Re: All in the mind (456)

Your ‘All in the mind' analysis of Beckham. Jackson et al was a work of genius. Just great. What a laugh.

And getting a host of world leaders to share their thoughts on Bowling for Columbine (like hell you did) was inspired too. Tom Allen via email

MIND GAMES II Re: Hills are alive (456) I'm puzzled by Tony Sandy's letter about meditating at Loch Ness. When he says he saw ‘the opposite bank transform itself into a totally different shape to the one it usually possesses' is he saying that he believes it really did change shape or just that his perception made it seem so? If it‘s the former, then I'd Suggest he‘s been meditating too much and might even need medical help. If it's the latter. well. our eyes and our brains can always play tricks on us. Is he wondering if they play tricks in similar ways from one person to the next? Annie Parsons via email

TAXING THOUGHT Firemen’s dispute

In the light of the firemen's strike. I feel moved to write about the plight of myself and my fellow colleagues. We are perhaps the most hated brand of office workers in the UK: the Inland Revenue.

This is an organisation which sees fit to pay its employees resident in London more. simply because the cost of living down there is higher. This I do not dispute. but the pleas of myself and my fellow union colleagues to reassess Our own wages and up them accordingly have fallen on deaf ears. We have been offered a lousy pay deal for two years running, forced through against the wishes of our union. the PCS. simply because the board does not negotiate properly with us and throws us

2 THE LIST 12 Dec 2002-3 Jan 2003

React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or React, The List,


at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

or email react@|ist.co.uk

instead the breadcrumbs it knows we cannot turn down.

Many people have criticised the firemen for going out on strike for a decent wage. Watercooler wisemen mutter under their breath 'greedy bastards'. Yet. these people are the first to come to union representatives such as myself and complain they're not getting paid enough.

I offer my full support and respect to the firemen in the hope that it inspires others. Jonathan Robert Muirhead via email


Re: Devil may care (456)

I agree with David O'Connor. The people who complain that life's boring are invariably the ones who don't make the effort to seek out all the interesting stuff. They latch onto a club or a band only when it’s hitting the mainstream and inevitably within a month or two they're finding it tedious. If they only listened when publications such as The List tried to draw their attention to something new. they wouldn't have cause to moan.

That said. I‘m off to Vegas for a night of mainstream fun. Vicky Mason via email


Re: Shop’n’roll star

Braehead Arena? Oasis? What

was Ian McKeown expecting? Come to think of it. what

were Oasis expecting?

Del Bryan

via email

FLOORED PERFORMANCES Live Floor Show Please help!! I cannot watch yet another dull. inexperienced comic on The Live Floor Show. Greg McCue was awful. Colin Ramone was dull and nervous and Andrew Maxwell was utterly patronising. Tell the BBC to stop putting people off live comedy. Looking forward to seeing some of the excellent Stand

female comics on the show: surely they will reinstate my faith in live comedy.

Mary Glasgow

via email

FOR THE RECORD Re: Echo beached (457)

Is this really so hard to son Out? Can't someone just tell us straight what the deal is? Is it as is repeatedly claimed that better access to music. via the internet etc. tends to generate interest in music and increase sales or is it as your men from Echo record shop claim that illegal downloading of music is putting them Out Of business?

I think it's a great shame that Echo has had to close. but are they certain that it's the internet that has beaten them out of business? I mean. shops come and go all the time and there are all sorts of reasons for it.

I don't see that the argument is any different from the old ‘home taping is killing music' line that the Musicians Union used to bang on about. We've all taped songs off the radio and the record industry has only got more wealthy (witness the recent payday bonanza for Robbie Williams).

It‘s true that the Quality of digital copying is higher than your old tapes of the Top 40.

but in my experience. hearing new music only makes me want to hear more of it. And for that. I'm happy to pay.

But that's just me. It strikes me that there are too many vested interests in this discussion to get a straight answer. The music biz always wants bigger profits and yOU can't blame a small record shop for feeling aggrieved when it goes out of business. But what's the truth?

John Lynch via email


Re: Christmas crackers (456)

I thought yOu put together a great selection of gift ideas in your Christmas shopping feature. New I really want my own inflatable chill-out room. I don't have a spare £389 to afford one. though. so if anyone who knows me and really. really likes me is reading this. please club together and get me one. Mandy Black

vra email


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