Re: Readers’ poll results (457)

Firstly a small complaint. How on earth can an artist 's entire body of work (composed over several decades) qualify for comic of the year? This strikes me as a trifle unfair when other nominated artists are only being judged on one work. Also Jimmy Corrigan‘s Smartest Kid on Earth was released in 2001 (the year it won the Guardian First book prize) and it was also nominated. Why bother havrng the category if you can't be arsed doing even the slightest research into the subject?

Secondly. top marks for the last couple of Glasgow Fabulous strips. I don't usually understand a word of it but it has been becoming more accessible of late. It's about time someone had a pop at the dreadful mockney shite that is the Streets. Why is the strip still in the Clubs section though? Surely it is about a million times better than Phil Kay and John Fardell and could OCCUpy their slot at the back it certainly seems popular enough.

Anyway I just noticed that I'm sounding like the guy in Chasing Amy (all comic obsessed) so I'll leave it there. Make mine The List.

Chris Boyd via email


Re: Old Town fire disaster (457) l have received a huge amount of correspondence from people regarding the demise of the Bridge and there are two common, recurring themes: 1) shock and horror that such a fine venue should suffer this undeserved fate and 2) offers of support. help and enc0uragement. to help create a Successor

Many. many thanks for all of your really moving messages of condolence and support those words are highly appreciated and extremely valuable at this trying time. However, as one has to do. I now regard this moment as one

2 THE LIST 2 It} .Jan 7003


React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow 62 3JD

or email react@list.co.uk

of challenge and development.

The last seven months have been an amazing learning experience. as we (I and my bar manager, Kyles Dignall. and his absolutely brilliant staff) have learned a lot in building the Bridge into not just a fine jazz institution. but a damn good bar/restaurant and a great place to hang out. We're not about to throw it all away and cry in the corner. Nah! This is a wonderful opportunity to build an even more brilliant jazz venue that wrll form a vital part of the Scottish jazz scene.

So here we go -- the search is now on for a venue that can be either purchased or leased and developed into a great jazz room. If you know any such prospective property. either already licensed or just a promising location. please let me know. I am networking all over the place to find premises.

On a brighter note: before the Bridge opened I had a regular Sunday night gig at the Human Be In on Buccleuch Street (the former BarCelona). The nice people there (Scott and Michael thanks) have asked me back. so we'll have a temporary Bridge Jazz Bar happening at the Human Be In.

Bill Kyle via email


Re: Join the club (457)

Just what the Sam Hell was Vicky Mason talking about in y0ur last letters column when she advised people to listen up when The List ‘tried to draw attention to something new'? COuId this be the same magazine that boasts a cover stery on Sex and the City and main features about Lord of the Rings, Audrey Tautou. Dave Gorman and that little known band of up-and-comers. Primal Scream?

Sheesh! How would we survive without The List tirelessly digging out these obscure gems? What else do yOu see in that Crystal ball 0' yours. oh prescient ones? I gotta know!

Or should I just order some

back copies of Time Out circa

1998 to find out what yOtir hot

tips for 2003 are gonna be? Keep up the good work!

Sophie Stree

Via email

Strange. Sophie. that yOur name bears an uncanny resemblance to a word defined as ‘a method of argumentation that seems clever but is actually flawed '. Thanks for the thought though.



I am writing to you to let you know that. although I enjoy very much reading yOur magazine. l have a problem about the star rating in the Film section. I would be most grateful if you cOuId explain to me what those red and black little balls actually mean. Eva Rodriguez

via email

Fair p0int. Five little red round things is excellent; four little black ones is recommended; three is good: two is flawed; and one is poor.

OLD AS YOU FEEL Re: letter of the issue (457)

are young!

Edith Williams Marc/imont Road Edinburgh


JO KENNEDY It is with great sadness that we repon the death of Jo Kennedy, one of the team who launched The List back in 1985. Jo jOined the staff as our typesetter and she brought much needed practical experience of how magazines should be produced to add to the naive enthusiasm emanating from the rest of us. With calm. tolerant good humour. Jo would cope with the missed deadlines and then pull each issue together by working on late into the night and early hours of the next day. Bringing order out of chaos issue after issue. Jo was a rock to which The List held fast as we weathered the stormy first few years. Her attention to detail. proof reading and typing speed were legendary her ability to decipher the incomprellenSrble notation of the early typesetting programmes was wonhy of a doctorate in computer science but it was her kindness and encouragement to us all that we remember most. Our thoughts and Sympathy are with her much loved daughters. Jane, Carrie and Kate and with her grandchildren who brought her such joy. (Robin Hodge)

l have never written to The List before started reading it about a year ago and was so impressed. I buy it every two weeks. I am a 66-year-old pensioner. so I want to say not all your readers

I show off my knowledge of cinemas. theatres. places to eat etc. to my mates yOLing and old I never did go clubbing!

I‘d love to win the Sol beer if only to show off once again to my non-believing non-List reading family and friends: us oldies can still enjoy, not only a beer. but a fabulous read as well.

Sixty-six? That's nothing. But the Sol's yours for being the oldest person who's written to us this issue. But come on oldies.’ Who really is The List's oldest reader? It you think you qualify or if you know someone who does —- write in and you could be picking up a case of beer with yOur bus pass.




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