compcrcd by Mr llarry .-\insyyorth and dcck manipulach in a cod l'unk and hip hop stylcc liy Italics. Biggic and Spanky. l'pstairs in tlic tcst tulic ('hcmistry proyidc thc action \y ith rcsidcnts l’hasc-l. Tom .’\I) and gttcsts spinning hip hop. hrcaks. L‘lcc‘lt'ti [L‘t‘ltltti ttlttl lttittsc. ,'\l\ti lczttttt'ittg rcgular contriliutions trom local \ isual artists.

I Sonica presents: Technicality Tour 2002 featuring Blame at La Bcllc .-\ngclc. ltl.3(lpm 5am. £(i lict'orc midnight; £7 altct‘. l2 l)cc only. A ncys phasc ol luturistic licats has commcnccd as intclligcnt drum & liass pionccr Blamc rctttrns \\ itlt thc 'I‘cchnicality' crcys (('hris lnpcrspcctiyc. quuinox. Scnscs and M(' Stirlinl pltis local nayigator Scopc.

I Vinyl at Massa (t‘ormcrly (‘luli Mcrcadoi. Spm 3am. l‘rcc. \Vcckly. (‘ommcrcial chart and dancc courtcsy ol' l’aul l-‘unkstcr. plus drinks promos aplcnty tor tliosc \\ ho “ant to start thc \scckcnd tashionalily carly. And ycs it is opcn Bo\ittg Day so liust otit your layouritc Xmas iumpcr and hcad on tltiyytt.

Edinburgh Fridays


I Ad Lib at thc \Vasli. 0pm lam. I‘rcc. \Vcckly. 'l’hc licst in Latin. soul. t'unk and ltll'lil/l. t'rom thc cycr rclialilc Ali (’amplicll. Smoking.

I Air PM at ()xygcn Bar and (irill. 9pm lam. l-‘rcc. 2t) I)cc. l’rc-cluli scssion trom l-"unkcy Magic \yith spccial gucst Brctt Johnson manning thc dccks lictysccn 9pm midnight. lict'orc licading doys n thc \cnuc t'or tlic club night propcr. I Bass:Trap Sessions at Bu (l‘ormcrly Bani Bout. 9pm lam. I-rcc. \Vcckly. \Visc Manga mastcr (i-Mac hosts his \scckly tix ot' hand-pickcd narcotic lircaks and licats. including all thc latcst hip hop. 2-stcp lircaks. Rtklt and drum & liass.

I The Best of 2002 at Iguana. lllpltt .ittttt. l'il'k'C. 37 DCL‘. SL‘L‘ ililtll.

I DJ Kid at ('ity ('atc. 9pm lant. I‘rcc. \Vcckly. (ict in thc mood \s ith thc drum ck liass sty lings ol' I).l Kid rcsidcnt at Manga tor thc last scycn ycars and onc til Scotland‘s lcatlittg t'csidcttt I)Js. ()nc ot' thc licst placcs in [my n to “arm tip lictorc your cluliliing propcr (pool talilc and cycry thing l.

I Human Be-ln at lluman Bc-In. 9pm lam. l‘rcc. \Vcckly. Big Bcat I)Js playing thcir classic t'usion of funky ja/l. Bra/ilian grooy cs and .-\t'ro licats ( l5 & 37 l)cci yy ith Scott Rapson playing luttu‘c soul and ja/ly licats (2t) I)cci.

I Immersed in Music at t’iyo (‘at't'c. 0pm 3am. l‘rcc. \Vcckly. 'I'hc auard-yyinning ('xcch thcmc liar launchcs a ttcyx I)J schcdulc. tcaturing thc crcatn of local talcnt (atid a ticyy (ilasgoyy ladsl.

DJ Nerm of the Shiva Soundsystem a

I Kalimba at Iguana. ltlpm 3am. l-‘rcc. \Vcckly. ('olin ('ook (l'ltragrooyci hosts this night of soult'ul dancc. dccp housc and nu jazz l'usion.

I Spider’s Social at l’tipRokil.

“I‘m 3am. l-"rcc. 27 l)cc. Joincd Ii} thc likcs ot‘ Allan l)undas. thc Blondc Flash and Spanky. crankin' it up for thc \ycckcnd. I Spoilt it Island at Magoo‘s Bascmcnt. Spin lam. l-‘rcc. l5 I)cc. I)Js thc Jcrk. Miss Bcnt Youth and Stttntgirl prcscnt thcir ccccntric tttix ol‘ mock rock. art punk. clcctro. pop. hip hop and thc doyyn right yycird. Ilalloyyccn spccial so drcss codc (in thcir yyordsi: ‘lttit't'lllc/spthlic/L'tttcltc".


I 21st Century Disco at ('ommplcx (l'ormcrly (‘luli Jayal. 9pm 2am. £5. \Vcckly. ’l‘hc \\ ildcst sL‘lCL‘tititt til. (ills Slls l'unk. ial/ and hot disco action. liach night

I)Js \yill lic spinning tuncs lrom thc Iikcs ot‘

(iloria (iay nor. 'l’oin Moulton and thc Bcc (iccs. (l-rcc taxi ot't‘cr an' all with rcccipt. max £5. onc rcccipt pcr pcrsoni.

