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Doctor Zhlvago tl’( it 000 (David Lean. l'S/L'K. 1965i ()mar Sharif. Julie Christie. (ieraldiiie (’haplin. 193mm. Big screen romance in the (inm' ll'i'ili 'l‘lii' ll’iml style. rather than a genuine adaptation of the Pasternak novel. with Sharif and (‘hristie as lovers catiglit tip in World War One and the Russian Revolution. Notable mainly for its IUsh. picture postcard photography. Filiiihouse. lidinburgh.

Dog Soldiers i 15) 0000 (Neil Marshall. L'K. 2002) Sean Pertwee. Kevin McKidd. limma ('leasby. lU-llttltl. This British werewolf movie delivers flesh- ripping gore. edge-of-the-seat suspense and wicked black humour. leaving one drained but thoroughly entertained. Yet it never short-changes its deftly drawn characters. a squad of British soldiers on manoeuvres in the Scottish Highlands who fall prey to some lanky lycanthropes. l’itting down-to- earth soldiers against down-and-dirty' werewolves. director Neil Marshall strips away any superfluous supernatural dressing. Ironically. the scarier the film gets. the funnier it becomes you laugh out lotid just to release the tension. ()deon. lidinburgh. Donnie Darko i IS) 0000 (Richard Kelly. [S 2002) Jake (iyllenhaal. Drew Barrymore. Patrick Swayze. 1 13min. Kelly's debut feature is a mesmerizing science fiction fable which pushes the concept of cinematic time travel into a whole new dimension. lts soiiinaiiibulant teenage protagonist seems to slip into a parallel universe. where a giant demonic rabbit called lirank proclaims that the world will end - iii 28 days. (i hours. 42 minutes and l2 seconds. Set in 1988. this genre— bending film is not only an intriguing meditation on time travel and a deeply disturbing horror movie. it is also a John Hughes-style coming-of-age movie and a black comic satire on Reaganite greed. individualism and (‘hristian fundamentalism. Selected release.

8 Women ( 15) (Francois ()zon. France. 2001) l()3min. A classy cast of French divas including (‘atheriiie I)encuv'e and Isabelle lluppert find themselves embroiled in a murder mystery in the French countryside. Which of these glamorous women is guilty“? Part musical. part whodunnit with plenty of bitchiness. wit and lavish finery. Selected release. Enough t 15) O. tMichacl Apted. L'S. 2002i Jennifer Lopez. Billy Campbell. Juliette Lewis. 1 15min. Lopez plays Slim. a feisty waitress who is swept off her feet by Mitch t(‘ampbell). who is as handsome as he is charming as he is wealthy. They move into a big house. get hitched and have a kid. Bliss. l7ntil Sliiii discovers the hard way that hubby is a wife beater. Slim eventually decides that. yep. enough is enough. This is where the film. thus far largely believable and reasonably compelling. becomes frankly ridiculous. Realising that she needs to confront her abuser. Slim become a ninja and attempts to kill her man. A case of too much and not enough. (ieneral release. Everest il‘i (Various. IS. 2002). Min tbc. IMAX big screen presentation. IMAX. (ilasgow.

The Eye t l5i .0. (Danny and ()xide Pang. 'l‘hailaiid. 2002) Lee Siii-Jic.'rence (‘liowg So Yul 90min. lllls chiller from the l’aiig brothers tilting/wk Dangerous) reworks an old horror movie idea: iiewly grafted body parts c\liibittttg traits of the deceased donor. Here. a cornea transplant has the unwanted effect of allowing a formerly blind young woman to see dead people. Blurred images. slo-mo caiiierawork and an over saturation of light aiid colour make The live a visual treat. quite suited to the murky twilight /one of the Asian horror film. But w here. say. Ring had induced hair-raising horror. The live falls short with a slow -building sense of unease and denoueinent that offers no surprises. l'nderwheliiiing. MacRobert. Stirling.

Freaks 1 Iii ooooo i‘I‘odd Browning. l'S. I‘BZ) Harry liarles. ()lga Baclanova. Wallace liord. (il min. Browning‘s infamous and long-banned 1932 classic. re-issued for its 70th anniversary. It's the story of a group of travelling circus 'freaks' llalf Boy. Bearded l.ady. Living 'l‘orso. :\t'lllless Woman. etc who visit a terrible revenge on the beautiful trapeze artist ('leopatra for an crime committed against one of their own. The press and public reacted with disgust to Brow iiiiig's casting of real circus freaks. The terrible irony is that Browning champions the deformed over the superficially beautiful. l-‘ri'uAv is as wonderfully weird as it is warm and humane. alternately funny. creepy and genuinely shocking. It's been much misunderstood but remains utterly unique. (‘(‘.-\. (ilasgow.



