Loveline .

Men _ seeking Women

w Easygoing Glasgow guy. 29. 6'. healthy. seeks active girl vvith (iS()ll. vvho is into music. movies. travelling ck outdoors. ('all me on 09069

5 H335

W Creative man, 39. stocky btiild. n/s. (iSOll. enjoys the arts. cinema. music & good conversation. seeks similar petite vvoman. (‘all lite on 09069 5 l4265

Wt Friendly guy, 35. S'I I" medium btiild. seeks attractive female. 18-35. aity nationality. for friendship. ftiit perhaps more vvith time. (‘all me on 09069

5 H330

s79 Fun loving, dependable. hottest. caring. strong. passionate. sensitive & vvitty. 6'. long fair hair. athletic btiild. good looking. lit. blue/green eyes. Seeks similar female. (‘all me on 09069 514308

W Lost eccentric male. 24. looking for urban. bolieittian queen. 20-35. for ftiit. laughs. gigs. festivals. drinking 8; eventually ruling the vvorld together. Must be totally outrageous. kiiovv liovv to have a latigh & like everything cheesy. (‘all me on 09069 5 I4327

W Culture loving Edinburgh guy. 40s. tall. slim. attractive. interesting btit. single. Seeks younger female to share interests. (‘all me on 09069 5 l43l l

W Male, 37, genuine. loving. (iSOll. likes art. cinema. humour. alternative ck acoustic rock music. seeks very large. n/s. car driving female with no dependants. Stirling area. (‘all me on 09069 5 H328 Good looking guy. 38. 5'8". medium btiild. dark hair. hrovvn eyes. enjoys cinema. theatre & having fun. Fed tip with the same. Wlfl‘M someone for something a hit more special. (‘all me on 09069 514329

W Happy guy, 35. seeks slittt female. 20-35. vvith beautiful face & personality for loving. caring relationship. (‘all me on 09069 514399

W Male, 46, single. no children. n/s. likes taking plto- tographs. reading. gardening. cats & driving. looking for siiii ilar woman for a committed relationship. (‘all me on 09069 5 l43l6

W Tall, dark stereotype (ilasgovv male. 26. seeks female for friendship 34: company. 36» 30. Mtist not be mad! ('all me on 09069 5 I43 I X

134 THE LIST 28 Nov/7 1? itt:

"5W Male, lives in l illttlvtttgli *5. single patent avoilciiig et ll 5( HI. ltt‘ \ s Itittst. lulll: tllg .\ geneia||_\ lt .\ tug lltll seeking a l'i‘tday iiigltl t'tttitpaiiiuit l'ot' clubbing .\ .ansiiig a lttll\.llivv ('all me on tl‘lllf.‘l it til’

Wom_en seeking Men

36yr old imitate . li|--_\ . the simple things in tilt tool Iti__ for soitteoitc tnil..-pcinlci.t li'ce .\ happ_\ \\lllllli lllv‘llhv‘l‘t's t‘all lllc‘ till ll‘lllli‘l 5| lili

-.-iii.iii it“

still feels like l‘) but lvlltt“ s it s tiiite lo ttiove on \ii\otic understand ('all me on 09069 5t lititt

Tall, slim, $0 Ittil lilt llltlv .\ i needs to cure ineit phobia urgently \o psycho babble litit ( isr )ll required (all iii-c on 09t m 5H ~tio No sexy Edinburgh hints seek 3 unattached easygoing. educated nien. .‘l H. lot e\citenieiit Not !-- touch to ..~l lot"’ll('a|linc-. 'H-‘t5l-lili Foxy, funky female 26 vvants lit. coitlidt nt lllillc‘. 3t: 3!» lot vvining tliiiing .\ late iiiglti grooving ldiiiliuiglt aiea (‘all me on 09069 3| l {tit

4- v' 25yr old female tit. ~~ music. dant itte. natiiic .\ gout times. seeks siiiiilai ttiale. 35- 35 (.all tile on ll‘lllti‘) 5| l Ni." Attractive, intelligent, caring ‘5')» old \‘.tllll.ll| lookitig tot nuine. ciitotionali itllclligctil iilaii to sliaic sortie lvlll:_'li\ l\ :._'|Hl\l lllltc'\ ‘\ Illl (kill me on ll‘ltltz‘l 5H i it.

