Buy 8. Sell

Going for a bargain, 'cm there ain't no roorn Ill new kitchen. large /.anu\\i fridge/frec/er - in great nick. £00 (caxh) to nice borne.

Tel: 0131 221 9197

I 7 flush panel good tltlrtlll} internal tloot'x with half- hour lire rcxixtance. liach one 2'0" \ 0'0" \ l". lnxtalled but unwanted in newl} comerted hotlxe. ('omplete with br'axx |e\ er handle\ and liltingx. Read} for up lift now. [l5 each or bext offer for the lot. lcl: 0l3l 550 2030 alter 0pm and at weekend»

wearer-s" ‘3 BUY 8 Sill; 3'" phone, I

f 15131 9550 m

Bands 8; Music

I Keyboard player interested in joining original band. l)e\cloping original material more irnporlanl tltan work in the lirxt inxtance. lntluencex \an .\lorri\on. l)a\id (iia). .-\|abama 3. Mac Rebennack etc. ()nl} \er'iou\- minded people pleaxe. ('onlacl 0l3l 332 4028.

I Singers, Songwriters, Bands. l)o )titl need a ('realhcl) l’l‘oduced lop ()ualit} l)cnro ( l) to help promote _\Ulll\L'll and/or )001' inuxic'.’ \Ve plo\ rde a complete .\lu\ic Recording and Production

Scrx ice combined with Marketing and Promotional .v\\\i\tancc lot" new at‘ll\l\ and \ollg\\l'llel'\. I’hone 0l324 882 882.

I Demo CDs produced and tccot'tled Io pl'olexxlonal \tandard lor \ingerx/ \ongwrilcrx/ bandx. lop xexxion muxrcranx a\arlablc (if needed) to help create )our ow n uniqtre \ound. In llolhe guitar'x. baxxex. latext ke_\ boardx. \' dnrmkit etc. Promotion and irrarketing a\allable. John 0l4l 337 2358.

I Experienced guitarist required for good acouxlic \howx b_\ \ingcr/mngwntcr with airpla). Tel: 0141 22] 98l7or0770 I83 8085.

Discover the Ossian Whole Mind System approach to \loppiltg sttlok‘ing and lifestyle change. Zeta Solutions - Specialists in State- of—lhe-Art mind-bod) therapiex at the l’entlands-()xxian ('linic. Tel: 0131 440 9862 or 07919 447 695. www.2etasolutions.dial.

IWest End Women‘s

I lolixtic llealth. .-\romatherap_\ .\la\\age. Swedixh Maxxage. Indian Head Manage and Rellemlog}. 'l'realments t.‘ I 5-£25. (iift \oucherx a\ailable. (‘all .v\lli\on on 0l4l 940 0984 or email:

allixotltllcklllop(“ holmailcom.

I Relationships. Do you want a partner“? life coaching translorinx )otlt' life: gets results. It build\ confidence and teachex \kills to lind \oltletttte w ho carex about _\ou. (‘all I._\nne 0I505 8l4 020.



Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) llehm ioural l’roblcmx‘.".’ Bad llabitx’T.’ Strexx'.".’ .\'l.l’ cart poxxibl} help )ou to help _\otll'\elf Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


Photographer \pecialixing in modern black & while portfoliox for actor'x. modclx ck performerx. ()n-localion photoxhootx from [85 the pl'ool-x.

Tel: 0131 653 0682 www.manhattan

I Performers wanted! lnnmatixe original works - l-‘ilm. poetr). lixe an. lllll8lL‘. dance. comed}. magic. Stlblttlxsltmx required for monthl) multimedia exix'rimental an cabaret .Si/i'm'iu. (ilamoroux. decadent ~ All genrex w elcome? ’l‘el: 07970 3I0 073 \ilenciow ta|k2 l .corn.

I Sketch writer/performer wanted for sketch group. Satir‘ical/ \uneal \t} le preferable. .\'o eqrerience necewu}. Iimail (X)7(u lotalnuiilcom

Rehearsal Rooms

r Lr bl N E l




Ill: 01 ll 448 2170

lll)l\ ( ()l l'\(.lS, lll)l.\' l\'l) lSl, ll)(.llllll) RI), [UANHIAD “120‘le

.(.R()()\l ll,\\ll.(()\1 ' "‘5‘


I Longstay backpackers accommodation in lidinburgh city centre. available in shared. \ingle. double or twin rooms. l-‘ully furnished: 'I‘V'. hi-li. fridge. free/er. cooker. washing machine. bedding. suppliex. elc. Including (‘ouncil ’I‘a\. gax. electricit) & 'l'\' licertce. Price range between [45—00 p/w. 'lel: 0| 3] 554 0307. Mob: 07950 382 290. limail: longxta) lxickpackerxtu ltoltttall.cottt

Property To Let


I Queenspark. 1 bedroom flat in com enient location near park. £350 pcm pltlx Illllx Deposit and references required. 'l'el: 0l4l 423 0034 alter 0pm or 07779 200 004.

