q 1' This season’s best ways to stuff a stocking for under £3.99 Bouncy eggs: £1 each 7 Fortune fish: 10p 15 Glitterwand: £2.75 Eggs to chuck about. Long-running favourite. Sparkly magic wand. Glasgow Science Centre shop, Halibut & Herring. National Museum of Scotland. St Enoch Centre, Glasgow, 0747 420 5070. 8 Magnetic snakes 16 Animal skipping-rope: £2.50 8: ladders: £1.50 Wooden skipping ropes in varying Tangle keyring: £2.25 Handy for those long car journeys. animal shapes. Fluorescent squiggly keyring. Halibut & Herring. National Museum of Scotland. Glasgow Science Centre shop. 9 Quack wash tin: £2.50 17 Projector torch: £2.25 Inflatable Spitfire: £2.99 Little duck face-cloth and soap kit. Cast spooky shapes with this Classic plane for bathtime fun. Nua/a Ashe, 168 Kilmarnock Road, torch plus attachments. Glasgow Science Centre shop. Glasgow, 0747 632 3777. National Museum of Scotland. Party bubbles: 50p 10 Candy cane: 50p 18 Toons: £3.50 Traditional bubble blower. Traditional sweetie treat. Soft‘n‘sweet animal shapes. Halibut & Herring, 89 Westbow, National Museum of Scotland, Habitat. Edinburgh 0737 226 74 72. Chamber’s Street, Edinburgh, 0737 247 4279. 19 Stocking: £1.99 Jumping frog: 99p Traditional red stocking. Pump action jumper. 11 Pop-up clown: £1 .90 Pound Strecher Halibut 8 Herring. Cloth and wood traditional toy. National Museum of Scotland. 2) Little box of marbles: £2.85 Bubble gun: 99p Marbles with bag and Bubble blaster key ring. 12 Cup and ball: £2.99 games to play. Halibut 8 Herring. Traditional game in bright colours. Museum of Childhood, 42 High National Museum of Scotland. Street, Edinburgh, 529 4 742. Fibre-optic torch: £1 .50 21 Rainbow pencil: 80p Multicoloured fibre-optic torch. Rainbow patterned pencil with National Museum of Scotland. five coloured mini-crayons.

Museum of Childhood. Glider: 50p Foam glider in monster and 2 Mifly keyring: £1.95 dinosaur shapes. Sweet little Miffy keyring. National Museum of Scotland. Museum of Childhood.


pencil sharpener: £1.35 Tin retro sharpener.

Museum of Childhood.