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I First a word from The List's comedy editor: ‘lt‘s 24—7 in this here office. When we're not slaving over hot keyboards. we‘re off sampling the delights of European cities to report back to you lot. I was recently loitering in the lobby of the Europa Hotel in the fair city of Belfast which is the most bombed hotel in Europe when who should sashay past but the very lovely Australian comedian Julia Morris. Alas. the calls of "Julia!" fell on deaf ears. as BBC Choice's Liquid News presenter hopped in a cab and scooted off down the street. Through correspondence with her agent. Fraser Smith. the lovely Ms Morris said she was distraught our cries were not loud enough, and said next time to shout “cheap white wine!" instead. The lady is all class.‘

I And now a word from The List's editor (who thinks he knows a lot about theatre): ‘The world of Scottish theatre is wringing its hands over its future. Is it getting a national theatre or is the Scottish Executive going to hang onto the cash? Will it be able to

Reindeer stalkers

I What do the following have in common: Ricky Gervais. Rob Brydon. Steve Coogan. the League of Gentlemen. Harry Enfield. Ardal O'Hanlon. Jane Horrocks. Sean Hughes. Alistair McGowan and Paul Whitehouse? Why. that's simple they‘re a large lick of the cream of contemporary British

and Irish comedy. no?

Yet when you throw in Natalie lmbruglia. David Attenborough and Jeff Goldblum, the mix gets stranger. But not so strange when you realise that they're all adding their voices to the Beeb's big Christmas 2002 animation extravaganza. Robbie the Reindeer in Legend of the Lost Tribe will have you holding on to your antlers as Rob and his pals go on another death-defying quest. this time to find a

mythical band of warriors.

An extra spoonful of trifle goes to the one who says this phrase the least: “Now where have I heard that voice


I Robbie the Reindeer in Legend of the Lost Tribe, BBCI .

Christmas Day, 3. 70pm.

8 THE LIST 12 Dec 2002—2 Jan 2003

afford to pay anyone now Equity has increased the minimum wage for actors to $3300 a week? And is it going to have any directors left after the departures of the artistic heads from Dundee Rep. the Citizens'. the Royal Lyceum. 7:84. Pitlochry and Perth? In the wake of the announcement of Hamish Glen's departure from Dundee to Coventry. there's

been talk of a brain-drain southwards. but we can exclusively reveal that the brain-drain is actually to the west. Look out Canada.

here we come. In the next few months Suspect Culture is travelling there with Lament. the Traverse is following with Outlying Islands and theatre babel with Medea. Will all those troubled thesps be able to resist defecting to the land of mounties and maple syrup?‘

I Buggered if Insider knows. Anyways. Insider was

recently in Vegas. In New York City. Eh? That's right. Vegas, New

York. That‘s Vegas the club night. not the gambling city in the desert. The Edinburgh lounge/swing club made its first trip Stateside last month. and Insider has to say. it was a great success. Relocated for the night to Jack's Joint in downtown Manhattan. Vegas was jumping with sharply dressed men and sleek and slinky women. On stage four bands belted out. variously. jazz standards. 60s soundtracks and rock‘n'roll, while above the crowded dance floor and through the venue's skylight the city's unmistakable skySCrapers loomed. Easy to forget Insider was in an Edinburgh club. easy to forget Insider was in Vegas. impossible to forget Insider was in New York. And this is just the first of a series of Stateside visits for Vegas. As one of the organisers said. 'Easier to arrange than Glasgow. harder than Aberdeen.‘ Next stop for Vegas in the US is none other than Las Vegas itself.

It looks like rain, dear

Comedians have talked about the Lovejoy lookalike


Monkhouse tan.

I’ve even been called Peter Stringfellow’s love child crossed with a mahogany hatstand. I don’t mind a bit.’ Bargain Hunt '8 David ‘The Duke' Dickinson refuses to allow his detractors to get to him.

‘At a time when Norfolk is striving to attract new business and jobs to the area, it is not helpful for the county to be portrayed as a backwater populated by yokels.’

LabOur COtI/iCl/IOT Char/es Joyce takes offence to Alan Partridge 's fictional representation of his precious parish.

‘Normally, an actor would yell “ow” if they hurt themselves, and stop the scene. He turned a broken toe into a performance that’s a great moment in the film.’

Peter Jackson recalls Viggo Meiterisen's dedication to his craft during filming of The Two Towers.

‘Let’s get that straight. I am not sick. OK? I’ve always been a thin girl. I am not going to be fat, ever. Let’s get that straight. Whitney is not going to be fat, ever.’ Whitney Houston leaves us a bit confused about her future si/e intentions.

‘The Hives are like a fucking metronomic machine.’

Alan McGee admires the punctuality and time-keeping ability of his new faVOuri'te band.

‘I looked like a biker from the Village People.’ Geo/'ge C/ooney isn 't

too keen on the big moustache look he donned for his latest


Village idiot?