Bundy, nice guy and serial killer

The Gift t 15) 0.. tSam Raimi. 1S. 3001 i ('ate Blaiichctt. Keanu Reeves. Katie Holmes. llliiiin. lt's murder in the smalltovv ii Brivton. (ieorgia when the sassy daughter of the wealthy King family. Jessica illoliiiesi. goes missing. Wife-beating redneck Donnie litit‘kstlttle (Reevesi looks guilty. especially when local psy chic Annie Wilson iBlanchetti has an incriminating

v isioii. How ever. this being a supernatural whodunnit. all is not what it seems. Billy Bob 'l’hornton's script leisurely introduces. but never stereotypes the white trash community. while Raiiiii's direction is admirably unobtrusive and the fine cast does its 'iob. But with a convoluted series of plot tvv isls. ‘I'lli’ (If/I feels too long. ()tlentl. Edinburgh.

The Grinch mm 000 iRon Howard. l'S. 3000) Jim (’arrey. Taylor Moiiisen. Jeffrey 'l‘aiiibor. lfl5min. Surprisingly. I’lic (iri'ni'li is the first live action feature to be adapted from the work of the world's best- selling childreii‘s author. Dr Seuss. .-\nd beneath sfx magician Rick Baker's green costume ('arrey the world‘s highest paid comedian wrecks gloi‘iotis havoc on his cloy iiig sweet neighbours. the \Vhov iaiis of \Vho-ville. lloward lays the book's moral (‘hristmas is about family not presents

and the sickly -sw eet sentiment on pretty thick. ‘Im- Sim-v 3 got the cross generational appeal right; golly gosh Howard's (i/‘i/ii'li hasn‘t. (‘arrey 's great though. I‘l‘ll Cinema. l’alkirk.

La Haine I 13) O... IMatthieti

Kassov itz. l‘raiice. l‘NSi \‘inceiit ('assel. lltibert Kounde. Said 'l‘aghiiiaoui. 85min. 'l'liis edgy. black-aiid-white portrait of racial

tension and police brutality on a ruii-dow ii estate outside l’aris won twenty something Kassov it/ the Director‘s l’ri/e at the 1905 ('annes l‘iliii l’estival. 'l‘hree ethnically mixed lads come up against the cops when one of their pals is hospitalised after a raid. l'rgent. compelling filiiiiiiakiiig that's as punchy as a blow to the head. MacRobcrt. Stirling. Happy Ever After I l’(il (Various. l‘)‘)7i 75min. l’iltoii Video present this low budget feature film featuring a cast of first time actors about love in the 80s. North lidiiiburgh Arts (’eiitre. lidiiiburgh.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets tl’(il O... ((‘hris ('oltiiiibtis. l'S/l'K. 3002) Daniel Radcliffe. Kenneth Braiiagh. Robbie (‘oltrane l()(lllllll. lt's tiie boy -w izard's second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where evil forces have released ti \ icions serpent into the corridors. Who‘s to Hana"? Is it llat'ry ’s rival pupil Draco Malfoy. the loveablc giant llagrid iRobbie ('oltrane) or a my sterious former pupil who communicates throuin the pages of a magical diary 1’ \Vhoev er it is. they ‘re petrify iiig the pupils and setting loose an army of scurrying spiders. Once again faithful to the original novel. this film is darker than the first and gets more quickly into the meat of the story. And with the same fantastic cast of British character actors. it's another sure-fire hit. (ieiieral release.

He Loves Me . . . He Loves Me Hot 1 l2) 0.. il.aelitia ('oloiiibani. liraiice. 2002i Audrey 'l‘autou. Samuel Le Bihan. ()lmiii. Watching elfiii beauty Audrey 'lautou emerge from a field of 'l’echiiicolor flowers during the opening sequence. you‘d be forgiven for thinking you‘re watching .'illl('/ft’ 2. And the first half of (’oloiiibaiii's w i'itiiig--tlii‘ectiiig debut plays as a saccharine romance in which ’I'autou's Bordeus art college student Angelique falls for an older man. cardiologist l.o'i'c tBihani. But as it becomes clear l.o’i'c isn't the lover he seems. (’oloiiibani's film takes a dark turn. quite at odds with sweet. sweet Ame/iv. ('olotiibani cites among her iiifiucnces the films of Hitchcock and l’olanski. 'l‘hat her film school thesis examined madness in cinema ought to point you in the direction [IF/1H1“ .llt'. /1¢'1.m'¢’\ .lit'.\'(’ll\ initially svv eel romance takes. l'llttllttillse. lidinburgli. Hey Arnold! The Movie il'i i’l‘uck 'I'ucker. 1S. 2002) Voices of Spencer Klein. Jennifer Jason Leigh. l’aul Sorvino. 70min. Another Nickleodeoii cable TV cartoon makes it to the big screen. But where the TV series dealt with down to earth matters. the movie has bolted on to it an overblown story about a ruthless property dcv eloper intent on commercial gain over residential space. Of course. .'\lllel‘leétn football-hcadcd Arnold atid his pals are having none of this. And hired help and mercenary babe Bi'idgit. the film is provided vv ith some hiin speed action sequences. See preview. (ieneial release.

His Girl Friday tl'I om. tlloward llaw ks. l’S. l‘)-l()i ('ary (liaiit. Rosalind Rtissell. Ralph Bellamy. 02min. llawks‘s dynamic comedy is one of the best





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