llolly wood ever ntade. (irant and Russell are simply fantastic as the sparring

new spaper editor and top reporter drawing battle line sin their professional and personal lives. llecht aitd .\lacArthtir‘s script from their original play The Front Page. spits otit a series of rapid-fire quips and cross-cuting gags. bttt allows the supporting characters to hay e thier scene- stealing moments too. Don't miss it. l-‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

Ice Age tl'l .. ((‘lit'is \Vedge «k (‘arlos Saldanha. 1S. 2002) Voices of John l.egui/amo. (ioran \'isniic. Jack Black. Slmin. There's a faint air of cynicism iit this story of a morose mammoth. a bumbling sloth and a wily tiger vvlto .join forces. despite all their better instincts. to return a human baby to his father. As the planet gets colder. they head in the opposite direction of the anintal migration. to battle snowdrifts. volcanoes. ice caves and predators. eventually delivering their cltarge. 'l'he animators try desperately to make you fall in love with this unlikely band of creatures. to ntake yott see the good hearts beneath the frosty exteriors. btit they don't deliver tltat all important charm. w it. flair and intagittation. .\'orth lidinburgh Arts (‘entre. lidinburgh; .‘ylacRobert. Stirling. The Importance of Being Earnest it) .0. t()liver Parker. l'K/l'SA. 2002i Rupert liverett. ('olin l-‘irth. Judi l)ench. 97min. lians of Oscar Wilde's

‘tri\ ial contedy for serious people' will be ntore than familiar with the plot. Rural gent Jack \Vorthing il'it'thi inv ents ait errant brother called Iiarnest as a means of escaping tlte mundanities of a life in the country. Jack. or ratlter l-Zarnest's partner-in- crime. the wily Algy .‘ylonerieff (played to perfection to liverett) also ltas a made-up friend who he visits in the country to outrun tiie debt collectors w ho pursue him iii the city. This dottble duality comes a cropper. thotigh. when both men go courting wives (Witherspoon and ()'(‘onnori. The ensuing farce. conducted via Wilde's brilliantly witty epigratnmatic style t ‘Australia'.’ I'd sooner diel' i. is a delight to w ateh

although comtnitted Wildeans w ill find that they foresee the punchlines before tltey happen I’l'll ('inema. lialkirk.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (PU) O... (Stey en Spielberg. l'S. I‘M-1i Harrison liord. Kate (‘apshaw Ke lltiy ()uan. Amrish l’uri. l lh’min. Again the foreignors find it hard going keeping tip with the Jones. as master entertainer Spielberg piles on the action sequences. This titne. howey er. the frantic pace has even less credibility than Rattlers had. l‘(i(' Renfrew Street. (ilasgow.

Into the Deep il'i (Various. t’S. loot i. .\lin tbe. 3|) IMAX presentation. IMAX. (ilasgow.

0 It’s a Wonderful Life tl’(it .0... (Frank (‘apra. l'S. 104m James Stewart. Donna Reed. llenry 'l'rayers. Thomas Mitchell. ll‘hnin. Small-town boy Stewart runs into financial difficulties and is on the brink of suicide when art elderly angel descends to earth to show him all the good ltis life has done for those around him. Archetypal ('apra sentimentality with a superbly detailed fantasy framework and one of Stewart‘s ittost lovable performances. ()ne to w arm even the most glacial heart. Selected release.

Jiri Barta - A New Puppet Cinema tl5i (Jiri Barta. (‘lechoslovakia. l‘JSU) loomin. Retrospective of the short films of the eponymous (’lech animator. (ii-"f. (ilasgow.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (PU) tlndia. loot ). Min the. Asian film presentation. .\lacRobert. Stirling.

Kind Hearts and Coronets ll’(i) 0... (Robert llatner. ['K. I‘M‘M Dennis l’rice. Alec (iuinness. Joan (ireenwood. Valerie llohson. l()(imin. Blacker than black lialing comedy has a suave and sophisticated l’rice killing off an entire family tree tall played by (illillllcss) Ill order to move himself closer to the d'Ascoyne tamin title. Low-key cynicism and disarming callousness tnake it a true gem of British post—war cinema. (il’l‘. (ilasgow.

King Kong tl’(i) 00”. (Mei-tan (‘ ('ooper. t'S. ION) Robert Armstrong. liay \Vray. llKlmin. A film producer on safari brings back a souvenir monster which terrorises .\'ew York in one of the all time great monster mov ies. Ama/ingly. the special effects still impress. btit the film achieves classic status by successfully transposing the story of beauty and the beast into a Hollywood blockbuster moy ie. l‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

0 L.I.E 1 1M 0000 (Michael cut-st... l'S. 2001) Brian ('os. l’aul l‘ranklin l)ano, Billy Kay. ‘J-Imin. After the death of his mother and FBI investigation of his father. troubled youth llowie's tl)attoi delinquent patterns start to develop. A robbery brings his activities to the attention of pillar of the community. and pedophile. ‘Big John' llarrigan t('o\.i A strange mutual relationship dey clops. all in tile shadow of the ever oppressive Long Island lispressway (from where the movie gets its title). First time director (‘uesta's film is a darkly heart- warming tale of a confused teen's angst in small town Anterica. ('ox ptits in a career best performance. bringing virtually unimaginable pathos to a character you initially hate. ('lose to the edge. but reined in by understated performances. See rev iew. l‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

The Ladykillers tl’( i) O... t.'\le\ander Mackemdrick. l'K. “)55) Alec (iuinness. (‘ecil l’arker. Katie Johnson. 07min. A bunch of not-so-bright crooks planning a daring robbery get tnore than they bargain for w lteit they set tip headquarters with a seemingly harmless little old lady. \Vry lialing comedy. with (iuinness as Usual outshining a plethora of \ igorous comic cltaracter actors. (il’l‘. (ilasgow.

Lantana t 15) 0... (Ray l.aw rence. Atistralia/(iermany. 3002) Anthony I.al’aglia. (ieoffrey Rttslt. Barbara Hershey. lllmin. This small cinematic gem e\plorcs the great themes of love and loneliness in a very quiet and considered tnanner. l‘our marriages in total are brought into play. each of them wrought w itlt guilt. pain and loneliness. and because the film opens w ith a close tip of a dead woman's body concealed in a dense thicket. we know that in the cottrse of the action. one of the marriages will reaclt the ultimate end. l’art mttrder mystery. part psychological drama. part love story. Iunmnu keeps you on your toes while it also makes you think about the ways iit which we deal. or rather don't deal with emotional pain. .‘ylacRobert. Stirling. Laurel 8: Hardy Double Bill «1'» .0”. (James l’arrot and James W Home. l'S. IUD/Wt 3()/(t5min. l-"ine double bill featuring probably the boys' best short. The .llmic But (that‘s the one iit which Start and Ollie carry a piano up an enorniotis staircase. over and over and o\ et' . . .i and probably their finest feature too, lt'uv ()ul lli'sl. which includes that famous dance routine to "The Trail of the Lonesome l’ine'. .\lacRobert. Stirling.

Lawrence of Arabia 1”“ .0000 (David Lean. 1-K. 1962) Peter ()“l'oolc. Alec (iuinness. Jack llaw kins. ()mar Sharit'. 222mm. l.ean's mammoth desert epic. restored to its director's original cut and the big screen. where film-making on this scale belongs. ()"loole's debut as the enigmatic adventurer still impresses. bttt apart from the majestic action sequences. it‘s the disturbing sense of clinical and cold- blooded \iolence hanging over the higth literate characterisation that today seems especially striking. (ll-T. (ilasgow.

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