SECC, Finnieston Quay, until Mon 23 Dec 0.


. 4,... Santa’s elves: putti a brave face on it --

Billed as a new record-breaking Christmas experience with a price tag to match (£17.50 per head), expectations were high. The ticket stipulated that we arrive 15 minutes before shuttle departure time, and so with visions of sleigh rides dancing through our heads we got there early.

Queuing up to board the shuttle, we shuffled through to a row of benches - facing a video screen. Disappointment number one. We weren’t moving anywhere bad visuals and a captain tried to summon up a sense of adventure, but our arrival in Santa’s Kingdom was less than exciting.

Having been told to dress up warm we had also thought that a genuine evocation of Lapland or some snowy land would have been attempted. Disappointment number two. Little foam balls intermittently spraying out of a funnel was the extent of our snow shower. And it would be some time before you would get to access anything resembling ‘real’ snow.

The experience unfolded as a tour around different areas with various characters and set pieces such as Potty Pots, Bubble the Bin Man, Mrs Clause and Toy Master. With nothing to actually do, it was turning out to be completely passive with little magic or wonder. Some sections were even hard to make out as background noise drowned out the scene in hand - Mrs Clause over Potty Pots, Bubble the Bin Man over the Ice Queen.


Finally we were led out to the main arena where after 45 minutes we could meet Santa. Despite paying £17.50 each, there was very little to entertain kids that was free the ice slide and a little tunnel of manufactured snow being the exceptions. Face painting for £3, a simulator ride for £2.50, sweets, drinks, merchandise . . . disappointment number three. For a family of four who’d have already spent a minimum of £70, it was the final insult to injury. (Ruth Hedges)

Activities and Fun

Santa’s Kingdom l'niil .\loi) 23 [kc 0.30am 7.30pm. £17.50. Sli('('. l‘iniiicston Quay. 0870 040 4000. .\lcct Santa in his homcland in this (‘hi‘istmas upcricncc which includcs a ()(ll( snow slidc. liy c rcindccr and toy lactory tours. Scc t‘cy icw.

Glasgow on Ice [hill 5 Jan (c\ccpt ('hristmas Day and .\'cw Ycar's l)uy ).timcs \ary. £5 (£3 £4); lamin tickct £l5. (icoi‘gc Siluarc. 0| 3| 330 (i550. (‘hristmas mai'kct. bars and calt‘s with an opcn air icc rink at ilS ccntrc. right in thc hcai't ol (ilasgow. Irn-Bru Christmas and New Year Carnival Sl-'.('(‘. lv‘innicsion Quay. 0870 040 4000. l'ntil Sun 13 Jan (not ('hristmas [)ay ). timcs \aiy. £3 £|5.50. .-\lmost as much (it a (’hristmas institution as liatlrci' (‘hristmas himscll. thc annual cai‘niyal rolls hack into town. Scc (ilasgow lil‘c pagc l l l ltil‘ 5 Rcasons it) (ii) Scc.

Boris the Spider's Adventures in Art Sat l4 l)cc. 3.30pm. lircc. l.i|lic :\i‘t (iallcry. Station Road. .\lilngay ic. 57S SS47. .~\gcs 4 S. Hooking csscntial.

\Vcaying talcs. Boris thc Spitlct' llscs portraits l'rom thc|ic .-\rt (iallci'y to start lhc story spinning.

Children’s Pottery Classes Sui )4 & 3| |)cc. llam lpm. £8. liircworks Sltldii). 35;! l)ulllotlsic Strch 333 37.33. Potting lor nippcrs in this wcckly workshop.

Keeping Christmas at Pollok House Sat l4 & Still l5 l)cc. £3 (l'i'ccl: £3 lot' ctilt'aitcc lo grotto. l’ollok liousc. l’()ll()k‘ ('Uttiilt'y Park. 3060 Polloksltaws Road. Moo-110. .r\nnual lcsll\ ity with ci'al‘t lair. traditional dccorations and Mrs (‘lttlts‘s (ii'()l[().

Cairngorm Reindeer Sun )5 l)cc. l3.30pitl. £3 (U l. liolltlwoml ll()tlsc.

()l ()3 thhcrlcc Road. ('athcart. ()37

3 l 3‘). Rcindccr paradc lltl'ilttgl) thc grounds with a \'ll’ on hoard.

Steve Allman’s Bubble Show Sui 3| & Sun 33 Du: noon. 3pm & 4pm. l’rcc. (ilasgow Scicncc ('cntrc. 50 Pacific ()uay. 430 5000. lixpcrimcnts. cxplanations and hiihhlc hlowiiig. giy ing you thc largcst l)uhhlcs you'll cy cr scc with htihhlc tricks and a spccial sccrct rcc i pc.

