face 3

Jade Goody, Bermondsey bubbler

She was this summer's gift for the


tabloids and had broadsheet columnists worrying that she would be the first Big Brother contestant to do themselves in. Can you recall the names of the runner-up and ‘.".’lllll(}l' of Big Brother 3? Now do you remember Jade? The answer may well tell its own. tragic story.

Eminem, irate chaneer

The rap demigod made drama out of a crisis with his cinema debut in 8 Mile but lest we forget he Snuck out one of the albums of the year in the sprawling Ernineni Show just a few months earlier. He may be bordering on the all-r.)er\.'ading polymath and enjoying a rosy can-do no-wrong period but hey. would you rather have him or Robbie Williams?

Ricky Gervais, Office monster In the final episode o‘ series two. Daxizi Brent had the class to reference boti‘ The So,'>rahos and Dolly Parton. But nis dc-sparrung pleas for clernency have done him any good? The Office was the most eagerly a‘.'.'ai‘.e< comedy sequel of the year anu unfike Alan Partridge. Brent hit the ixgns o‘ bad ll‘Eiltl‘tEl’SS and let no one don-17‘. \‘Jhat's next for Ricky

Gena s? A televised box.ng bout at Christmas ‘.'.’lIll Grant Bovey aka M" Anthea Turner. that's ‘.'.'hat.

Si’t'ill-l'fihy backlash beater The far~too-young author had one tricky obiective this year: to fend off the inevrtable Jealous backlash that would occur when she decided the time was right to give us her follow-up to fine all-- conquering tl/hite Teeth. And she succeeded with The /—‘tutograph Mari. another spranatrng. decadent. decade straddling adventure into identity. race and 53fl()\.'.’f)tl8lll(ESS. And the hacks spitefully hacked away.

Mike, cyclops wiseguy

Less a charm offensixe. more just offensive. Mike's ‘.'.’(}H~llltOllllOlKXl buffoonery in i'n’onsters. Inc carved out an obvious place in any sequel to Goodfe/las Mr Scorsese might want to produce. l-le sounded just like Billy Crystal too.

Lynne Ramsay

Universal success rang for the director of Morvern Callar this year. Words: Brian Donaldson How do you go from being the queen of shorts to a big shot on the full-length feature film stage? Ask Lynne Ramsay. because she'll know. The Glasgow-born clapperboard wrelder can already ay claim to being the finest female film. director Scotland has ever i.)r(.)duced. with creative triumphs and OK box office successes with Ratcatcher and Morvern Cal/ar already in the can.

2002 is the year when it all went very well indeed for Lynne Ramsay.

Having produced a magical super- realist experiment with the jet black Ratcatcher. there seemed to be only one contemporary British director with the range to tackle the Oban hymn of a young supermarket shelf-tiller who finds her boyfriends corpse on the kitchen floor before going on a wild Journey of self - rediscovery.

The novel's creator Alan Warner admitted to breathing avast sigh of relief on hearing that Ramsay was the one taking full responsibility for transposing the questing Morvern of the book into the existential- riddled figure of Samantha Morton for the film.

Her next protect is a version of Alice Sebold's controversial Love/y Bones which starts off with the murder of a child and only ge s bleaker. The future for Lynne Ramsay. though. s glowing.

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