t’s. an anthology of his most recent work. Sotne of his paintings w ill also be on show.


122 High Street. 225 S408. .\Ion Sat noon 5pm.

The Return t'tttil Sat 30 .\'m. A collection of paintings by Angela \Vallace inspired by her travels to Attstralia.


16 Sotlth I’ort Street. 478 7811).

Mon Sat 11am ll.45pm: Sttn

12.31) 11.45pm.

Leith: Living the Life t‘nttl Sun S Jatt. A photographic exhibition by David Morrison documenting life in Leith.


4 1)tmdas Street. 558 9544/5. Mon I‘ri l()am 6pm; Sat 11am 4pm.

David Mynett t'tttil Tue 3 I)ec. Recent paintings of Italy and Scotland.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh Life, page 92.


42 High Street. 529 4142. Mon Sat Illam 5pm.

The Golden Ages of Toys Sat 30 .\'ov Sat 7 Jun. Share the magic of Meccano. IIornby train sets. teddy bears arid the wonderful array of toys that cattte to life between 1891) and 1930. NI-W St l()\.'v".


142 Canongate. 529 4143. Mon Sat 1(1am 5pm.

Season’s Greetings t’ntil Sat 1 1 Jan. An exhibition exploring the history attd design of Christmas attd New Year cards.


Newhaven Harbour. 551 4165.

Mon Sun noon 4.45pm.

They’re Handed Doon t'ntit Tue 31 Dec. An exhibition looking at the history of the Paisley shawl and their adoptiott by Newhayen lishwives.


2 Chambers Street. 247 4219. Mon Sat 10am -5pm (Tue 8pm); Sun noon 5pm. Free.

Millennium Clock A chance to \ iew Rttssian mechanical sculptor Iidttard