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here used to be nothing more heart-x'xarming than curling up In front of the bOx during the Christmas holidays and getting exerted about an upcoming movie premiere. ClaSSIC Bord or Hrtchcock Marx Brothers Kurosawa season. Of course. Ebeneezer Murdoch came along and spoiled the fun by getting hrs paws on a big fat fslm lrbrany for the fee-paying public and the sparkle has slightly gone for terrestrial ‘.'IC‘.'.’EETS. \./"."i:ch rs not to say that there aren't great films to enjoy this Christmas. Here’s ten of the best.

Enjoy them uvhile they're (almost,- free . .

Film Jason and the Argonauts Stars Honor Blackman. Todd Armstrong. Patrick TrOL.ght0n

The Pitch A guest for the golden fleece rrwclves some scarin ‘.‘.’€-rr(l pit-- step

On C'iannel 4. Sun 22 Dec. 3.20pm Best bit Those duellrng skeletons;

Film Casablanca

Stars Humphrt-zy Bogart. Ingrro Bergman. Claude Rarns

The Pitch A messed-up nightclub ox'xrter reun'tes :1th his true love amid ‘x'JOrlo' War II tenszons :n north Africa On Channel Cl‘r’lSS mas Eve. 1 lpn: Best bit ‘Of all the gin rorr‘ts . . .'

Film Chicken Rm:

Stars [the verces of". Mel GIlXSCYl. \Jllllél Saxralna. Lynn Ferguson

The Pitch The Great Escape .‘xstli cotrltry

On BBCl Chr'.stri‘as Day. 11.50pm Best bit Brz‘ueheart trying to ’.,l‘.';'£ll/"(:l' a Scotts‘i accent

Film Jan/s Stars RKLllZiT’l Dre/fuss. Robert Slxaxx, Ho, Scherrler

Fowl play

The Pitch A lllél‘.’()."lf1K trio go i‘urtt'ng for a :;'g sl‘ark .‘.'ll'(;l‘. r‘as been feastng c'r ht {he's

On Scottrsl‘. Christ'ri'is Day. 1055:)“ Best bit The long. coring :rnrler‘sxater scene :nterruptetl o. a severed neatl

Film The Great Escape

Stars Steve McQueen. Donald Pieasance. James Conan:

The Pitch AlliOtl POWS I", to lxeak out o‘ Sfaiag er‘t North

On Scottish, Fri 27 Dec. 1.50pm Best bit The rriotorhrke

Film American Beauty

Stars Kern Spacey. Annette Benrr‘g. Thora Bll‘Cl‘.

The Pitch Man fill": a rnrrlrrfe crisis searches to" inc-armig (lesnle the loathing of Ms ‘.'.'on‘.erifo|k

On [3801. Sun 20 Dec. 'i).f)5;;ni Best bit The plastzc liag

Film The l_.:’i()'~.v’<./ers

Stars A-c-c (Elirrirtess. Herbert l orn. Peter Seier

The Pitch A (jl'llllfllél: gang rneets '15; match

On Chancel ‘1. Me". 930 Dec. 2.35pm

1 15 Haven: Call of the King

Records (“a Video/ DVD

121 Resident Evil, Rollerball


124 Mince pies

Outta Spacey

Best bit The geta‘.'.'ay's tea break and sing-song

Film LA C()/7fldO/7fl(2/

Stars Russell Croz'xe. Kevin Spacey. Krm Basrnger

The Pitch A trio o‘ cons app t"e"‘ :.l-“erer‘t approaches to ai‘ LA of (gangs. police crata and sex scandals

On BBC2. Mon :30 Dec. 9pm

Best bit The rigged expose

Film The Naked Gun

Stars Leslre Nielsen, Prrscrlla Presley OJ Simpson

The Pitch A drm-wrtted lieutenant investigates the shooting of a (_:o||eague

On Scottish. Hogmanay. 2.10am Best bit Opening credits

Film ‘-/e/'tig()

Stars James Ste-.'.'art. Kill‘. Nox'ack. Barbara Bel Gerltles .. The Pitch A neurotic detective falls for i“ the ‘.'./oman he thinks he's been tr‘

On Scottish. New Year's Day. 12. 15am

Best bit The resurrection IBrran Donaldson.

Naked bungle

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