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Edinburgh Drama


0901 272 2003

The Night Atore Fiesta Mon 3() Dec. 7 1 1pm. 1‘ree. A mesmerising array of international street theatre designed to get you in the mood to party. Follow this world famous event as it spreads between George Street. (‘astle Street and Hanover Street. The World .‘vltisic Stage hosts 'Iransglobal l'nderground atid funky beats from 1)] Dolphin Boy. while the ('eilidh Stage on Hanover Street hotises the l’ortobello (‘eilidh batid and Strip the Willow. Some of the biggest international street theatre is on offer. including (‘ompagnie ()ff. (‘a\'al.uNa. 1-‘ura and many more. livents kick off with massed pipes and drums at the top of the Royal Mile. l’i)!‘ more t/t’ltli/.\’. see Edinburgh '3 llogmumtv supplement.

Edinburgh Dance


13 V29 Nicolson Street. 529 6000. [11. W(‘. WA]

The Snowman Tue 17 Sat 28 Dec (not Sat 21. Wed 25 Thu 26). £8~£18. Scottislt Ballet presents its highly rated magical adaptation of Raymond Briggs' storybook. choreographed by Robert North arid with Howard Blake‘s original score from the animated classic.

GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE l'niversity of lidinburgh. (ieorge Square. 650 9195. ll’. W('. WA]

Dance Base Xmas Show Sun 15 Dec. 7pm. £5 (£3). [ind-of-year feel- good dance show ptit on by this year's Dance Base trainees with special guests.


1(1 ()rvvell Terrace. 346 1405. |W(‘. WA] Ballet West Thu 12 »Sat 14 Dec. 7.30pm (Sat tnat 2.30pm). £9 (£6). Scotland's Ballet West presents The .Vlllt‘l‘tlt'kt'l' based on the original ballet set to Tchaikovsky’s magnificent score.


(‘ambridge Street. 228 1404. ll’. 11. 'IT. W('. WA]

The Curve Foundation Dance Company Fri 13 & Sat 14 Dec. 8pm. £10 (£4 £6). The Curve 1'"otiiit1atioii's dancers return to the Trav with 3 ll'urks under the direction of Ross Harper iii a new and challenging programme of dance. including work by Rui (iraca. Henry ()guike and Ross ('ooper set to the music of Bach atid Hendrix. Airborne Wed 18 Sat 21 Dec. 8pm. £8 (£4). 'I'elford (‘ollege of Dance presents a four night run of its work.

Central Drama 8. Dance



(‘arrick Street. 01292 61 1222. [11. W('. WA]

Aladdin antil Sat 1 1 Jan (not Sun 15. Wed 25 Dec. Wed 1 Jan). 7pm; 14. 1821. 23. 24. 26 28. 30 8; 31 Dec 2pm & 7pm; 22 62 29 Dec 2pm & 6pm. £8 £12 (£6.50 £8.50). Tony Roper dons his dame finery to play Wishec Washee in the (iaiety‘s annual trip to pantoville. See review.



Ben 1.omond Way. 01389 722363. Mermaid Cinderella t'ntil Sun 5 Jan (not Stiii 15. Tue 24—Wed 25. Tue 31 Dec Wed 1 Jan). 14 Dec 2.30pm 8; 5pm: 163 20 Dec 1 Iain & 1pm. £3.95 (£2.95); family £9.95. Beneath the Shore showcases this festive fun written and directed by Andy Arnold of (ilasgow’s Arches.


CUMBERNAULD THEATRE Kildrum. 01236 732887. 11’. 11. 'IVI'. W('. WA]

Rumpelstiltskin tintil Sat 28 Dec (not Stiii. Wed). 1820 Dec 10am & 7pm; 16-17 Dec 10am 8; 1pm: 14 & 21 Dec 1pm & 7pm: 12 -13 Dec 10am. lpiii 8; 7pm; 23 -24 8; 27328 Dec 2.30pm 8; 7pm: 26 Dec 5pm. £8 (£6): family ticket £25. Simon Sharkey's pantomime brings to life the popular story of Rumpelstiltskin. See review.



Tay Square. 01382 223530. 11’. H. WC. WA]

The Snow Queen l'ntil Sat 4 Jan (not Stiit. Wed). 7.15pm: 24 Dec 2.30pm & 7pm; Sat 2.30pm & 7.15pm; 20. 23. 27. 30 & 31 Dec 2.30pm & 7.15pm. £l0r-£12 (£5.75 £8.50). Dundee Rep Resident (‘ompany' presents Stuart Paterson‘s acclaimed ('hristmas show. See review.

The Night Before Christmas L'ntil Sat 21 Dec (not Sun). 10pm. £4.50 (£3.50). The resident company presents this wickedly funny" adult alternative to the traditional paitto fodder.



1iast Port. ()1383 314000. [R 11. W(‘. W’AI

Cinderella 1'ntil Sat 28 Dec (not Sun 15. Sun 22. Wed 25 Dec). Music. magic. mayhem and mystery combine in this traditional fatnily panto. See review.

East Kilbride

EAST KILBRIDE ARTS CENTRE ()ld (‘oach Road. 01355 261000. IP. H. W(‘. WA]

Dick Whittington l'ntil Stiii 22 Dec (not .\1on~Wed). Thu & 1’ri 7.30pm; Sat 3pm & 7.30pm; Stiii 3pm: 22 Dec 3pm & 7.30pm. £6 (£4). Join Dick in his quest to find the streets paved with gold in KYBO‘s annual panto. See review.