I La Belle Angele Xmas Weekender at La Bcllc Angclc.

llptn 3am. £5 t'or both nights. 20 l)cc only. Warm up your party yihcs w ith this spccial two day cycnt t‘caturing I.cna K. Kcy Wright and l)ayc Bcgg (3t) Dcci and Aldo attd l'iishcr and l’t‘icc (31 Dccl. So a nicc dosc ot‘ tt‘ancc and liousc on a cold

\y intcrs day.

I Christmas Trance Party at thc \cnuc. ll).3tl[im 3am. £(i. l3 I)cc. ()nc ot't~ ('hristmas party from thc main man at Suhlimc ls’cy Wright and l’agan ot' l’hiisphorcsccncc t'amc bring you a night ot‘ hill on trancc insanity.

I Christmassa Party Night at Massu (l'ormcrly ('Iuli Mcrcadot. -l ltlpm. £5. \Vcckly. llcy it's almost ('hristmas and

\\ hat hcttcr yyay to gct in thc mood than dt‘ittklttg loads til. lititi/c and dancing around likc tools to a sclcction ot' cracking tuncs trom thc cy cr so loycly 'l‘rcndy \Vcndy.

I Djinniditto at La Bcllc :\ngclc.

llpm .‘iam. I-‘rcc. l3 I)cc. Monthly. :\ shoyycasc tor artists \yot‘king in cy cry mcdium yyith a niusical policy to match. hut locusng on thc clcctro. nu ytayc. rock'n'roll sidc ot' things. Join your hosts I)J ('hoyy. Intact. thc I)amc l)itto and thc \lttslct‘ til. ('L‘t‘cttttitttLN litit' lltt\ “TC [1‘- launch party as thcy cross lti\\lt t‘rom ligo to La Bcllc. And to mark thc tact thcy hayc drat‘tcd iii thc Magniticcnts and Motormark tor a hit ol' li\ c music action.

I Dogma (formerly Lost) at Stttdio 2-1. lllfitlpm 3am. um. 13 l)cc. Monthly. Hard as nails and as umlcrground as molcs. tcchno ol thc highcst ordcr yyith thc rcsidcnts in lull ct'tcct for this sccond hirthday hash. 'l‘hcy 'rc kccping dctails tight to thcir chcst hut proinisc a \yholc host of surpriscs. So cltcck it. l-iir l/tl.\ (lU/l’ (in/y '.-l-].l\l'('(ll‘rl llU/(ll'l'.\ 24’! [2 Uflr/run'/H'l('('

1' t Swaraj, Fri 13 Dec

all night.

I Dr No’s at Studio 24. l lpm 3am. £5 (£4). 27 I)cc. Monthly. 'l’hc original Jamaican ska and classic rockstcady night migratcs to Studio 24‘s intimatc upstairs spttCL‘.

I El Segundo at Bongo (‘luh

lt).3()pm 3am. £7. l3 I)cc. Monthly. llip hop \\ ith a liyc cdgc from D] Rcdti and human hcathox l’sylcnt \' \yith spccial gltL‘sls community hip hop pionccrs ()ut I)a \‘illc making a hasty rcturn.

I Evol at thc liquid Room.

10.30pm 3am. £5. \Vcckly. Iidinliurgh‘s ltitthsl running indic night cclcliratcd its

I lth birthday in Aug. With thc usual mix ot‘ thc licst currcnt and classic altcrnatiy c. crossoycr lllltCs. it's alt institution alrcady. With thc rcccnt addition ot~ thc back room. playing host to Mr and Mrs Mogyyai. thc tuturc looks likc a happy placc lot' all things Iiyol.

I Faith at Faith (t‘ormcrly \\'ilkic llotisci. lllpm 3am. I-‘rcc cntry lict’orc midnight: £4 at'tcr. \Vcckly. 'l‘hc I‘aith all-stars tcmpt in thc \ycckcnd rcycllcrs: Stcyic (i. 'l‘ohy Saltonstall and la Ilill drop Rtfili and classics alongsidc an upfront mix ot‘ chart hits.

0 Funkey Magic’s 2nd Birthday at Iigo. 10.30pm 3am. £l2 \ycckcnd tickct. 27 l)cc. 'I‘hc I’unkcy Magic crcyy cclchratc tyyo ycars of partying with [no nights ot‘ undcrgrotuul housc action. On I‘ri 27 I)cc (at Iigoi limp—Ii (Il-l‘oundationi and Tony Ilcyyitt ('l'angoi join the rcsidcnts. Then on Sat 28 l)cc (at licrlini London outtit l.o/Rc/ ((irooyctcchi drop by to cnd thc \ycckcnd in stylc with their mix ot' driying disc‘ti bass rhythms. .St'c [)I’(’\‘l(’tt'.

I Funkeymagic + 1 at thc \cnuc. lllfitlpm 5am. £8 (£7). 20 I)cc. Monthly. 'l‘hc I-‘unkcy Magic guys and llot‘thcat put on a ncyy night \\ ith morc of that thCp housc you loy c so much. Joincd hy spccial gucst \Vcst (‘oast l'S dccp ltousc mastcr Mr Brctt Johnson.

