In her mid-90$ heyday, Tori Amos won fans and courted controversy songs about date rape. miscarriage and stage fright. Frank. confessional 1 albums such as Little Earthquakes an o" Under the Pink so inspired one Alanis a Morrisette that she went out and wrote, the obscenely successful Jagged Little 2 Pill. only for Amos dismissively to declare that the screeching diva’s magnum opus ‘made her ears bleed'. Yet. even the flame-haired singer- songwriter‘s most devoted admirers must have been a wee bit bemused by her Boys for Pele album cover. which featured Amos with a suckling pig. Suckling it. While her last two records may have sneaked out without similar brouhaha, AmOs' electrifyineg intense live performances are still worth a look. (Allan Radcliffe) I Tori Amos plays Clyde Auditorium. V , .. _ ,71 Glasgow, Sun 12 Jan. I" ' g , _ I 3V 3‘ ' _ “"7”


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