Alec Guinness, the Unknown: A Life (Sidgwick & Jackson £16.99) 000


Alec Guinness was the greatest character actor of all, with an ability to transform himself for every part. But despite him writing three autobiographies, he remained an enigma off stage and screen. Little was known of his private life apart from his devoted wife of 50 years, his son and his


Guinness exposed all in his performances, but he never played romantic or sexual. Did any leading actor cross- dress so much? Why was he so extraordinarily sensitive at playing the outsider? Spies, Obsessives and criminals were his specialities. Then last year Sheridan Morley, in his

authorised biography of John Gielgud, outed Guinness.

Gielgud had been caught cottaging, in the 50s; so too, Morley revealed, had Alec Guinness, in the 405.

Now RSC director Garry O’Connor has published Alec Guinness, the Unknown: A Life which attempts to shed light on the star’s homosexuality. Guinness was the illegitimate son of a Scottish banker. His mother was alcoholic and possibly a prostitute. His quest for respectability and utter control all stem from the terror of his mother. Guinness attempted that gay schizophrenic balancing act: not to stand out from the crowd, but to excel at what he did. He was like other bisexual actors of that period, such as Michael Redgrave and Denholm Elliot, who found respectability with a devoted wife, while continuing to have inappropriate lusts for younger men,

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sometimes co-stars.

Connor's biography is readable, conscientious but unfortunately not dynamic. It deals with Guinness’ psychology, but fails to capture the sheer joy of his glorious performances. For that go to the GFT and see three of his greatest movies. Was any criminal so creepy and pathetic as Guinness in Alexander Mackendrick’s macabre The Ladykillers? And relish his show-off turn as all eight members of the D’Ascoyne family in Kind Hearts and Coronets. Guinness worked with director David Lean six times and it was an uncomfortable relationship. But marvel at what they achieved in Lawrence Of Arabia, a blockbuster that can only be appreciated on the big screen. (John Binnie)

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