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Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, star rating, credits, brief review and venue details. Film index compiled by Miles Fielder

comic xtrip heroixiii. ('('A. (ilaxgoyy. lirancc. 2t)t)l l Audrey 'l'autou. .\lathieu

hix tyyo prey ioux l‘rench faiitaxicx.

.lL‘llllL‘l L‘I‘L'alt‘x ft lttlllufile‘al \ytit'ltl. ltL‘l‘L‘ i'eiinagiriing l’arix' oldext quarter. .\lontmartre. \Vithin it the eccentric

Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights (12A) tSeth Kearxley. I'S. 2003i Voicex of Adaiti Sandler. Jackie 'l'itone. Atixtiri Stout. 7(Hlllll. Sandler flexex hix \‘ocal chordx to play the lead partx in thix animated comedy inuxical yy ith a fextiye llay'our. Day'ey Stone (\ocal part oiiei ix a regular joe \y‘hoxe party animal behay iour getx him in trouble with the Ian and xeex the fella forced to undertake community .xeryice oy‘er the holiday period. Said xery ice iiiyolyex playing axxixtant to youth baxketball referee Whitey l)iiyall txecond Sandler part i. a good-hearted eccentric yyho unwavering optiniixin \yorkx at oddx \y ith Day'ey'x unwavering trouble-iiiaking. (‘ra/y nightx enxue. (ieneral releaxe.

AKA t Ib’i il)uncan Roy. I‘K. 3002i .\lattlieyy l.eitch. l)iane Quick. l2()inin. Roy'x directorial debut tixCx tlte titodtix operaridi of ahnoxt eyery Britiin xitcom - the yyorkiiig claxx axpiring to the upper claxxex in thix examination of Britixh xociety circa 197‘). Putting on the aii'x and gracex here ix a young lad. Dean. from a loyy'er-claxx family from Romford. lixxex. [)ean xturnblex acroxx a get rich quick xcheine: poxing ax a toff. And the fake toff goex off to l’arix to liye the life of. pretending to be the xon of the xexually yoracioux l.ady l-"rancine (iry'ffoyn. lixxex boy dun good. See rey'ieyy. l-‘iliiihouxe. lidinburgh. Alphaville l ISi COCO dean-lire (iodard. France. 1005) liddie ('onxtantine. Anna Karina. lloyyard Vernon. 08min. Enjoyable mid-(it)x (iodard caper \yhich turnx contemporary l’arix into Alpha (it). a chilly city of the future from yyhich xuch coiiceptx

by captiyating ellin neyy comer ’fautoui timepiece \yhcn Aiiielic decidex to bring happinexx to dexci'y mg people by playing a film \yhich celebratex all the little. great thiiigx in life. ('aiiieo. lidinburgh.

tbei tKat‘l Zeman. (Vt-ch. 105M Slinin. ('artoonx. puppetx and Iiye action are blended in thix Julex \ernc homage in my eritioii. (il’l‘. ('rlaxgoyy.

Anita and Me i IZAI i.\letin lliixcyiii. LR. 3002) (‘liandeep I’ppal. Anna

Brcyy xter. Kathy Burke. mein. lt'x l‘l'fl

a Midlandx mining yillage \yith her

yyith her deeply dyxfunctional family.

\ ixion. bill it ix a friendxliip that ix to text

haiidlex thix tender coriiing-of-age drama \yitli all the xtibtlety of a Leatherhead




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36 THE LIST ’2 Dirt; 20:2 2 Jan 2073*:

extended and higth idioxyncratic homage to Amelie t ISi 0.... i.leati-l’iei're .leunet. Kaxxoyitl. Serge .\lerlin. lllliiiin. Ax yyith

Uelirulenen and ‘Ii/It’ (iii of [mi ('lnlr/I'en.

adyeiittirex of hix epony moux heroine tplayed unfold in a manner ax complex ax a Syyixx

elaborate practical jokex on them. (’oinpoxed of many iiioiiientx of abxolute yyondcr. thix ix

An Invention for Destruction ieeri

\yhich a mad xcientixt iiiixuxex a dangeroux

and t\\ che—ycar-old \lecrta tl'ppali liycx iii

xtruggling liidiaii pareritx “hen the blonde. my xteriotix Anita iBreyy xteri enterx her life

.\leena becomex bexotted \y itli thix Aryan

her fartiin along \y itli her xenxe of cultural heritage. .\lcei'a Syal hax done a great iob of adapting her noyel for the xcreeii. managing to pi‘exery e the tone of long xummerx and dixplaced loyalty that periiieatcx the book. More problematic. hoyy e\ cr'. ix lliixcy in \y ho

cricket ground graxx roller. (iciicral releaxe.