9' Attractive blonde leiiiale lit. 57' sliin s.el.s gciitlctitait coii.|‘.anon l-a ~- all tug t iticn... thcatic. lllll:l tit: .\ lots t-l lllli ( all me on ll‘M itw _".l t i_’tl

Cute, clever, contrary lettialc. 4ft tcipuies .\cll .iditistt I all ltl‘v'l ‘.‘ lltl “ants in llt-lltla} Ill (.ttlia. (all lliv tilt li‘lltlt‘l 5| l‘fl Lively, intelligent creative \nieitcan non...“ ss \L'Cls\ \llllll.ll v’ltlllltlc'ttl lltlc‘lv -l||l:.. Ittatl. it) 4‘. lot .itl‘ ciilitic culltiic. dittiict dates iiiusi. .\ fun. (all me on 0906‘) 5| l\ 3‘ No foxy chicks in" \L'Cls l\\t' llIl.tll.iv'llL'tl Illlllk.‘\l|'i|.ll happy .\ sociable guy s. lb is lot' possitil) soiitetlting pr. ('all me on it‘ltiti‘l it lsjti Attractive female, mid {tic (i\t ill ltla s pults \ taciiia \\l l.‘\l itt..l. w Illi (mt tll .\ siiittlat llllt'lv sts ('all me on tl‘Mlti‘l \I lis‘j

Wanted! A suitable n...“ .\lil\l be Ill Ins ‘sils .\ enjoy eating l‘lv‘.lll|lll:..' sleeping .\ llit‘s l\ \|tv‘tl lHl lliv' \tlv I.Il tntiiiis lll lltt tiiatii' (‘all ttic l-il ll‘lltli‘l i. lf‘i”

Curly haired elf .‘s. seeks Sti'itlei to e\plorc the

\\ lltlL'lll\'\\ \\ llll ltv‘l". l H‘~L'\ mountains live music. hook. liliiis. tiatcl talking t\ laughing (all in.. on li~)ll(i‘l i l 43th

Men _ seeking Men

"1" Gay male, 39, w .‘s incdiuii. build good lltll . up. v'lllt‘llla, lltv‘.t|lv‘ travel .\ eating out \\| HI caring guy to sltaic lllv‘ g‘ttilvl .\ lLtvl llllllg's llt lllv‘ (all me on ll‘lllti‘l SI lts’

Stocky build, 32yr old gay tttale. enjoys tttost things including socialising. reading & vsalking seeking similar for l- to-l relationship. lidinburgh area. ('all me on 09069 514333 Gay male, 40. looks younger. 5'l I". slim. blond hair. I tattoo ck piercing. (iSOIl. seeks friendship ck hopefully relationship. Likes vvining & «lining. nights in. clubbing once iii a vv hile. films. music & a lot of laughs. ('all me on 09069 5 l430l Handsome, masculine, fit. professional male. 32. \\'l Tl‘.\l guy ol'similar age 8; attributes for life changing adventures. ('all me on 09069 514274 Attractive male, 50. laliiibui'gh professional. loyal. honest ck attractive. WIII‘M similar genuine male. Interests are theatre. music. country \\ alks. National Trust & holiday s. ('all me on 09069 “4303 Handsome, fit, artistic gay male. 37. young outlook. 6'. slitti. xero crop. tattooed & piciced. (iS()ll. seeks soulmate. l ikes vv iniiig ck dining. gym. nights in. occasional clubbing. liliii. music. culture. laughs & love. lztliiihtii'gli/Hfe. (‘all me on 09069 5l4300

* Witty male, 37 going on 3‘, 5'.\’". medium btiild. hlonde ltaii. blue eyes. likes football. tennis. cycling. reading & good times. \\‘l.'l‘.\l a groovy guy for sunnv times. ('all tne on 09069 Sim:

Wom_en seeking Women

4 Gay woman, 44. vvitty & intelligent. \Vlfl‘M happy friends to share outings to cinema. theatre. art galleries. ptibs. clubs. restaurants ck other ftiii places. (‘all me on 09069 5 l43l9 Gay female, 35. likes a tiiivtttre of different things. seeks friendship. maybe more. ('all ttte on 09069 5 H307 Lesbian, 36, likes pubs. clubs. movies & theatre. \\'l.T.Vl someone similar for friendship. ('all lite on 09069 5 H305 " Rich,gortgeous nymphomaniac. only kidding! Sty lisli. vain. extroveit. imaginative. adv entuious. compassionate. talkative. comic ck intellectual. sonic \ ices .v skeletons. age 35. seeks tall. fit. boyish. non scene professionals vv ith Bohemian instincts. (‘all me on 09069 514310 Attractive, professional gay lady. late 20s. boyish. into music. liliits. theatre. \valls’iiig. svv iiiiitiitig tk good food. seeks vvoitiaii to share interests. ('all me on 09069 5 I433] Gay lady, 32. loves outdoor lite & playing saXoplione. seeks lcllovv professional visionary lady for conversational vvi'estling .v non-committed ftiii. (‘all tne on ovum S 14332 37yr old gay entrepreneur seeks a routine vvontan vvith an adventurous spirit. Looking for someone to share life's adventures \\ llll. ('all me on 09069 5l433l "~ Gay woman 40. 080”. likes cinema. theatre. music & eating otit. \\‘l.'l‘.\l a vvoinan tilt. for lriettdship & maybe llltll'v'. (Kill tile on 09069 5 I43 I 3

Seeking Ffiends

W Genuine, caring female looking for nevv friends in the Edinburgh area. Likes clubbing. dancing 8; having fun. (‘all me on 09069 514334

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