Knights and Castles Art Workshop Sui 2S & Sun 2‘) l)cc.

noon 3pm & 3.30 4.30pm. l‘i‘c‘c‘. Burrcll ('ollcclion. 3000 l’olloksliaws Road. 387 3550. Agcs 5 S. (ict into thc mcdicy'al agcs with this spccially dcsigncd workshop to dcsign a coat of arms. makc a staincd-glass pancl or cycu crcatc a mythical monstcr. Booking csscntial. Prof John Brown’s Magic Show Sat 38 l)cc. noon. l‘rcc. (ilasgtm Scicncc ('cntrc. 50 Pacific Quay. 430 5000. A rarc chancc to scc Scotland's :\Sll’()tl()lilCl' Royal hringing thc wondcrs oi~ physics aliy c with somc amazing magic tricks.


Glasgow Film Theatre, )2 Row Strcct. 333 SI3S. (il’l‘ is running a spccial ol‘l‘cr l'oi' Kid/ (aid and Young Scot (‘ai‘d lioldcl's |() l)cc 7 lat) whcrc yoti can scc lilltis lor l‘i'cc. Brochurcs and application forms ayailahlc in thc l'oycr or chcck ottt w w w.kid/

w w w.youngscot.oi‘ l‘or inorc information.

Human Body (PG); Everest (t' ); Dolphins 0'): Into The Deep (l'). Cyberworld il’( i) and Santa v the Snowman (ccrt thc). limcs \ui-y. chcck l’ilm listings for showing timcs. £5 (£3.50). l.\l:\.\ 'l‘hcatl'c. (ilasgow Scicncc (I‘lllt‘t‘. 50 Pacific Quay. 430 5000.

Theatre and Dance

Dorothy’s Wonderful Visit to 02 Thu l3 & l‘ri l3 I)cc. 'l'uc l7 & \Vcd IS l)cc. 7.30pm. Langsidc ('ollcgc. 50 l’rospccthill Road. ()4‘) 4‘)‘)l. 'l'ltis y'c‘;tt"s (’hi'istmas pcrl‘ormancc hy thc drama studcnts ol' Langsidc (’ollcgc. hast on Dorothy 's traycls to ()1.

The Happy Gang’s Fairytale Christmas Thu 12 Sui I4 Dcc. 'I‘hu 10.15am & l.l5pn); l’ri l0.l5am: Sat 3.30pm. £7.50: loui' tickcts for £33. ('ly‘dc .-\uditorium. l‘innicston Quay. 0870 040 4000. Join l.ittlc Rcd Riding Hood. llumpty l)umpty and thc llappy (lung on a qucst to say c thc liairylalc liorcst in this all-singing. all-dancing show.

The Singing Kettle’s Christmas in Toytown t'niil Sui 2S l)cc. litilcs \ary. £8 £9: lamily tickct £30 (£36). Royal ('onccrt Hall. 3 Saiichichall Strcct. 353 S000. Songs aplcnty in thc Singing Kcttlc's popular l'cstiyc show. ('omc di‘c‘sscd as your layouritc toy.

Sleeping Beauty Thu 13 Sun 15 l)cc. 'l‘uc l7 'l‘uc 34 l)cc. ll)“ 3() .\l()il 30 l)cc. Thu 3 Jan. timcs \ary. £|3.50 (£0.50). .\litchcl| 'l‘hcati'c. () (irany illc Strcct. 0845 33 3503. TM classic laii‘ytalc is hrought to Inc in this ycar's ('hi'istmas panto.

The Snowman Thu )2 Sui l4 l)cc. 7.l5pm: liri l.30pin & 7.I5pm; Sat noon & 4.30pm. £3.50 £33. 'l‘hcatrc Royal. 3S3 llopc Sti'cct. 5.33 0000. Scullisll Ballct prcscnt thcir magical adaptation ol Raymond Briggs' story hook. chorcographcd hy Rohcrt .\'orth and with Howard lilakc‘s original scorc l‘rom thc animach classic. Scc photo caption.

Get Lost Jack Frost Sui l4 l)cc. 3pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Mask and l’uppct 'l‘hcati'c ('cntrc. 8 l0 Balcarrcs .v\\cnuc. Kcly indalc. 330 ()lS5. Yulctidc may hcm with thc .-\ma/ing .\lr litlllcs.


Activities and Fun

Capital Christmas l’niil 'l‘uc 24 l)cc. l’i‘inccs Sti'cct (iardcns. 53‘) 4310. ('apital llighlights includc thc traditional (icrman sli'ccl lllttt‘kcl. thc liig \thcl and \Vintcr \Vondcrland. Britain's lai'gcst opcn air icc rink.

The Edinburgh Wheel t'niil Sun 5 Jan (c\ccpi ('hristmas l)uy ). l’rinccs Strch (iai‘dcns. l0an) I lpm. ('omc and join in thc lun w ill) thc iconic lidinhui'gh whch lllis (illt‘isllliits.

Acrobounce Thu 38 l'ntil Sun 5 Jan. l’l'illccs .\lal| Rtmlltm l’ltl/tt. l’l'iltcL‘S Strcct. 473 3S00. 'l'imcs \ary. £4. linjoy this high l'ly ing c\pcricncc as you'i'c catapulch 0m high to w cightlcss l‘rccdom.

listings Kids

Christmas Capers t‘niil Sun 22 l)cc. £7.95 (£4.50). Dynamic liarth. llolyi'ood Road. 550 7800. ('clchratc (’hristmas with a dillcrcncc and takc part in lots ol l'cstiy'c l‘un for all thc family.

