V I saw you Karen '1‘. in 'l‘inderbos. I tltink yott are soooooo sexy. Ytlllt. [7457/1

V I saw you dancing in Barfly. red curly hair. me collecting glasses. [' ottt with mother'.’ [7457/2

V I saw you Oh. you've got blue eyes. You've got green eyes. You'ye got grey eyes. And I've neyer met anyone quite like you before. [7457/5

V I saw you while sipping my steaming-hot tnttg of hot chocolate - you were just as steaming hot in your blue sweater and brown hat. -- American. brown hair. hazel eyes. [7457/4

V I saw you in Skye. t' R Mia. l'ni (‘olin. Please get in touch. Wow!! What a girl. [7457/5

V I saw you Americanos - blue jeans and chinos. .. 'sno your rottnd. 'smine. [7457/(i

V I saw you smoking & drinking lrn-Bru on Byres Rd. You looked \‘et'y motiyaled. passed by me. Me - brown hair. blue eyes. American. [7457/7 V I saw you pull a funny lace and then yott did a little dance. and then yott shook a little turd otit of the bottotn of your pants. I don't see what anyone could see in anyone else. . .btit you. .\'ow gies a kiss ya bawbag. [7457/8

V I saw you Seyi trying to catch the eye of the pampered prince. Sorry doll. I think he's tnore interested in your furniture than your sultry l'il‘ettclt looks. l.c['s commiserate will] donuts! [74.57/48

V I saw you ill Brel. Your loy ely name is Jen and you're an indie cool queen with a thing for skateboarders. [7457/9

V I saw you leaying S‘t (‘ieorge's X underground 22/l l I). l()pm. You untangling your hair. indie chic w ill] shiny bag-- throwing art inyiting look. Me: grey coat. rucksack. haplesst unprepared. Let's! [7457/ l 0

V I saw you birthday boy in the Arches on Sat night - call me for your present!!! [7457/l l V I saw you 'l‘ommy - if a ten ton truck kills the both of us. to die by your side. the pleasure. the privilege is mine. llate Morrissey bill I loyc you! (iill \. [7457/l 2

V I saw you picking your spinach from your teeth. Yoti then looked up and what was first disgttst turned to loye. {7457/13

V I saw you iii fren/y at the Arches. You were the American actor. When in the bar you kept on talking abottt lluntly. Do you Aberdeenshire or .\H/.'.’ [7457/l4 V I saw you drinking all my my beer in the studio at - good tunes [7457/l5

V I saw you ('anadian Dame and lilliot. You helped the a few weeks ago with a drunken girl on the street..\leant to say thankyou.l‘ront the girl who could not roll. [74.57/16

V I saw you at Inside Out Noyetttbet'. I’lay room. long blond cttrly hair with a dark top and jeans - tne (red top) and you dancing like nothing else. lets do it again. [7457/l 7

V I saw you and cupid shot one how and arrow. btit it left tne go cold with only a l3" pizza to hold... gtiess II were kissing a fool... [7457/18

V I saw you behind the checkout in the Anniesland Safeway on ‘)/I l (0‘)an tne the boy buying Southern (‘omfort & wine for party. you the gorgeous tanned girl working too late. l‘ancy a drink‘.’ [7457/1‘)

V I saw you Hey Salamikoenig! l)ie naechste l.ieferttng w ird kleiner...sorry I'm pretty skint :t

Iil.S'l'liR [7457/20

V I saw you twentysometliing redhead in Queen Street Station. 2‘)/l l. Yott asked for change for the phone. bill I was skint. I had to let you down. btit what a smile! l-‘ancy a coffee'.’ I'll bring the change. [7457/41

V I saw you cute Beth ()rton lookalikey girl working in La (‘appueinol was the boy in gray hat with jinja hair. Would you like to meet tne fora coffee/ tea/hot choco/cappuccino‘.’ {7457/42

V I saw you at the (il‘ooye Armada gig at the Barrtm-lands 07/l 2/02. Spoke to you when waiting in the cloakroom queue. You were a cute girl from Paisley who studies l‘inance. Wiin I had your number! [74.57/43

V I saw you Sandra. 'I‘atnsin. Niall and Maggs at the Arches. Have a brilliant ('hristtnas and New Year ya old bttnch of slappers. Here's to more drunken nights otit and tied dancing in 2003. Jane .\ [7457/4‘)


