DRAMA TAKE CARE OF MY CAT (15) 112min 00.0

An aSSured and endearing ensemble drama from debutante South Korean director Jeong Jae-eun. Set not in the capital Seoul but in the port city of lnchon. its characters are a group of y0ung women from a variety of backgrounds. who are attempting to make the awkward transitiOn from school to adult life and who are taking it in turns to look after a stray cat.

The beautiful Hae-JOO (Lee Yo-won) has a job at a brokerage firm. the artistic

l I January 7.45pm Scottish Chamber Orchestra

l7 January 8.00 pm Edinburgh Jazz Project presents

Lights Out By Nine

l9 January 2.30pm Edinburgh Quartet

20 January 7.45pm New Town Concerts Society present Nash Ensemble

Ji-y0ung (Ok Ji-youiig) dreams of Endearing ensemble drama studying or working abroad and the 25 January 7.45pm generous-hearted Tae-hee (Bae Doo-na) on the romantic attachments and Scottish Chamber Orchestra keeps changing her mind about the dilemmas of the girls. the film explores 26 January 2.30pm future. while acting as the peace-maker their shifting friendships With one Scottish Chamber orchestra in the cliQue. another. their professional aspirations

There is an appealineg loose structure and uncertainties and their trOubled 29 January 7.30pm to Take Care of My Cat. and it's a home-lives. A generOus, Wistful and DF Concerts Ltd present pleasure to follow its characters' impresswely acted film From Dawson) Love with Arthur Lee wanderings. Rather than concentrating I GFr, Glasgow from Fri IO Jan. | February 7.45pm

The Queen's Hall presents

MARTIAL ARTS COMEDY The Three Scottish Tenors

THE TUXEDO (12A) 98min (unable to review at time of going to press)

3 February 7.30pm PLC presents LOW plus guests Jackie Chan does James Bond. Starting

out as a lowly chauffeur for millionaire Jason lsaacs. Chan sWiftly graduates to international superspy status when his boss is injured in a car accident and the martial arts comedian acCidentally tries Chan does Bond on his SUll. which turns out to be

bursting at the seams Wllll gadgets. Thereafter. Chan teairs up with Jennifer Love Hewitt's nov:ce spy girl to crack a crime ring intent of world doii‘iiiation etc etc.

(Miles Fielder)

I General release from Fri 10 Jan.

And much, much more call the Box Office on 0l3| 668 20I9 for further info.


Lovely little film from Chad


In this lovely little film from Chad two brothers cope With the disappearance of their father. Mum reckons he's just irresponsible. but the boys instead hypothesise and defend his hon0ur. Maybe he went to buy Cigarettes' one says. 'Don't talk abOut my father like that.‘ says the other. There's a respect here that’s ripe for mythologising exemplified perhaps in a strange. fascinating scene where the

bOys are certain they see their father in a moVie. EX-RATED: a." u Extreme we’ve watched.

Director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun combines a calming colour scheme chiefly argued mm. and "M", agreed on m, “mm spam e made up of terracottas and sky blues. not. it seems for some cumbersome "ms "m we me me very be“. cm" mm on "m x Symbolic purpose but to create a tranquil feel that keeps the usually dramatic

\ , Extreme Film Fest every weeknight at 'lpm 8. Mldlllqlll, events at one remove. With his minimally movuig camera often holding on to the onlyontheEXfRFME SPORTS CHANNEL.

medium shot. or shadowed close-up. the director follows the boys' harsh life as E x T R E M E they get carted off and detained in Koranic school.

What the film offers. though. isn't the boys' trauma from the inside full of agitation and anXIety as it undoubtedly is but an equaiiiiiiity from the outsmle. There's always a sense of characters being contained by a purpose wider than their own indiVidual eXistence. (Tony McKibbin)

I Film/iouse. Edinburgh from Fri IO Jan.

We rent the Vids, so you don't have to. -. s- u u I -. I u A u on I

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