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American comedian Margaret Cho, who popped up in series four, said Sex and the City was like watching gay men play with dolls. True or false? Words: Gareth Davies

hannel 4’s American import Sex and

the City has been taken to the

collective bosom of both padded and peep-holed-bra wearing women of a certain age. My Sex addicted girl-friends claim they’re fans because they recognise elements of themselves in the onscreen characters. Straight men watch it. if at all, for the cast’s collective phwoar-factor.

But the show was developed and written by a creative team of predominantly homosexual men. So how are gay men able to accurately portray modern women, when straight men spend most of their lives yearning to understand the female self?

The short answer is, of course, irony. We gay men know women because we don’t need to.

The longer answer is . . .

Women associate with the show because they, and gay men, view the world from similar metaphorical windows. To generalise


sickeningly, we like the same things: psychedelic cocktails. dancing round handbags, Kiefer Sutherland. We share lifestyle preoccupations: waxing or shaving? Does plaid go with corduroy? How many calories in a Bacardi Breezer?

And maybe it‘s just a vicious rumour. but gay men are often thought to be more ‘in touch‘ with, and better able to communicate. their emotional baggage than straight men. The gay writers simply created a series of true-to-emotional-life, if heavily fictionalised, characters from their own experiences. But ‘Gay Sex and the City” wouldn’t draw the vast ratings the networks demand. so the characters are cunningly disguised as straight women. Really, they’re as much ‘real women’ as pantomime dames.

So, you heard it here first. Sarah Jessica Parker is actually just a man in a dress. Straight guys might now find it uneasy viewing with that on their consciousness.

Darren Star



1. It provides us with aspirational role models. Male TV idols? What out-of-work actors. egomaniac shrinks or lunatic priests? Here's four young people with well-paid jobs that don't involve garrotting. embalming or counselling the public. who live life to the 'shag-yenwimmin-and-drink-yer- wine' full. They love their mams (if not their mothers in-law) and are good friends. but not like those sickly. sickening sycophants round at Central Park. 2. It’s often painfully familiar. Not since the toe-curling. pre-teen traumas of Kevin in The Wonder Years has the pitfalls of life. love and sexual politics been so skilfully portrayed. And that’s for both sexes.

3. Carrie and so are truly medferrlt. Part Ozzy Osbourne. Traci Lords.

Ollie Reed and Michael Barrymore. the fantastic four do hedonism with class. PC TV means that only The 80er Family are allowed to spark up these days and they're slobs. so it's OK - but 8&tC takes the politics of puffing and humping to new artful peaks. And a cocktail isn't just a fashion accessory for these people: it's friggin' essential.

4. It’s very, very funny. And not in a Iighting-your~farts or sniffing-your- flatmate's-underwear kind of way.

5. Forget luddlte laddettes and men's mag muppets. the sac girls are every man’s fantasy women. Let's see now. there's the scatty one, the gently flirty one. the anally retentive one and the sexually aggressive one. Or the fashionista one. the artsy one. the career—minded one and the celeb-stalking one. Or there's the buddy one. the motherly one. the sisterly one and the big sister's slutty pal one. And of course. the cute blonde one. the brassy blonde one. the sweet brunette one and even a ginger one. Who couldn't find their ideal woman in there? (Mark Robertson)

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