Rear view

Phil Kay

A postcard to the kids

and (‘liris has been checking out presidential suites and armoured security guards and jacuzzis all over the place.

Also (‘hris books educational stays for. like. 20 Danish students to come and live and work exchange and learn Spanish. In between booking small fleets of helicopters. he is talking to the director of the school about building a water tower. staging a nativity play and painting all the buildings. l/earjjets and donkeys.

I am here in the linest hotel in (‘aracas watching the riots on TV that are outside. We are considering

taking the limousine to go out for a spot of looting. I saw a man loading (iyproc into the lift. There is me with a note pad and a foyer journalist sitting by the lifts writing about civil war. liarlier l was swimming. watching a man do a spot of welding on the flag poles around the pool. This was comforting. l was comfortable not because the welding equipment was too far to fall in the water. but because I was comfortable anyway. ljust blew six grand on coke (bolivares. cola).

liarlier me and Brendan played seven games of ping-

pong in the staff quarters sipping pina colladas.

l have totally sunburned knees which makes me

laugh in agony.

There is no need to value things simply because of their effect on you. If civil war breaks out. the Russian millionaires may never come. Thousands may die . . . unless . . . (‘liris persuades the Russians. high on yopo in the jungle. to assassinate Chavez on New Year’s live . . . viva revolution.

ast night in Venezuela my brother (‘hris says: ‘I wonder. can you land a Learjet on a dirt-track runway“? The whole situation here is a fantastic meeting of what seems like extremes. The country. political situation and our situation. We are here on the day of a huge national strike aimed to bring about looting opportunities to those that support the leader. g. who needs civil unrest to allow martial law.

The country is divided into two. liirst. those that love (‘have/. the leader who is mad. is trained by (‘astro. is billionaire rich from selling oil reserves and speaks for four hours. making apparent sense on how no one should pay for a hospital when everyone must. And second. the other half of the country who cannot accept his distortions and crazed personal accumulation.

He has the whole country filling out a petition of two million signatures in order to demand a referendum on a vote against him. then he outlaws the wording of the question they are asking.

lle dresses very well and has a child with the old vice- president’s daughter. He has beaten his wife into a few clinics in the last year. Armani over body armour.

If you get on a red berret and a bus to (‘aracas they give you 25000 bolivares.

('hris is acting as a high class tour guide for 12 Russian millionaires who are coming over to Venezuela for (‘hristmas and New Year and has to try to have a jet. no propellers. on stand-by 24/7/l-l. He wants to take them to the jungle. let them meet the Yanoname lndians. maybe take some yopo together. maybe take a trip and maybe. maybe . . .

The Russians want it all. the best of the best of the best.

John Fardell

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We are considering taking out the limousine to go for a spot of looting

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