Denzel Washington’s directing debut, Antwone Fisher

Antwone Fisher t ISI .0. (Deli/cl \Vaxltlttgltill. IS. 2002) Derek Luke. Den/cl \Vaxhington. ll7min. lloyy \Vaxhington choxe Aiityyoiie l-'ixlier"x autobiograpliical memoir for hix directorial debut ix ati extraordinary xtory l"ixhe‘i' yy ax making in the Sony xtudio‘x gift .xhop “hen the ()xcar- yy inning actor committed hiriixelf to telling l‘ixlic-i"x harroyxing btit ultimately life- affirming xtory of xury iyal Abandoned by hix mother to the care of a foxter home.

yy here he xuffei'ed yearx of phyxical. mental and xexual abuxe. l‘ixher ended tip in the IS .\'a\ y. Here he found a xurrogate family. btit hix unrexoly ed paxt meant that he yy'ax alyyayx in trouble. moxtly for lighting. Such a may in which a xympathetic xhririk helpx a young black man come to IL‘l’lttx yyith the xhame and anger engendered by a cruel childhood. could eaxily haye been reduced to 'l‘V-inoy ie platitudex. \\'axliiiigtoii'x rextrained direction. lioyy ey er. ix candid btit iiey er exploitatiy'e. inxpirational btit neyer xcntimerital. See rey ieyy. (‘ameo. lidiribtirgh. Best of Jiri Trnka tcct't ibei tJit‘t 'l‘rnka. (’Iech Republic. I‘NSI 1 12min. A xelectioii of animated filmx by Jiri 'l’rnka including The Animals and [lie lirigum/y and Springer and the SS. (il'ul'. (ilaxgoyy.

Blood Work 1 Hi 0 t(‘tini liaxtyyood. I'S. 3002i (‘liiit liaxiyyood. Anielica llouxtori. Jeff l)illIlL‘lS. After xucctimbing to a heart attack while pur'xuing a killer. I’Bl profiler 'leri'y .\lc(’aleb (liaxtyyoodi ix giy en a tranxplant. 'l'yyo yearx later. the organ donor‘x xixter xhoyyx up and tellx .\lc('a|eb her xibling \\ ax murdered. Brit liaxtyyood'x a bit old for the action xequencex rioyyadayx and age alxo xeemx to hay e affected hix filmaking. Scrappy directing and xloppy editing do no fayor‘x to anyone iiiyoly ed. The dialogue. looxely baxed on Michael (‘oiinelly'x noy el. flopx onto the xcreen rather than lingx. 'l‘hix could be any 7(lx TV crime \L't'icx. See I'C\ lC\\'. (ieiieral releaxe.

0 Bowling for Columbine l lSi O... t.\lichae| .\loore. IS. 2002)

1 10mm. The all-conquering .‘xloore axkx thix

tttiextion about America: ‘Are “e a nation of

gun iiutx'.’ ()r are yye juxt iititx'." l’royoked by the cy L‘ttlx of 30 .-\pt‘ll l‘N‘). lllL' tltty thirteen people \y ere xliot dead by two ptipilx at ('oluinbine High School in l.ittleton. ('olorado and the day the ['5 conducted llx largext bombing action iii the Koxoyan War. the inqiiixitiye filmmaker and renoyyned xatirixt lookx far and yyide to hard to find the tittxyy Clix It) xoliic pretty tough t|llL‘xlioti\. ()n the yxay he meetx (iollt rock figurehead .\larilyii .\laiixon. inernberx of the Michigan .\lilitia \ylio argue that ‘being armed ix an American rexponxibility '. and finally [H'L‘xidciit of the NRA. ('liarltori llexton. Some may find hix xhock tacticx and iixe of dark humour reprehenxible. but ax the If) April I‘N‘) xhoyy ed. dexpcrate tiinex call for (lL'SPL'I'illC lltcttxttt‘cx. SL‘lL‘L‘lL‘tl t’L‘lL‘axL‘. Breakfast at Tiffany’s l lSi 0000 (Blake lidyxai'dx. l'S. I‘lol ) Audrey Hepburn. (ieorge l’eppard. Patricia .\'ea|. Buddy libxen. Mickey Rooney. l|5min.

