Rock’n’roll still ain’t noise pollution, but AC/DC are so last year. Words: Mark Robertson

f 2002 was the year of the rock act

then this coming 12 months could

well be the year of the rock and pop behemoths. On the horizon already Tom Jones. Bon Jovi and perhaps most despicable of all Robbie Williams are all lumbering up to pack the stadiums and arenas of our fair land. The story goes that a few more of the really big names will be making a stop off in Scotland. REM have already said they are headlining T in the Park (13 & 14 Jul) while Radiohead are scheduled to be at a loose end early summer after completing their sixth LP so could they be up for joining the Balado party? We'll find out soon enough. Gig on the Green meanwhile (23 & 24 Aug) is still a little far off to predict but we‘ll give it a go . . . Travis? Garbage? Queens of the Stone Age? Pink?

The event of the spring in big rock terms is the return of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (5 & 6 Mar). 20023 By the Way (Our readers' poll album of the year too) continued the good feeling of their sleeper hit Cal/fornication bringing melody to the fore and their renaissance to a peak.

The Edinburgh International Festival brings around the classical and opera heavyweights, most significantly the entire production of Wagner's The Ring Cyc/e including the fourth and final instalment. Getterdammerung. c0urtesy of Scottish Opera. This while T on the Fringe and Planet Pop Will no doubt bring their usual mix of the internationally renowned and the wonderfully as-yet- undiscovered.

While not being the steamroller it was in 2000, rock will continue to be strong with the likes of Marilyn Manson (spring), Limp Bizkit (summer) and Sum/~11 (3 Feb) among the big acts touring. Rock tykes abOund like ants on a wean's ice lolly there's Stone Seur (19 Feb). The Ataris (19 Feb) Anthrax (7 Mar) and the hotly- tipped Finch (21 Mar). It's not all Yank plank-spanks here though. as there's homegrown treats such as Feeder (22 Feb & 12 Mar) and the Delgados (4 Feb) to contend With.

A new album from Mogwai (spring) should bring more of the same elegiac magic while Idlewild capitalise on the popularity of The Remote Part with a follow up in the autumn. Teenage Fanclub Will finally get off their big hairy arses and get out for their greatest hits tour (21 & 213 Feb) \‘Vliil the album seeing the light of day around then too. as WI“ the Primal Screams Greatest Hits set (spring). Biur are Claiming they won't tour for their Fatboy Slim produced album (Apr). Expect albun‘s from the Donnas (Mar). Turin Brakes (Mar). Tortoise (Mar), the Pastels (Spring). Stephen Malkmus (spring) and Erie/71y of the Enemy from Asian Dub Foundation (1) Feb).

While Edinburgh attempts to pick up the pieces given the destuction of La Belle Angele. the Bridge Jazz Bar

Primal Screakigf

The Suababes set the Glasgow Acemy rolling

and more. Glasgow basks in the Joy of a new venue. Glasgow Academy. where Sugababes (28 Mar) are pencnled in as the inaugural act. But if you like yOur girls in combat boots instead of bootyliCious try Avril Lavrgne at the Barras (22 Mar).

Also on the live front there's return visits from the likes of Low (3 & :3 Feb). Sigur Res (11 Feb). Ninja Tune's Amon Tobin (Feb) and a welcome Visit and new long player from US altcountry mavericks CaleXIco.

One and a half out of two ain't bad is it? Those of you With photographic memories wrll easily remember our prediction this time last year that albums by Portishead. Massive Attack and the Prodigy were imi‘ninent in 2002 well, we were wrong. Well, not so much wrong as cataclysmicly optimistic. Beth Gibbon's of Portishead sneaked out a solo album of \VlllSOli‘f)


r ‘3

torch songs and Massive Attack have finally confirmed an album 100th Vi/indow (Feb) and a pair of live dates (8 & E) Apr). But other than the Prodigy's middling appearance at Gig on the Green and their completely unscandalous single “Baby's got a Temper". they are remaining worryingly dormant. Albun‘ for end of 2003. There. I've said it.

20 THE LIST 1/ “‘0 Jan 2003