V I saw you (iothic ls'at. Iillie Belly. liling. Jonny. Rhea. l)ouggie. [' played like a turnip on lire (0 the l(illS Rock night. l.oye yis. KXX()() [7457/21 VI saw you ('alherine (0‘ Milnes. You are a total sweetheart. Stay true and proud and say it loud. Show its your [7457/22 V I saw you Janet (0 the (‘ity ('afe. [7457/ 23

V I saw you on the nttmber 23 bus. I was in purple shirt with low cut jeans. You with moppish hair and dark glasses. We spoke lleetingly as you bumped into me by mistake. (‘an't get you ottt of my thoughts. Let‘s meet. [7457/55 VWe saw you in our old house still teaching at 5am surrounded by packing lX)\es. What will we do w ithottt your cheese'.’ We miss yott ltoo! [74.57/24

V I saw you rottmd. radiant and pregnant brunette. (letting

a scan in (ilasgae on Monday. (iood luck! Was it worth £200? {7457/25

132 THE LIST ’28 Nov ll) [)(}’.Z 7001)

VI saw you at the (irain Store. l-‘rench. gorgeous and the best waitress on the planet. Till the next time. Keep smiling. [7457/2o

V I saw you tan (0 (‘ity (‘at‘e because you wanted the to. {7457/27

V I saw you doing the Mallings Pub Quiz on your own. You didn't do very well did you‘.’ l‘ancy sharing a 10" pix/a sometime'.’ [7457/50

V I saw you in Blue on Friday night about 5.30pm with green corduroy shirt and dark hair. No strings fttn is on offer with a commercial property lawyer. [7457/28

V I saw you Porridge King. come liye with me'.’ .\ [7457/29 V I saw you in (‘entraal l catne back with new friends twice because of yott. You wore a black y-neck sweater. white blouse and pinstripe trousers. You took my breath away. [7457/30

V I saw you Sarah-chart. l'ye tnissed you chickadee. Welcome back. Try not to go mad. I love you tomollow. tomollow and the tomollow after that. Little Miss Wannabe Skinny-milink. xx [.7457/45

V I saw you.blond and sexy. tne shy tall boy with a green camouflass jacket. at Joe's. you got me some giftrap. I got a hard one. what do yo want me to wrap in it [7/457/31

V I saw you skating at Winter Wonderland. I held the sides bttt you didn't even wobble. You goi’geous girl with your future ahead of you. Me bloke who traded tip to size l2s. ('an we skate again'.’ {7457/52 V I saw you as l was leaving (‘('s on Sat. 30th :\'oy. Just had time to find otit your name and tell you I'd seen you on the 26 btis. Rayishing ..... .. [F/457/32 V I saw you 'Basketcase'. Don't you (forget about me). 'Brain'. Morning rolls available at the Breakfast (‘lub where 'being bad feels pretty good. huh‘.". [7457/33

V I saw you '(iirl with the grey eyes' peeling onions with Ian whilst I was on the phone. (‘are for some carnal cuisine‘.’ Melt some mttella and spread a little ha/elnut horny happiness. Just another excuse fora 'secret smile'. {7457/34

V I saw you across the bar in llaryey Nicks. Your dreamy chocolate brown eyes melted away the ice in my ('osmopolitan. You stole my heart. Please share cocktails with tne. [3/457/53

V I saw you .... the Botanical (iardens Sunday afternoon l7/l l/02. l was admiring the beauty of the treetops and looked down to see the beauty of your sntile. Me. in brown sheepskin jacket. You. walking with a friend. l.ets rende/yous. [7457/35

V I saw you Big smiles at Atomic Baby. Yoti. happy girl behind the bar with dark shortish hair & one seriously funky red top thingy!!! Me. shayed head. pierced eyebrow. Vodka/Red Bull fanatic. Thank you for putting a ll['(ili smile on my face!!! [7457/30

V I saw you ()n the .\'Y(‘ subway. Yoti. girl with the blue hat. Me. guy with the feather in my cup. Wanna meet me on the corner of Broadway and W 23rd"? [7457/4 No

v tram-thiefdbwing; : . , --Galle’ry. * : ~“ ' ' "

address ~ i

. -


I Saw, You. 141Htgh- Street-"Edinburgh-EHt

Street; Glasgow (32: .

- or The List. I- Saw

V i is; w