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Capital jazz, rock, comedy and club venues destroyed. Words: Ruth Hedges

venue. the ("iiasgow Academy. on. i i'iday :28 March. The

uch of the heart of Edinl‘iurgh's cultural. music and La Belle Angele was 9:309 capac:ty venue on the c ubbing scene has been devastated by the fire that established in 1991 as a city‘s lglington Street is on started Saturday 7 December at 8pm above the l a clubbing and live ntusic the srte of tl‘e leritrer New Belle Angele venue and swept through neighbouring bliildings, venue. In its 1 1 years on Redford (Jineina when has The densely packed. complex layering of the Old Town meant the ()owgate it has rain empti, for the last ten that flames spread quickly and made tackling the fire difficult. hosted live shows from years. I: will also have the Areas were still burning on Monday. the great and the good potential to house club nights The view from a balcony on Adam House. Chambers Street. such as Oasis. as well as live inusic events reveals the devastation. Where once the Gilded Balloon. La Radiohead. and Boots and has the opt:on to have a Belle Angele. Loca. Wilkie House and the recently opened tvlanuva. attracted to the l'(}(lll(?(-}(l capacity of 1 100 for Bridge Jazz Bar stood. there are now just charred remains. The small space by its more :i‘timate shows. Beat Jazz Basement is also damaged. It's not Just the venues in; ssive sound systen‘ lhe owner of the new that have been effectively destroyed. but a whole history. The and equally large atmosphere. Clubbers ‘.‘.'l|l re'ne'itbei‘ it as a building. the Acaderm group. Cowgate's warrens and murky passageways have become. mecca for the l‘vlanga. Big Beat and Ultiagrome nights. also 1)\.'.’ll§3 Brixton Academy Over the last decade and a half, synonymous with cutting edge The Beat Jazz Basement opened in its current guise in and Shepherd's Bush 1 inpire comedy, rnusi : and clubbing. A very large part of that p; st -- April with llonnt Gordon. It has since created a lreaui. ‘irsion of as well as similar \.'(?l‘rll(}f§ in posters. records. documents. contacts has now gone. ia/x and DJing. bringing na'nes fi‘o't‘ both genres together in Bristol and llrrrningha'n. These are some of the Cultural hubs affected: Edinburgh from all over the ‘.‘.oild. Blue Note backs the ‘.(?".th'3 (‘reoft’ l it's from l)l Concerts The Gilded Balloon has championed experimental theatre and plans for its future had been looking iwriglit. sa-d: ‘We are \(?l\ excited and and new comic talent since its inception in 1986. Artistic Bridge Jazz Bar opened at the end of April. l dinbiirgh jax.‘ fee. that it tail? be a welcome director. Karen Koren. began with Just one theatre and stalwart. drummer Bill Kyle. sax‘.‘ it as a to gine nex'. tetra? addition to the buoyant developed the venue into a llllllll-ThOZter space. In 1987 acts a l)|£til()f'.’ll. ctiii‘pleiiienting the Heat .Jax.‘ Base'iient's concert market Y"(‘l'218§)()\‘/. Late'n'Live moved to its home at Wilkie House and in more danceflooi' il'l(?ll(“\, program" ring. Kufe was able to l‘r'nd l'ie \.enire's cai‘; cin is ideal 1991Vic'n'Bob moved onto the festival scene while Eddie over some of the lJS's top viiiisicians, lllt‘llltlllltllt?(‘K1‘l‘ll.', anti his a s gnificant gap in the IZ/ard was nominated for a Perrier. 199‘. had Alan Davies l than lxerson and saxophonist Bot: Shit-part 2} market.‘ selling out and in 1997 we discovered the potty Johnny Vegas. Because of the fire, details of ia.‘.' exents in this tutti-Dr's lne Ins. aia- Carpets i‘ave ln 1999 the career of Geordie lovely Ross Noble took off and l dinbiir'gli's l l()tllll(tlltl‘, siippleri‘ent ‘.'.'lH be alti iris-ii an: otltev also cont-lined a shov: at the this year. Jimmy Carr picked up much praise and his own lV listings in this margarine are subject tit change, l or cin lat-ell \eniie or: L’ Aprzl. show soon to be on Channel "1. information look at lile/ 'sf's '.'.r’?l isite: .'..!'f§'..t‘t\.l.-\.

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