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You don’t have to be anti-American to be anti- war. That’s just a right-wing trick. Words: Mark Brown

s the dogs and. in Britain's case. the lapdogs of war prepare to

descend on an Iraqi people already ravaged by sanctions and military

bombardment. the pro-war party is resorting increasingly to what it considers to be its big idea. Those of us who oppose George Bush‘s war drive are. they say. ‘anti-American’.

A recent. and particularly right-wing. report for Nouns-night went so far as to suggest that France's reluctance to support a United States-led war was based upon ‘anti-Americanism'. Were this to be true. it would make the French anti-war movement a very peculiar beast indeed.

While the bulk of the up-to—one million anti-war protestors who demonstrated in Florence recently were marching under the banners of anti- globalisation. socialism and international justice. presumably the French were proclaiming the superiority of the French language over American Iinglish.

They were. of course. proclaiming nothing of the sort. In fact. the global anti-war movement has many of its roots in a worldwide campaign of protest which originated in the American city of Seattle back in 1999. This raises the question of which America the right-wing commentators are referring to when they accuse the anti-war party of ‘anti-Americanism'. Like the vast majority of opponents of war in Iraq. I have the deepest regard for the America that acts in line with that countrst founding democratic principles. Bus" and

I love the America that asserts its t inalienable right to interrogate authority. to _ p hold it to account. to ask awkward questions and uncover uncomfortable anti-war

truths. The America of Noam Chomsky. . .

Malcolm X. Angela Davis and Martin aCtIVISt as a Luther King. The America of the freedom one-

riders. the Black Panthers and the anti-

Vietnarn War protestors. dlmeps'onal ()n a broader. cultural level. I find the fanatlc

suggestion that I. and many thousands of

people like me. hate all things American

laughable and offensive in equal measure. Bush and Blair attempt to paint the anti-war activist as some kind of one-dimensional fanatic who uses the US constitution for toilet paper. But those who are most internationalist in their political outlooks are often the most global in their cultural tastes.

In any given day it would not be unusual for me to listen to the jazz. of Miles Davis. read the poetry or prose of Maya Angelou. enjoy reproductions of the paintings of Mark Rothko. watch a film by Martin Scorsese or a play by Arthur Miller. As a socialist I remain as likely to point an interested young activist in the direction of American writer llal Draper‘s pamphlet 'I'lu' liw) Souls ome'iulism as I am to recommend the works of Marx and lingels.

Where. then. resides my supposed ‘anti-Americanism".’ The answer. of course. is that it resides only in the imaginations of Bush. Blair and their slavish media supporters. for whom it is an ideological weapon in a wicked and dangerous war for oil and strategic power.

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