I Glasgow West End. Delightful llk‘\\\ collage merlooking tennix club. 2 bed. 2 bath. modem. \unn). cox}. \ecluded. lixer) e\tra. Perfect. l-‘n'cndh neighbour .\lli? £700 pcm. 'l'el 0l4l 334 3389 or 07807 804 053. I Glasgow West End\tll‘lott\ brand new two bedroom flat full} furnixhed. allocated parking. (i.(‘.ll. securit) entrance. \er'_\ hand} for B} rex Road and underground for town. 'l'elz llarxe} 0l4l 22I 2023 Mob 07798 72.3 7I l. £050 pcm.

EDINBURGH I Lage l‘fltside gourd lloor

flat. I dbl bedrtxim. Spacious lounge (or 2nd bedrlxnm. \lud}. bo\room with platform bed. bathrixrin. large dining/kitchen. cellzu: free parking. \uun} garden. wooden lltX)l\. £550 pcm 'lcl: 0775l M4 038.

I Modern fully furnished I bedroom flat with pri\atc parking in llonnington Road. £475 pm. Tel: 07740 37l 588. I Leith, Brittania Quay. Brand new huge 3 bedroom flat. l'nlk‘lieuible furnixhingx. llome cinema. l'nderground parking. large bedroom\. .\la\ter enxuile. Balcon} \icwx of('a\tle. U000 pcm. 'l‘el: 07977 252 410.

I Leith (Central) bright. \pacioux lll‘xl floor flat. I \ingle. I double. wooden floor\. £500 pcm + depoin from l\l Januar}. l’hone (II 308 840 292 alter 4pm or leaxe mcsxage.

Grant Management We ha\e a fantaxlic xeleclion of recentl} upgraded. 25 bed\ Ilatx in the cit}. Newl} dewloped. \anded liloot‘x. Ikca furniture. (i(‘ll.

Tel: 0131 220 6360 immediately to arrange a viewing, no fees, we can pick you up in our Bug (times permitting)



I Friendly, easy-going, honest male looking for room to rent in gay-friendly llal (within l/2 hour walk of St linoch'x) on an irregular baxix. for l-2 w eeks ex er) month on mer'age. 'l'el: 0l47l 844 20I or 07753 805 20l.


I Interested in occasionally e\changing qtricl flat/house Slockbrldge. l)ean. (‘omel_\ Bank llill3/4) for comfortable remote ()rknc} croft b} \ea for fortnight. If _\e\ pleaxe contact llox no. 458/2.



I Spacious double room in a new ltotlxe with all mod com. \oth \cht of (‘il_\ (’entre with pri\ale parking. \Vould \uil friendl} ll/\ pl‘tilexxlttltttl. £250 pcm. oliel: 07700 747 I70.

I Person required to \hare large modern flat in Merchant ('it}. l‘ully furnixhed. double bed (& own phone litre if required. :\\ailable now. £250 pcm including ("ll 'I‘el: 0l4l 552 (I840 01' 07989 435 027 or limail rnand} miller30tn I Student wanted to \hare \\ ill] 2 othcrx in \cht litttl flat near to public transport. \llopx & l'nixerxil). Small dotrblc room aw a_\ from traffic ck noise. Shared kitchen «k bathroom. £200 pcm. ’l'cl: 07949 580 205.

I Person required to share Kel\ indale llat with female rY 2 catx. N/x pr‘ofexxional preferred. :\Il mod cons. £250 pcm + ("l' + billx. 'l'cl: 0l4l 58l 0324.

I Flatmate wanted for comfortable .v\nnie\|and llal. Would \uit )ottllg pt‘olexxloltal female. .\'/\ onl}. .\lu\l be cal friendl}. .'\ll mod conx & clmc to all amenitiex. £250 pcm including ("ll 'Iclz 07970 244 059.

I Large bright room in Sotllltsitle flatxhare. Stlll emplo)ed female. ('loxe to all lranxporl links. £220 peril including (“I but + depoxil. 'l'el: 0l4l 423 ll34.

