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106 THE LIST 1? f)<:<; 2H,? 7 Jan 7’33

Rachel Weisz by Josie McCoy on show at the Circle Gallery

Designing Ourselves t’mil Sun 30 Mar. A fascinating insight into how dcsign can bc tiscd on oursclycs. to cnhancc. adorn and transform thc body. whether by tattooing. picrcing. branding or cycn surgcry. Kcy cxhibits includc Shaun [canc's ('(mmm' ('nrwl. a curyaccous silycr-platcd corsct that rcllccts‘ thc silhoucttc ol‘ thc (‘oca-(‘ola contour bottlc and body sculpturc by contcmporary jcwcllcr Jacky ()liycr.


l'niycrsity ol' l)undcc. l3 I’crth Road. ()1382 345330. Mon Fri 9am 8.30pm: Sat 10am 4.30pm

Dundee - The City in Art and Photography l'ntil Hi 24 Jan. A look at how artists hayc dcpictcd thc city of I)undcc oycr thc past 150 ycars. l‘caturing paintings. cngrayings and photographs from the uniycrsity collcctions.

Ocean’s Dance l'ntil Sun 2 l‘cb. .-\n cxhibition highlighting artworks from thc Scottish Iiishcrics‘ Nltisctun's collcctions on thc thcmc of fish and fishing. Artists includc Will .\lac1can. Ian Howard and I)cnnis Buchan.


152 thhcrgatc. 01382 909900.

'I‘uc \Vcd. Sat & Sun 10.30am 5.30pm: 'I'hu & l-‘ri 10.30am Spin.

0 Eija-Liisa Ahtila: Real Characters, Invented Worlds I'ntil Sun 12 Jan. I-‘ollowing on from a major surycy ol' hcr work at 'Iatc .\lodcrn carlicr in thc ycar. thc 1)(‘.v\ prcscnts a solo show of yidco and photographic works by Iiinnish artist liija-l.iisa Ahtila. lixploring human rclationships, hcr work adopts familiar tcchniqucs from inusic \‘Itlcus. tclcyision commcrcials and documcntarics. blcnding rcality with fantasy.

Serial Context l'ntil Sun 12 Jan ((‘cntrc for Artists Books). An cxhibition that looks at scrial publications produccd by Iiuropcan artists from thc latc l9b()s to prcscnt day.


Albcrt Squarc. 01382 43208-1. Mon Sat 10.30am 5pm; Sun 12.31) ~1pinz'l‘hu 10.30am 7pm.

Shoe [Tntil Sun 5 Jan. A must for all shoc l‘ctishists, this touring cxhibition which cxaminCs thc rolc of thc shoc in urban culturc through cxhibits from contcmporary dcsigncrs. makcrs and \‘ISUZII artists. Iicaturcd works includc \‘idco installations by Matt llulsc and Ilolgar .\Iohaupt. sculpturcs by Jcnny Stolzcnbcrg. paintings by Kimbct‘ly (iundlc and hand-made shocs by Andrcw 'I‘ims. .\laiko Dawson and Susan (‘utts.

The World at Your Feet t'mil Sun 5 Jan. In complcmcnt Shoc. a display of historic shocs from Ihc City‘s pcrmancnt collcction ranging from an Indian paduka to Mary Quant boots. Lunchtime Talks \Vcd l8 l)cc. 1.3()- 1.45pm. Anna Robcrtson lcads this guidcd tour round thc Shoc exhibition.

Outside the Cities



Main Strccl. 01877 382873. Daily

1 1am 5pm (closcd ch & 'l’hui. Magical Nights t'ntil Mon 23 I)cc. Annual ('hrisunas cxhibition Icaturing work by a host of artists including \Valtcr Awlson. (’hris Btishc. l’am ('artcr. Joycc Borland. ('Iairc Ilarkcss. l’attullo and many morc.



lilmbank :\\‘cnuc. ()1563 554343.

Mon 'I'uc & Thu I-‘ri 1()ain Spin: \Vcd 6; Sat I()am 5pm.

Solstice l'ntil Inc 24 I)cc. 'l‘hc I)ick lnstitutc‘s (‘hristmas cxhibition Icaturcs work by inyitcd artists on thc thcmc oi ‘solsticc'. ranging from painting and digital photography to glasswarc and jcwcllcry.



War Mcmorial (iardcns. (11592 412800. Mon Sat 111.3(1am 5pm; Sun 2 5pm.

A Visual Feast Sat 1-1 I)cc Sun 26 Jan. A display of paintings including works by l’cploc and IIunlcr that hayc bccn acquircd by thc gallcry with thc thP of thc National .-\rt ('ollcction I’und. NEW SHOW.