‘lloyy Do I look." axkx original \yaif llepburn iii the role of borderline xchi/ophi‘enic llolly (iolightly. ‘\'ery (iood. I muxt xay I'm amazed' repliex l’eppard in the role of frtixtrated \y riter and part-tiiiie gigolo l’aul Varjak. The iconic Hepburn hax ney er made ticut'oxix look xo good. and yyhile the film may hay e iiumerotix redeeming featur'ex (not leaxt the exquixitc cineiiiatography' by l‘ran/ I". l’lane and the xyyingirig .xoundtrack by Henry Mancini). it ix xhe yy ho reiiiainx rexponxible for making it xuch a yielI-loy ed claxxie adapted from the rim el by 'Iruman ('apote. l‘ilinhouxe. lidiiiburgh; .\lacRobert. Stirling. Bringing Up Baby mm .0000 illoyyard llayykx. l‘S. 1933i ('ary (irant. Katharine Hepburn. (’harlex Rugglex. lein. [any gal Hepburn cauxex timid loology profexxor (hunt to one a \aluable dinoxaur bone and mixlay a pet leopard

\y itliiii the courxe of one xct'cyyball ey'cniiig. Archetypal 'fliirtiex cra/y comedy yy itli one outlandixhly hilarioux xcene folloyying another \y ithiii the progrexxion of an unerriiigly logical narratiy e. Both xtai'x at their charixiiiatic bext. liilmhouxe. lidinburgh.

Bundy I IS) .0 (Matthew Bright. I'S. 3002i .\lichae| Reilly Burke. Alexa Jago. Diana Kauffman. 00min. ()ne of .-\iiierica'x more prolific xerial killerx. 'l‘ed Bundy i.x xtixpected of o\ er l5() murderx betyyeen the yearx l‘)'7.i and I978. ln thix film. xhoyyn from 'l‘ed‘x perxpectiye. Bright foctixex on the dichotomy between the apparent Joe Normal and the inhuman killer. ()ccaxional original footage ix the extent of the documentary driye. hoyiey er. ax no attempt ix made to examine 'l‘ed'x pxy chology. 'l‘hoxe with a genuine intcrext iii xerial killei'x yyould do better to xeek out one of the many chillingly monotoned duct]lttL‘ltltlt‘lCS. See t‘L‘\ icyy. SL‘lL‘L‘lCtl releaxe.

Cape Fear 1 is» O... i.\tariin Scorxexe. l'S. I‘Nl l Robert De .\'iro. .\'ick Noltc. JL‘xxtctt l.angc. Juliette l.e\y ix. 127mm. Scor'xexe'x xtuniiiiig remake of the loo: original leay ex Silence (if the [ANN/M pallid by comparixon. l)e .\'iro ix terrifying ax yyhite traxh pxy cho .\lax (’ady. out of prixon arid xtalking the family of the Ian yer \y ho .xupprexxed ey iderice to ptit him ayyay. l)ixttirbing xextial undertoncx. centring on 15-year-old Danny tl.eyyixi. make thix ati ey eri more unciitiifortable. but tiniiiixxablc. top-notch xcai'e-fext. ('ircuit ('inema. l.i\iiigxton.

Casino l lb'l .... (\lttt'lltl SCUI'SCSL'. LS. 1995) Robert De Xiro. Sharon Stone. Joe l’cxci. I7Smin. lifetime gambler Ace Rothxtein ix choxen ax the mob'x man in Vegax. and mm the L‘;t\lllt)x xiiioothly until thingb fall apart during the 7llx. Scor'xexe'x latcxt gaiigxtcr epic hax a touch of (ireck tragedy about itx doyyiifall of a xelf—iiiadc man. but it'x too much in (main-rum territory to be xpecial. ‘l‘he ciiicinatography ttlttl editing are ax lL'\llNHll\ ax L'\ Cl. and Stotte deliyerx the performance of her career. SB(‘. llamiltori.