POI SHOTS SNOWBOARDING Slope action that‘s anything but dry

Snowl)oardrng's always been the cool winter sport. lrendy young things sWItchrng down slopes. flipping rn the arr. pausing only to wink at the camera. I wasn't sure this was for me. No gear, no designer labels. no experience. I w; s scared. But. really. I shouldn't have been. or not for those reasons anyway.

Glasgow Ski Centre rs a friendly little place. Perched on the side of a hill in Bellahouston Park near lhrox. the dry slopes are fairly gentle. And everyone looked pretty normal, although the wee five year olds wlrr//rng down as if they'd been doing it in the womb were a tad intimidating.

lhe hegrnners' class ; ssernhled rn the club house rcale ban and I started to relax. That was. until I realised the beginners class consisted of mainly ten yearold boys who were all expert skateboarders. It dawned on me how the only man in an aerobics class must feel. Never rnrnd. alter getting kitted out rt was trrne to hrt the slope -wrth our very patient tutor. Most of us. it turned out. hadn't snowboarded in the womb and found the rnrtral clrpprng of boots rnto the hoard pretty tough.

Finally we were ready. Knees bent. arms out stretched. head forward. there was no gorng back. Ten metres wrthout falling over. I even managed a wink. Is it for me? If you can handle the initial awkwarrlness and don't rnrnd falling on you arse a lot. this rs for all sorts who enjoy herng outside and slrdrrrg down thrngs.

Who goes? Anyone. Ten year old boys stand out. but really. anyone who wants to learn rs welcome.

ls it good value? Yes. consrderrrrg boot and hoard hrre are rncluded in the price. 8‘5th for a serres of (3 hour long lessons. Not had at all.

Downsides? Feeling a hrt of an eeJit at first, and there's the harsh hrush like surface thick gloves are essential. illuth Hedges)

I Glasgow Skr (‘4 Snowboard Centre. Bella/rouston Park, Glasgow. () MI 42/ 4.95) 7.

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Listed below are details of dry ski slopes in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Please phone in advance to check availability of classes.


Glasgow Ski & Snowboard Centre SCL‘ [TI'LW lC“. l’l'lL‘t‘\ \lttl‘l ill [50. lllt‘ (L‘ltlt‘c also offers \lxl instruction and practice

m L‘lllllg_‘\. Ifr'l/u/rrrrnlmr Park. 1/) Dumb/rel Rum]. (i/dwrni; (1/4/ 4.37 499/. ill/(I01 \Li- Q/(ML'HH‘JH'Q.

Bearsden Ski Club located further north ol'(il;i\g_'o\\. the Bearstlen Ski (lab has a llltlm \lttpt‘ \\ itlt a designated area for beginners. Snouhorrriling courses begin at £55 for (i hours of lessons. .s'rmtmmm- RUM]. “(YUM/(VI. “l4/ 94." IFUU.

lil/UW \Ai/lt'tlI'H/HH'U.ll/\.


Midlothian Ski Centre lllllt‘llti i\ still liurope\ longest tlr} ski slope and often coaching: in skiing: and \nimlmarding. There are No main l‘lllh. a lun slope and too nur'xer} slopes. Adult tuition lit-gins ill [32 lot" a l\\tl-l]0lll' open class. and pr‘iurtc lL‘\\olt\ begin at U7. Opening, hours:

Mon Sat Villain 9pm; Sun 0.3mm 7pm. Ill/lend. lirg'g'ur ertlil. Iz'rlr'Ir/rru'ulr. (I/.\’/ 445 4495'. skim Irrr'r/lrrI/rr'urr.gum/t.

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The fortnight’s essential viewing

I Celtic v Celta Vigo BBCf. Thu 28 Nov. 8.05pm.

I Celta Vigo v Celtic Thu 12 Dec. television channel and time tbc. Live coverage of Celtic’s fourth round UEFA Cup ties against the Spanish opposition. Martin O‘Neill and his team can take comfort from the fact that Vigo failed to deliver the goods against Real Betis earlier in November. but Celtic will still have to put in the performance of their lives if they want to progress further.

I Davis Cup Final Sky Sports. Fri 29 Nov—Sun 1 Dec. times vary. French no t Sebastien Grosjean wrll be hoping to repeat his Paris Open victory over Russia's Yevgeny Kafelnikov as France take on Russia in the final.

Hearts v Rangers 8801. Sun 1 Dec, 3pm.

3 Hibernian v Celtic BBCf. Wed 4 Dec. 3pm.

European Curiing Championships Eurosport. Thu S—Sat 14 Dec. Following their glamour friendly at Braehead. Scotland's Curling stars head to Switzerland for the chance to add the European trOphy to their cabinet.

Rangers v Celtic 8801. Sat 7 Dec. 12.30pm. The second Old Firm tie of the season. guaranteed to be watched by an audience of millions.

UK Snooker Championship BBC1/2. Sat 7-Sun 15 Dec. Can the seemingly invincible Ronnie O'Sullivan add a fourth UK Championship title to his winnings? Golf World Cup Sky Sports. Tue lO—Sun 15 Dec. Broadcast live from Mexico. the world's top golfers compete in this prestigious tournament.


The nice folks at the Glasgow Ski 8 Snowboard Centre are offering one lucky reader the chance to take to the slopes wrth a free snowboarding lesson. It doesn't matter if you are a novrce to the sport or plan on competing in the next Winter Olympics there rs a course to suit your needs. To enter, just tell USI

What essential item of clothing should you wear on dry ski slopes? Answers on an ernarl marked ‘SKI' to pronrotronsfelrst.co.uk or on a postcard to The List. 14 High St. Edinburgh. EHf tTE. Deadline for entries is 10 December 2002. Please include a daytime telephone nurnher and address.

Terms & Conditions

There rs no cash alternative. Offer subject to availability and lessons must be booked in advance. Voucher includes lesson and equipment but does not include transportation to or from the centre.

Edinburgh Ski Club

ski I snowboard I outdoor I social

- ski holidays to top resorts -

- weekend trips 8r days up north - - biking, walking & outdoor trips too - - friendly atmosphere and social events all year round!! :-)

Meet us for a drink and a chat at the RAEBURN HOUSE HOTEL STOCKBRIDGE every Tuesday evening from 9.15pm, or call 0131-220-3121 for an info pack. www.edinburghskiclub.org.uk

Skiing & Snowboarding

Snowsport Scotland is the national governing body for skiing and snowboarding. ‘.'.-;= Var-a lé‘Sl)tilt\ll}lt‘ ‘trr rrr-Irarrrrl learns organising tuirrprrtrtrons griss iirrr's in:l “.un’lr <le.-.*lu1:irr-;*irt ttllllS-L‘X lot Instrirdoi, leader 6: math qnalr‘rtrtrtrns ll.?llt)ll:ll network 0‘ ski and \lltJ‘.‘.l/.)(il(l (Itil‘s

i.| tlt‘ly-rls (all '.'l i? «v.8 -‘.l")l .rntl .'.-."l| \t’lltl an .2 'we .ol‘. .r‘ tlr-x SirohWrrit llillltli‘lllll .‘J-ui tlr sir-s sirensrrurtsttrtlrriril an.

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