Josh Homme, rock schlocker He took the application form for the position of ‘rock god‘. tore it up, and pissed out of the window he'd just thrown the confetti-like strands from. No need. he's already there: Queens of the Stone Age are the embodiment of all that is good (as in YEEEEEAAAAH!)

Daniel Kitson, Perrier guzzler If the Yorkshire funnyman was really as sensitive as he appears he'd surely have crawled into a corner and united away by now. Thankfully he staved off that demise by delivering his SOmething set which swept away the 'competition' and comfonably claimed


Kate Dickie

Starring for Suspect Culture and Boilerhouse earned her plaudits aplenty.

Words: Anna Millar

'Oh my God! What. we actually won it? That's fantastic.‘ This is Kate Dickie's response when she learns that Running Girl. in which

W Readers’ P011

this year's Perrier. she played the lead role. has and bad (as in REAAAAAL Album Of the Year topped The List‘s readers‘ poll for BAAAAAAD!) in modern music. Rock By the Way Stair-inter. play of the year. And much like her album and live show of the year. no Red HOt Chi“ Peppers character in Boilerhouse's argument. As garrulous UK impressive production. Dickie is Art EXhibition one Scottish lass who‘s certainly of the Year

garage phenomenon the Streets. he sprayed the nation with Technicolor verbal spraff. celebrating Carling Black Label. racing scooters. playing pool and smoking loads of weed. His gimmick? Does being really good count?

Michael Moore, fire fighter The US agitator delivered both the gem and the disappointment of the year. His dOCLimentary about American gun culture. Bowling for Columbine. shocked and amused in equal portions but the sad death of his mum forced him to cancel his eagerly anticipated Edinburgh Fringe shows.

not fearful of a bit of hard work. ‘It was such a big undertaking for Boilerhouse and for me physically. But we put a lot of faith and hard work into it. so I'm dead chuffed it's paid off.‘

Dickie received notable acclaim in 2001 for her performance in Isabel Wright's Blooded. following her impressive turn in cult TV drama. Tinsel Town. But it's 2002 that's really had an impact. Working with Suspect Culture in Lament was a highlight (‘We're taking the piece to Toronto at the beginning of next year. I can‘t wait'). but it was her cathartic depiction of Dorothy in Running Girl that proved the real challenge. Surely only a Scot could volunteer to run six miles a night on stage for their art? “All my friends were like: “You'll never manage it. you fag hag."'

But she proved them all wrong as she acted (and ran) her little heart out. Her hopes for 2003 are modest. 'A big fat bank balance. please. Nah. seriously. just to stay in empIOyment.' Hers is a success stery that will run and run.


legendary corpse

Still dead after all these years. the king's reign seemed far more robust

after another quarter of a century than the flimsy flag—wavers of Windsor. Even

association with fly-by-night dance producers and greedy footballers could not diminish his standing.

1" i'” t i (Liz'iii‘iljt

The magnificent Sven briefly flirted with the idea of

packing in his job because of her. An Edinburgh-born presenter lost his job after she published rape allegations. She may have been perfectly honest with her

autobiography but the Swedish former

weathergirl caused a storm with her confessions. Rey Keane and Edwina

Currie did their best. but when it came

to dishing the real dirt. Ulrika proved she could shoot down stars.

Fiona Banner, Turner talent Forget what Waldemar or Germaine think. Ben Dover (he's a porn star)

proclaimed Banners Turner Prize show

a flaccid failure. But the artist whose Your Plinth is my Lap caused a stir at the DCA has been having the last laugh in a climactic year.

Hiroshi Sugimoto at Fruitmarket Gallery. Edinburgh

Club of the Year Vegas

Book of the Year

Porno lrvine Welsh

Gig of the Year

Philip Glass. Queen's Hall. Edinburgh

Videogame of the Year Halo (Xbox)

Film of the Year

Bowling for Columbine

Best New Bar

to Open in 2002 Glasgow: Metropolitan Edinburgh: Opal Lounge

Play of the Year

Running Girl Boilerhouse

TV Show of the Year The Office

Comedian of the Year

Ross Noble

Comic Book of the Year

Anything by Daniel Clowes (Ghost World/Caricature/ Twentieth Century Elghtba/l/ David Boring)

Best Restaurant to

Open in 2002 Glasgow: Mono Edinburgh: David Bann Vegetarian Restaurant

Dance Performance of the Year

A tie between Scottish Dance Theatre and Rambert

Highlights of the Year include:

T in the Park. Jubilee. end of the Fringe

Let Downs of the Year include:

Big Brother 3, Harvey Nicks. summer weather

12 Dec 2002—2 Jan 2003 TH! LIST 29