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Bandits? What, like six shooters, big moustaches and all that tackle? No, as in Scouse Bandits. Not that we’re peddling regional stereotypes, of course - the Bandits just happen to be following in the footsteps of the Coral as Liverpool’s latest gang of scally-pop janglers.

So not a stagecoach hold-up in sight, then? We reckon you’re safe. Although story goes that guitarist Gary looked like a bandit as a kid, according to none other than Peter Beardsley, his nan’s next-door neighbour. Hence the name.

And my hubcaps’ll be all right? I’m only parked outside. Undoubtedly so, you cheeky get. Don‘t go talking like that “round their new best mate Liam Gallagher, though, the Bandits have become Oasis’ new support act of choice. There could be yet more teeth a’flyin' if he decides to defend their honour. (David Pollock)

I The Bandits play King Tut’s, Glasgow on Fri 13 Dec. The single ‘Once Upon A Time'l’On My Way’ is out on 27 Jan.

I The Bandits, Snibglider and Skin on Skin King Tut‘s Wait Wait Hui. 273:1 Si Vinccnt Sum. 22] 527‘). 8pm. £5. 'l‘hc Bandits am part of lhc .\lcr\c_\ hcul i‘cnziixxuncc composcd oi _\oung_' \ciillics in dull liill\ chucking it loud of rum inllucnccx into Ihc pol. Scc puncl.

I Mew, Venus Hum, Amsterdam and Giant Bui'll} il'oi‘inci'l} llic Hill .\'oic ('luhi. Zoo (’l}dc Sum. 0870 ‘)(l7 (NW. 8.15pm. £4. .\'c\\ lelilxll hand .\lc\\. lioni [lic Alain .\lc(icc inunugcmcni \lulilc. arc joincd h} lippcd )oungslci'x \cniis lluni.

I Arab Strap and Sons and Daughters \icc'n'Slcuxy 43l Suuchichull Sli‘ccl. 333 0637. 9pm. £5. .'\cou\lic sci l'roni lhc [Which of nmudlin. I Caffeine, Db68, Mutley and DNR 'l‘hc ('uihoiixc. 15 l'nion Sli‘ccl. 348 (i000. 7.30pm. £(i. ()\ci‘- l-l\ \ho“. Skzilc punk pop Iinc-up.

I Homescience and Baptiste 'I'hc \Vinclic'xlci‘ (‘lulx \Voodxidc Social ('luh. 33‘) NOW] \Voodxidc Rimd. 337 16-13. 9pm. £3. llonicscicncc :u'c inllucnccd by \icxt couxl px} chcdcliu uliilc Buplixlc ll) Ihc flag tor the incun .\'c\\ York \Ulllltl ol' lhc \"clxcl l'ndci'gi'ound. liui'l} hii'dx Cillcli :1 inc (‘hi‘ixlinux ('l).

I The Berzerker, Labratt, Incision and Red Harvest Sli‘uuhcri'} l‘icldx, 5(i ()\\\tlltl Sti'ccl. 331 787i. "30an £0.50. ()xcr- l—lx \hou. l{\ircinc mclul l'i'om _\cl unoihci‘ lmnd \\ ho \xcau' ill;l\k\. Bo“ domi to lhc 'Knol. )ou _\oung_' pi‘clcndci‘x.

I Middleman, Rococo :ind Fuzz Harris l‘ur} Murry. ()(t .\l;i\\\cll Slim. 32! (i5|1.‘)piii. {-1. including cum to pod-gig; club.

I Midnight Rebels (ii‘und ()lc ()pi'}. l’;ii\|c} Road loll. 43‘) 5390. -.3llpni. £4 it.I incinhcrxi. (‘ounli'y

I Robbie Tribute Bourbon Sli'ccl. lilh’ (icoi‘gc Sli'ccl. 552 (ll-ll. 7pm. [7.50 1930.50 \\ ilh dinnci‘i.

G reg U '3 r presents

+ Ed Harcourt

Edinburgh, 'Corn Exchange 22nd January 2003

0 All tickets available tram credit card 0870 90 33 444, on-line at< and from Ticket Scotland Argyle St Glasgow, Rose St Edinburgh & Ripping. G


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