An Edwardian Christmas Sun )5 I)cc. noon 4.30pm. £3. Lauriston (’astlc. 3a ('ramond Road South. 336 3060. An lidwardian ('hristmas with stoi'ytclling. l‘athcr ('hristmas. a display of traditional toys. l‘cstiyc arts and crafts. l’cstiy'c lloral dccoration. rclrcshmcnts . . . and it goes

Artefactory Sat 31 l)cc Stir) 5 Jan. l‘rcc. Discoycry ('cnti’c. Miiscum oi Scotland. ('hamhcrs Sti'cct. 347 4000. Makc your own rcplica muscum ohjcct in thc :\i‘tcl‘actory. mayhc a 3]) train. a l‘ossil lingci‘ puppct or a ('arnyx to scare ol‘l‘ thc Romans.

Christmas Art Competition Fri 37 Mon 30 Dec. 10am 5pm. l'rcc. Royal Miiscum. 3 (‘haiiihci‘s Sti‘cct. 347 43l‘). Sharpcn your pcncils lor thc .spccial (’hi'istmas art compctition. Draw anything in thc muscum with paper and pcncils proyidcd (you'i‘c w'clcomc to bring othcr matcrials) and cntci' your drawing for thc chancc to win pl'i/CS.

Theatre and Dance

Sleeping Beauty and the Beast Thu 13 Sat l4 Dcc. 7pm: Sat 3pm & 7pm. £3 (£3.50). (‘oi‘storphinc Youth and (‘ommunity ('cnti'c. l3 Kirk Loan ('orstorphinc. 334 I475. ('oi'storphinc's childi'cn's pantomimc.

Cinderella Sun l5 l)cc. 3.30pm. £5. St Bridc's (‘cntrc. l0 ()rwcll 'l‘crracc. 346 I405. l)rcam ('oncci'ts prescnt thcir own takc on thc classic panto talc with trihutcs to all your l'ayoiiritc pop stars from Bi‘itncy to S ('luh.

The Snowman Tue )7 Hi 2() l)cc. Sun 33 'l‘uc 34 l)cc. liri 37 & Sat 38 l)cc. timcs \ary'. £8 £l8. l-‘cstiy-al 'l‘hcatrc. l3 3‘) \icolson Strcct. 53‘) ()000. Scc (ilasgow.

Drac-Packing - The Panto \y‘ctl IS Dcc. 7pm; Sat & Sun 3.30pm. £6 (£5). (’hurch llill 'l‘hcatrc. 33a .\loi'ningsidc Road. 330 434‘). l)cspitc thc namc this is a l'aii'y‘talc not a scary talc. liun for all thc lamily.

Joy to the World: The Puppet Nativity Sat 3| 'l‘uc 34 l)cc. 3pm. £5 (£3.50). thhcrhow .-\rts (’cntrc. 43 45 High Strcct. 556 ()57‘). Agcs 3 (i. lan 'l’urhitt tclls thc traditional (‘hristmas story with his wondcrl’ul puppcts.

The Happy Gang’s Fairytale Christmas 'l‘uc 34 I)cc. lpii) & 4pm. £7.50; iamin tickct £34. l'shcr llall. l.othian Road. 338 1 I55. Join l.ittlc Red Riding Hood. llumpty l)umpty and thc Happy (lung on a qucst to saw thc l‘airytalc l’oi‘cst in this all-singing. all- dancing show.


The Golden Ages of Toys t‘niil Sat 7 Jun. lircc. .\lu.scum of Childhood. 43 lligh Sum. 53‘) 4|43. Sharc thc magic of .\lcccano. llornhy trainscts. tcddy hcars and thc wondcrl'ul array oi toys that camc to lil‘c hctwccn [800 and 1030.

Maisie Goes Walkabout t'niil 'l'uc 34 l)cc. Nclllcl’liim .-\t‘ls (‘cltlt‘tfi 4.3 45 High Strch 556 057‘). :\ilccn l’atcrson's original drawings ol' Tylaisic. lidinhurgh's layoui'itc pussy cat. arc on show l‘or thc l'cSliy c scasnll.

My Queen Elizabeth t‘niil Sun it) Jan. National Portrait (iallci'y. l ()uccn Strcct. 034 (i300. In association with lilKNs lilllr' I’i'lt’l'. lllis c\hihition highlights thc 50 pri/c-winning cntrics in thcii' (ioldcn Juhilcc portrait compctition hy childrcn agcd l5 or undcr.


Family Storytelling Sun (5 l)cc.

3 3pm. l'i‘t‘c‘. Royal Botanic (iardcn. lnyci'lcith Row. 553 7|7 I. Join thc RlKili story tcllci's lor talcs oi ti'ccs and lunch in thc Royal Botanics' l’orcst Room.

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