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I lhose Hollywood hard men just can't stop rnakrng macho. Followrng an Insider story in a recent issue of The List about Russell Crowe brawling in a London restaurant. Tom Sizemore. tough guy in such films as Natural Born Killers. Heat and Black Hawk Down. was arrested at hrs Hollywood home on ‘misdemeanor battery charges’. the culmination of an argument with an unnamed woman. The attorney for Si/emore. who will appear in c0urt on 8 January. insists the woman became unruly and his client asked her to leave hrs home. Note: the woman on the receivrng end was not Heidi Fleiss. Sr/emore's former long time lover and the former Hollywood madam.

I Sr/emore's Heat co star Val Kilmer has also been causing trouble. Krlmer. who's notorious for on-set antics. wound up the crevxl of hrs new film. Ill/orider/and. in which the actor plays porn superstar John Holmes. by dernandrng hrs trailer be moved closer to the set. When director James Cox told Kilmer rt wouldn't because it was too late at night. his star stud threw a tantrum. screaming: ‘I want my trarler moved. I don't care if you have to get extras to pull it all the way across the street.‘ A spokesperson for Krlmer later sard: ‘The shoot went ama/rngly well.‘ Right.

I Insider sees that Paul McCartney has inadvertently rekindled an old feud after crediting the Beatles tracks on his new Irve album as being written by “Paul McCartney and John Lennon'. This has angered Yoko Ono. who claims a prevrous agreen'ient states Beatles songs will always be

Stewart retires as Picard

, Kill‘kizg. Michael Moore

credited to ‘Lerinert/McCartney. McCartney's spokesperson made a statement to the press to the effect: Lennon and McCartney agreed way back in the 60s they could switch the order of the names whenever they felt like rt. The spokesperson also claimed that McCartney has been crediting his name first on Beatles; songs On his solo albums since Wings Over America in 1976. and that it was only on records released vra the Beatles' Apple label that all band members. or their estates. must agree changes.

I Ihrs one would kill Michael Moore. Yet more American celebrities have expressed concern over President Bush's foreign policy in the lvlrddle Last. One hundred actors and rnusrcrans have signed a formal letter to the president urging him not to take rnrlrtary action in Iraq. Among those names on the letter to Dubya are Michael Stipe. David Duchovny. Matt Damon. Kim Basinger. Samuel L Jackson. Tim Robbins. Susan Sarandon. Barbra Streisand and Martin

the throat

Sheen. Oh, the irony of that last celeb signature: Sheen's fictional President Bartlett from The West Wing garnered more popularity with the American public than Bush. Anyways. the celebs' letter says: ‘War talk in Washington is alarming and unnecessary. We are patriotic Americans who share the belief that Saddam Hussein cannot be allowed to possess weapons of mass destruction. We support rigorous United Nations weapons inspections to assure Iraq's effective disarmament.‘

I Filmmaker Stephen Frears is considering making a comedy based on one of the Elvis Presley conspiracy theories. Working under the title The Importance of Being Elvis. the film would follow the theOry that Elvis was shot in the throat by a fan while serving in the US Army and that. while he recovered. his scheming manager, Colonel Tom Parker. with the collusion of the American government. found an impersonator (from Newcastle!) to replace him.

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I Insider recently met Patrick Stewart, aka Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. Queried on the rumour that the tenth Star Trek film, Nemesis, would be the last to feature Picard and his Next Generation crew, Stewart replied: ‘I can‘t

think of any better way to bring down the curtain than ending with a big, tight close up of me.‘ Which is what the film does.

The Front

‘We couldn’t do ridiculous things

what urban kids in the fields.’

do, so we were out making up JK Rowling attributes much of her success to a deprived childhood. ‘It takes time to become Bond, to find your Bond, to find your place in the history books of this character.’ Pierce Brosnan reveals the

complexities involved in his often envied role as Bond.

‘ldeally, I would have become a back-up singer and have other stars sing my songs.’

Shania Twain muses over a very different career path.

‘There was a website about my groin, which I found quite funny. They were just ordinary pictures which had been cropped down to focus on that, erm, area.’

Bil/y Boyd reflects on the weird side of fame.

‘The most important thing for girls to remember, whatever your age, is to show one or the other: lots of boobs or lots of leg. Showing both is like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube, and it’s not appropriate.’

Trinny and Susannah, the What Not to Wear girls, offer more life-enhancing advrce.

‘The great thing about Glasgow is if there’s a nuclear attack it’ll look exactly the same afterwards.’

Billy Connolly discusses one of his hometown 's merits.

‘At 68, I got the girl. And it wasn’t a 68-year-old girl ehhen’

Michael Caine Obvious/y enjoyed his part in The Quiet American.




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Life begins at 68

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