Famous celebs pull out the literary stops this year. ‘.'\.’ords: Brian Donaldson

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(Tiallo‘xraj. Keniied‘, r. Enen 1/‘(iilf% looks like being a l)(3ll()(l .'.'ll(3l‘. the literary '.'./or|d is don‘:iiated by those iron: different fields. Scottish polymath Alan ()umii‘ing tells Toni/n: fare iAprr. a debauched and rollicking rear: ‘.'.’lll(2il di< good business in the States last year. Quentin Tarantino publishes Bu" rMagi, the novel of tire filrr‘ due out n October starring the llturn‘a'i. But. perhaps most intriguing of all is; the fictional debut of Sophie [)ahl. she of the dead famous grandfather. The camera-shy one gives us [no Man With the [)ancrng fies «Mari. Described as ‘a fairytale for adults‘. the novel sparked a publishing house ‘.'.'ar last year and is rumoured to be based on Sophie's dalliaiice with Mick Jagger.

Big serious American releases include Don DeLillo's (Iosrnopo/rs rMayi. Walter Mosley's er [ask Preces (Augr. Siri llust‘redt ‘.'./|lii l'.//rat Moved xJanr. “:rhile Donna lartt Jumps aboard the Canongate juggernaut as part of a big series on myth rOcti. lhose coining from the renegade side of US literature should make a big impression again: the (ElllESl‘r’t: [)ax'e [:ggers follows up A Heartbrrxrkrng Work of Staggering (lenrrrs b, publishing a 'sly allegor," about US foreign policy with You Shall Know our ‘/e/ocrtv rJanr. whiie Oprah's pal Jonathan P ran/en ‘.'/ie|ds Strong Mot/on iSepr. '.".’il|(,'ll .‘ras actually ‘.‘./,'|li(:ll

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conguei'ing Ine (Iorr‘ectrons.

The primate ri‘emoir field has much to live up to alter the Keane Currie Ulrika stirs of last year. so much may be expected from Frank M(Z/\‘.'(Elllll(l‘ iAugr. ()ll‘.'l£l Ne-xrton John Il'(}l)l. John B‘dllf? «Aug. and Claire Rayner iMai'i.

Scottish hopes this year he irrainlg. ‘.'.'|ill Alasdair Ora“. who publishes a new bunch of stories ‘-.'.’!lil Canongate tbcr. Ruaridh Nicoll who follows up Litre) :‘xr’a/e / lea/t ‘«.'r;th ‘.'/r<,"e I '. er xlunr and Andrea O'l laga'i. who returns after his US) Booker nomination. ‘.'.ilh /) ,n'sonar'rft' Apr. Anne Honouaii's [trod/Li [)a «Janr. Rab () (t'eatt>r lan l’attison's S‘.‘.'ee.’ ariu fender H: >1 >r'rgar; -/\prr, Alison l eil's Tricks of the / rg/r.’ «Man and Hon [Sutlin's rl“."r"(]/.’.' Vrsrtr: lAug: are all keenl', anticipated.

And if you're looking l()l debutants ‘.'.'lill great exp<,~<:tations. [)BC Prene's Vernon (ion / rtfr’e vJam r::, ‘l mineii‘ meets [)on Del illo' ‘\.‘.’llll(} Monica Ali's Buck lane ulunr is an epir: and iiitiiitate portrait of (:oiiteii‘i)orahJ Asian life in l ondon.

Probable book of the year. horse-nu, '.'.lll l)(: [he f‘Jorth or’ I rig/and Horne \‘Srsrurse 'Mai,» ll()ll‘ the ever iiiagiiitir:eiit (‘ioidon Burn. The man who has prenrouslfi. merged tact and fiction l)l'|l|l£lllli‘, about the V‘Jeftts. Myra l lindlei, and Peter Sutclille turns his attentions to the alri‘ost veal ‘.'.’()l'l(l

of a faded (Z()lll()(ll£ll‘,.


Lucienne pay, the queen of 508? design, is celeb

Monet makes the world go round, with help from Paterson, Whistler and Degas.

Words: Helen Monaghan

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certain amount of building

work going at the Mound in [1 diiiburgh and 2003 is when the restored and refurbished Royal Scottish Academy WI“ he llll\.’(}ll(,‘(l as part of the Playfair Project. But that's not all. Around 80 x'roi‘ks by the great i i'encn impressionist (Ilaude Monet ‘.‘.’|ll be on show in firionet.‘ The Sex/re and fire Sea i2 Aug ’26 Oct. organised b\ the National Oallen of Scotland. One ()1 the highlights of the year. this major exhibition is the first to focus on the years Monet spent in Vetheuil and features landscapes. seascapes. portraits and still lites.

So what else is in store for 2003? Glasgow-l)orn artist Jim Lambie 122 Jan—(30 Man. best known tor his psychedelic floors. has a major

Jim Lambie

Toby Paterson

solo show at lll‘.’(}rl()llil House.

Edinburgh. Rarely seen works by Gordon MattaClark r2?) Jan—23 Man go on show at the CCA in Glasgow. A central figure in the New York art scene in the [Us he is known for his process of 'cutting' carying huge sections from buildings.

In February one of Scotland’s foremost sculptors. Kenny Hunter has a solo show at the Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh r l-': Feb—22 Mai» which brings together a number of exrsting sculptures On show at the l ruitmai‘ket Gallery in Edinburgh is Art for Herniorks (1.1 l eb—2E) Man. a group show of \nrork’ by international artists including Jeremy Deller and /\r ian‘ ()hod/ko. The otn Street ./ ei e. Open ()5) Mai» Ll May at (‘ilasgov-r's Street 1 eyel features lens based \.‘.’()l'l\t; selected how. a national hunt tor submissions.

l7 l'()lll the up-and-coming to the established. spring has some xrsual treats :n store. i innish artist

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