Maxwell Drive. 01355 248669. Beauty and the Beast tintil Sat 21 Dec. The liast Kilbride rep brings ftiii and frolics to the stage for the 38th year running in this year's ('hristmas panto.



West Bridge Street. 01324 506850. [1). W(‘. WA]

Cinderella Fri 13 & Sat 14 Dee. See Kids listings.

The Happy Gang’s Fairytale Christmas Fri 27 8; Sat 28 Dec. See Kids listings.



liastwood Park. Rouken (ilen Road. 577 4970.

The Nutcracker Thu 19~Sat 21 Dec. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2pm). £8 (£6): family ticket £25. See lidinburgh. St Brides Centre.



9 (ireen Street. 01563 554900. Mother Goose t'ntil Sat )1 Jan (not Stiit 15. Stiii 22. Wed 25- Thu 26. Stiii 29 Dec. Wed Thu 2 Jan). Mike (‘lark Entertainment presents this classic yuletide family show starring Jimmy Nairn. ('atriona livans (High Rmul). Nicola Park (Rub (‘ Mas/iii). Douglas Sannachan ((r‘n'gmjv‘s (iirl) and Iain (iouck (BB(' TV"s .\1r Wymi ). See review.


ADAM SMITH THEATRE Bennocliy Road. 01592 412929. I1’. 11. W(‘. WA]

The Little Mermaid I-‘ri 13 Dec Sat 18 Jan (not Sun. Wed. Wed 1~Thu 2). 13 Dec 7pm; 14. 16. 21. 23-24. 26-28 & 30 Dec 2pm & 7pm: 17-19 Dec 10am 8; 7pm; 31 Dec 3pm: 20 Dec 9.30am & 7.30pm. £9 (£6.50-lotii' tickets £28). Adam Smith‘s family pantomime brings to life the story of the Little Mermaid.



l'lowdeii. 01506433634. H). W(‘. WA] Robin Hood Saves Christmas

l'ntil Sun 15 Dec. 141)ec «R 15 Dec 2pm. from 01506 431803. New Town lintet'tainers gives this classic tale a twist iii its annual panto.



(‘ivic ('entt'e. Wiiidiitillliill Street. 01698 302999. ll’. W('. WA]

Jack & the Beanstalk t'ntil Sat 1 1 Jan. times vary. £7 £7.50. The traditional tale ofJack. soitie magic beans. at beanstalk and a giant is brought to life in traditional panto. featuring Dean Park. See review.



Paisley Arts ('entre. New Street. 0141 887 1010.

Sleeping Beauty until Dec 28. times vary. £7-£8.50 (£5-£6.50). Seasonal panto front 1’A(‘1i. starring David Wallace with original music and some fresh young talent. See review.



High Street. 01738 621031.

Dick Whittington ttiitil Jan 4 7.30pm. £9.50-£l5.50(£8.50-£l1.50). l‘avourite seasonal tale of one boy atid his cat as they embark on London's streets that are. of course. paved with gold. See review.

St Andrews


Abbey Street. 01334 475000. ll’. W('. WA]

The Firebird t'ntil Sat 28 Dec (not Thu 12. Stiii 15 Tue 17. Sun 22. Wed 25 Dec). 13 & 18 20 Dee 7.30pm; 14.21. 23 24 & 26 28 Dec 2.30pm & 7.30pm. £11 £12.50 (£7.50 £8.50). Weaving together three traditional Russian fairy tales. the story of Ivan who tries to capture the magical 1-'irebird that is stealing golden apples from his father's orchard. See review.



l'niversity of Stirling. 01786 466666. [1). 11. W(‘. WA]

A Christmas Carol t'ntil Sat 4 Jan (not Stiii. Wed 8; Thu 2 Jan). Wee Stories aitd MacRobert collaborate for a production of ('harles Dickens' classic tale of Scrooge. ghosts past. present attd future and the (‘i'atchet family. See review iii Kids.

The Happy Prince t'ntil Sat 14 Sun 29 Dec (not Wed 25). Annie \Vootl directs Oscar Wilde's adapted story of the statue whose tears splish on a passing swallow and spark off a magical friendship. .\1usie. drama and puppetry combine to tell this tender tale. See review.


Paisley Arts Pavilion lion


Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty


uide (Boxing Day-2 Jan)

:NewYea‘sEve. Marimba Thursday 2

Boxing Day : Friday 27 : Saturday 28 : Sunday 29 1 Citizens Main l N Aladdin Aladdin Aladdin

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty

(‘mderella ('inderella

Jack and the Beanstalk Jack and the Beanstalk Jack and the Beanstalk

Sleeping Beauty

Monday 30

Aladdin Aladdin

Sleeping Beauty

Cinderella Cinderella




Sleeping Beauty


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76 THE LIST 1? Dix: 7002-? Jan 2003

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Babes in the Wood Babes in the Wood

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Hogiiianay Boys Hogiiianay Boys

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Babes iii the Wood Babes in the Wood

Sing-along -a Snow White...

Miss Saigon

Merlin the Magnificent Merlin the Magiiilicuit Merlin the Magnifin Merlin the Magnificent

Hogmanay Boy s

Siiiga1.oiig a

Snow White...

Hogiiianay Boy s

Snow White...

.‘vliss Saigon