I Looking for a \ociable ll/\ profexxional to \hare in} home. Spacioux double room. all mod com. .\'oth \cht of ('il_\ ('enlre & pri\ate parking. £250 peril. Tel: 07700 747 I70. I Room available now in large comfortable hothe off Dumbarton Road. I0 minutex from ('it_\ ('cnlre. (iood tranxport linkx. \hared lounge. kitchen. 2 batllroonlx. (i('ll 8 wooden liloot'x. 8tlll poxtgraduate /profe\\ional. £250 pcm + blllx. lel: 07730 059 I38.

I Flatmate wanted to draw beautiful Shawlands flat with one other. \Vould \uit )oung profcxxional. (i('ll & I)(i. .\'o l)SS. £250 pcm + deposit. 'l'el: 0l4l 032 5899 or 07855 39] 032.

I Friendly student flatmate required for modern \Vexl lind flat bexide l'nderground. ()wn bedroom a bathroom. \Vootlell llool'x. \ideo entr} \_\ \lem. pri\ate car parking & all mod conx. [240 peril + billx. 'l’el: 0l4l 58l 4504.



I Professional or Postgraduate t1/\ female wanted to share large double room in a lowly flat with one other. (}(‘I l. huge lounge. dining kitchen & all mod com. £290 pcm + share of('l‘ + billx. ‘Icl: 0l4l 500 29l0 e\cning\ or 07940 837 980. I Large double room in lo\'el_\ flat on (ilbxon Street. Suit ll/\ l’oxtgr'aduale or profexsional to \hare with one other. l’emale preferred. (i(‘ll. huge lounge. dining kitchen & all mod eoltx. £290 pcm + l3lll\ + deposit. 'l‘el: 0l4l 500 290» e\ening\ or 07940 837 980.

I Room in quiet Mount l‘lorida flat. \uitable for mature \ludcnt. £200 pcm including blllx. ’l‘el: 014l 049 7008.

I Lovely large double room in \pacioux lirxt floor \Vexl lind flat to \hare with l'ni\cr\it} lecturer. large kitchen with dining area. \eparalc \itting room & (i(‘ll. £325 pcm. Tel: 07970 298 I00. .'\\ailable Isl liebruar}.

I Double room in Soulhxide. high qualit). \pacioux flat. ('loxe to all amenitiex & the (‘it_\. All mod cons. lo \hare with one other. .\'/\. £300 pctn including billx + depoxll. 'lielt 0l4l 049 l0l3. I Room available in modern 3 bedroom flat in e\cellent location in Scot\toun/ Jordanhill. Safe pri\ate parking tk gardenx. Newl} painted flat with all mod con\ near e\cellent public It'ltlhpot'l llllk\. [I84 pcm or £240 including ("ll ‘l‘el: 0l4l 954 0703.

I Southside. Female n/s to \harc bright. \pacioux. well equipped flat. (i('ll & l0 minutex to ('it} (’enlre. £235 pcm. Tel: 0141 580 0803.

I Mitchell Library location. Double room a\ailable for female n/\ in 2 bedroom flat to \hare with one other female. l"trl|_\ furnixhed. £320 pcm including ("11 'l‘el: 07742 072 889 after 0pm.

I Spacious redecorated Langside main door llal with large double room a\ailable. l\or} tk liar lindda are the cloxexl pubx. .-\ll mod conx. Suit _\oung prolexxional. £325 pcm including ("l' + billx. 'l‘el: 07870 MI 070. I Southside. Suit professional. trellmmn in \hared flat \haring with 2 other\. (i( 'l l. \har'ed kitchcn/ lounge. bathroom with electric \how er lk c\cellenl lranxporl facilitiex. £235 pcm including ("l1 Tel: 07890 848 730.

I West End. Room in \pacioux flat. \haring w ith 2 other\. large kitcltcn & hall/lixing roonl. (i('ll & \\'.\l etc. Suit \ludenl or )oung profexxional. L'3I0 pcm + billx + one month depmit. 'I‘el: 0l4l 332 I374 or 07979 477 345. I Room for n/s profexxional in modern flat near Merchant ('il}. View mg l\ a muxl. l’arking facilitiex a\ai|able. £295 pcm r \hared billx. 'l‘el: 07708-184 750.

I Friendly flatmate to \hare large comfortable \chl lind flat with one male tk one female. long \la}. 30+ profexxional preferred. Double room & all mod conx. .'\\ai|able mid .lanllar}. £320 pcm including ("l' -+ own phone. 'l'el: 0l4l 334 5082.