I Gamma Proforma at Bongo (‘luh

l lpm 3am. £7. 2t) l)cc. ('hris ('aul (I)ayid llolmcs' scratch I)J no lcssi is thc main attraction with addcd hcats t'rom Tommy l’crman and thc l’loyy 's Ohio and Dan.

I Go-Go at ('octcau I.oungc (dots nstairs at Iigoi. 1 1pm 5am. £5 (£4). 2() I)cc. Monthly. Syyinging (ills garagc (ot‘ thc rock \aricty sorry to disappoint any So Solid \yannalicsi. soul. mod. soul. R&B and slca/y listcning thc rightcous 'l‘all Paul Robinson and :\ttgtts .\ (io-(io rcmain rcsidcnt. \yhilc \cgas‘ cycr rclialilc I-‘rankic Sumatra drops in on gucst dutics.

I Jack Your Boots Up Xmas Special! at (’aliarct Voltairc. l lptn 5am. £5. 20 I)cc only. Iiight piccc Iiyc slimy trom Ytisklkf l‘caturing Rat‘t'. \yith soul-ia/l yinyl sclcctions t'rom Bob (aims and Scott Rapson. \Vliilc I)om Flanagan. Iirik da Viking and Jc/ llill handlc thc action in room 3.

I Moody at \Vcc Rcd Bar. l lpm 3am. £5 £6 (£4i. 2t) I)cc. Monthly. ('luh night slttiyx'casing ‘all sty lcs and no smilcs'. Don't cycn think about haying a good timc thcn uhcn rcsidcnts Stcphcn Brown ('I‘ransmati and Vinnic take to thc dccks. playing I)ctroit tcchno. ('hicago housc. lircaks. disco and \yhatcycr clsc thcy tch likc. Spccial gucsts northcrn soul clcctro ty'pCs Sta/i gucst. trom Manchcstcr's ('hips With liycrything.

O No Strings Attached at tlic \‘cnuc. 10.30pm 5am. £l(). 37 Dec. No Strings Attachcd hit thcir sixth ycnuc in scycn ycars. \yill thc cltih yy ith thc itchicst t‘cct in thc I'K tinally scttlc doysn at its ncyy \‘cnuc hoinc'.’ I’hil Kicran (Skinti drops by t'or thc sccond night at this ncxs techno and housc \cnturc.

I Nuklear Puppy at ligo. lllpm 3am. £8 (£7 mcmlicrsi. 2t) I)cc. Monthly. llard housc night l'caturing rcsidcnts Jason (‘ortc/ and Phil York.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal |,oungc.

9pm 3am. £5. \Vcckly. I‘unkcd tip \ocal liousc and dancc classics from Stcy ic (i. with IN Hill starting things oil with his ia/I. Rtkli and garagc mix.

I Opium at ()Pium. lt).5ll|iln .‘iam. I’rcc. \VCL'lxl}. SL‘L‘ 'l‘lttl.

listings Clubs

Swaraj The best in Asian music meets the best in dance culture. New to the capital but celebrating five years on the national scene with special guests the Shiva Soundsystem. Cabaret Voltaire. Fri 73 Dec.

Audio Deluxe A special mention has to go to Audio Deluxe for organising three of the festive season's best parties. Not only is there Osunlade (14 Dec) but there is the Hogmanay party with Eman and if that ain't enough for ya there's a New Year's Day session with Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales. The Honeycomb. Sat I4 Dec. Hogmanay 8 New Year's Day

Ultragroove Things are getting busy at Edinburgh's newest club venue as Ultragroove set up shop. Why not pop along and make them feel welcome? Cabaret Voltaire. Sat 74 Dec.

Luscious and Bubble-Rap Christmas Eve Special Get in the mood for Chrimbo (sod hangovers) with some of the best funky US house in town. featuring the likes of Warner Powers (pictured). Neil Crookston. Craig Roberts and Stuart Purdie. Why Not? Christmas Eve.

Funkey Magic 2nd Birthday Celebrate two years of the best in funky. deep house with the usual crew and a few extra tasty guests. Namely Hipp-E. Tony Hewitt and Lo/Rez So good one night just couldn't contain all the excitement. Ego Fri 27 Dec; Ber/in Bier/tails. Sat 28 Dec.

No Strings Attached Shine resident of fine repute Phil Keiran is on guest duties. First time in Scotland for this young chap who'll be bringing his box of slammin’ techno and underground house cuts all the way from Belfast. The Venue. Fri'27 Dec.

I Perversity at thc \cnuc. ltlpm 5am. £8 (£(i mcmlicrsl. 2(l I)cc. l'ndcrground liousc aitd trancc in thc main rooin l'rom I)Js .-\Ilan Roy and Barry Fair and spccial gucst I.ct‘t llandcd Bastard on 4 dcx arid 3 inixcrs. l-‘unky and tribal housc donnstairs llt lllL' (.‘titilL‘t'.

.‘ .Jttt‘. 33.33 THE LIST 9"

‘.’ [)ts: Rt‘i‘.‘