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Edinburgh Saturdays continued

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. Noon—9pm. Free. Weekly. All day session with Bertic's mix of sotil and funk till 5pm then Ravv Movement and (iraeme McLean take over on a jazzy soul tip.

I Radio Oxygen at Oxygen Bar and (irill. 9pm—- lam. Free. Weekly. A hip mix of house and nu jazz sounds from a rotating teain of residents.

I The Scratch Family at Bu (formerly Bam Bou). 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Scratch needs no introduction to any hip hop head in tovvn. the best iii soul. R& B and hip hop every vveek from Lyley. Richie Rufftone and members of the Scratch extended family.

I Wiggle at Planet ()ut. l()pm—lam. Free. 4 Jan. Pre-club session for the new night from Joy dovvn at ligo. vvith Brett King handling \varm tip duties.

I Vol Below at Yo! Beloyv. Spin—midnight. Free. Weekly. (‘hris Flexen flexes his funky house grooves at the sushi style bar.


I Arakataca! at the Bongo Club. Next date tbc.

I Ascension Goth Club at Teviot Rovv t'nion. l().3()pm‘3am. £4 (for members). It Jan. Monthly. In association vvith lidinburgh l'niversity's (ioth and Rock Society comes this cheery mix of up-to-date darkness featuring all the latest goth. rock and industrial greats.

I Asylum at Studio 24. l lpm~ 3am. £5. ll Jan. Fortnightly. The Mission's dovvn and dirty brother specialising in rock. nu metal and other hardcore sounds.

6 Audio Deluxe at Honeycomb.

l lpm- 3am. Free. Weekly. Smooth. soulful house at this shindig hosted by resident (‘raig Smith (Hush Hush) hosting a series of free parties to thank all the Atidio Deluxe faithful. all building tip to their first birthday (h‘ Feb) with Mr V and (’raig Smith.

I CC Blooms at (‘(’ Blooms. l().3()pm 3am. Free. Weekly. DJ Ally is back again with more of her trademark high-camp-to-house decknical expertise at this alvvays hoaching gay venue.

I Colours Live! at the Liqtiid Room. Monthly. Next date 25 Jan. Presenting the ‘Nti Skool': Ashley (‘asselle. James labiela and Phil 'l‘hompson.

I Conception at 'l‘eviot Rovv l'nion. Next date 25 Jan.

I Diggity at the Establishment.

l lptn 3am. £6 (£1 off vvith flyer). Weekly. DJ l‘tihlllo/ and Harry LG get dovvn with their bad selves. playing \vildsty'le R& B. hip hop and street soul. I Digital at the Venue. l().3()pm -3am. Free. I l .lan. Jackiiig techno and electro ftiiik goodness from residents J(‘ and Dave Brovvn.joined by the Boogie Mo Dynamo team as Smack and Wreckage supply the brakes and beats. Whilst room

"-ipre-t‘heatre / pre-Cinemadinner ' _

hoUse wine for

tvvo starts tip a new ghetto-tech venture vvith DJ Deburgh. Audio Pervert. SB so and Mr Mooks supplying the freshest iii booty bass.

I Disco Inferno at ligo. Monthly. Next date 25 Jan.

I Do This Do That Next date the. I The Egg at Wee Red Bar.

llptn 3am. £4 (£3.5()). Weekly. Still the best mix of indie. (30s garage. northern soul. ska and soundtracks you're likely to stagger across. A well- loved institution that refuses to change. I Eye Candy at Massa (formerly ('lub Mercado). I lpm 3am. £ to (£8 or U) if ‘otill‘ugeolisly dressed. ). Weekly. Residents the liy e ('andy 'l'vs ins and Nejat Barton host their infamous glam and mainstream house party in the nevvly refurbished venue. Remember to 'dress glam or scram'.

I Fiesta Latina at 'I‘eyiot Rots l'nion. 9.30pm 2am. £4.50 (£3.50). ll Jan. Monthly. Still going strong after ten years of supplying the best iii salsa. merengue. mambo and other Latin rhythms courtesy of DJ l’ziltcho with a free datice class from the Salsa Angels at 0.30pm.

I Fiesta Tequila! at til Barrio. l()pm 3am. l-‘ree. Weekly. Live music and fun vsith a distinctly Latin American and Spanish slant front DJ llector.

I The Funk Train at l’ottei'rovv Student l'nion. Next date l8 Jan.

I Funkysensual at l’o Na .Na.

0pm 3am. l‘rec before I lpm: £4 £5 after. Weekly. llot mix of sexy funky house music from DJ Benchy and Roddy Mac.

I Give it Some! at Bongo ('lub.

l lpm 3am. £3 before midnight: £5 after. ll Jan. Neys night for the Bongo. featuring the best in ftiiik. soul. (an and all that inspired hip hop.

I Headspin at Bongo ('llih. Monthly.

Next date 35 Jan. l-‘ifth birthday so it’ll be a big one. I Joy at ligo. Ilpm 3am. £l() (£8 members). IX .laii. Monthly. l'p-front. dirty house grooves on the main floor from Maggie atid Alan Joy. Plus 'l‘rendy Wendy and Sally l-‘inlay 's cheeky mix of soul. funk and chart in the dovvnstairs suite. Note that .loy is a club for gay people and their friends. Luvely at the Liquid Room. l()pm 3am. £3 (£6 members). I l .laii. Monthly. A saucy soiree. geared tovvards a gay mixed crosvd and featuring a music policy of full-on. driving house from residents 'l‘ommy K. (il’ and Jared. January Sail combining the tvvin joys of cheap entry and a naughty nautical theme. l-‘rec entry for members before I lpm. I Majestica at the Veiitie. l().3()pm 3am. £tbc. 4 .laii. Monthly. Dovsn arid dirty house night featuring residents David Amos. lid 1). Trevor (i and Bruno l‘-K across two floors. (iay friendly. straight friendly generally just friendly.

I Messenger at the Bongo ('luh. Ilpm 3am. £7. 4 Jan. Fortnightly. Righteous dtib. reggae and roots.

I Mingin’ at Studio 24. 10.30pm - 3am. £5 before midnight: £6 after. ll Jan. l-‘ortnightly. Residents Brian Dempster and Alan Joy partake of the usual Mingin' madness. playing filthy house and tvvisted trance for a frisky and predominantly gay crovvd.

I Mission Jnr at Studio 24. 7 l()pm. £5. Weekly. (ioth. rock. punk and of course all that nu metal stuff that the kids crave so much. So if you ever vvondered vs here all those black clad youths from the top of ('ockburn Street went after dark look no further the best and original under 18‘s metal gathering in tovvn.

I Mission at Studio 24. llpm 3am. £5 (£4 members). 4 Jati. Fortnightly. Night of metal mayhem. goth rock and more from the darkside a real lidinburgh institution that refuses lay dovvn and die. See prei'ien'.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. 9pm 3am. £5. Weekly. Dave Shedden with his mix of disco and funky house tracks.

I Opium at ()pium. l()pm 3am. l-‘ree. Weekly. Rock. iiti metal and

alternative indie.

I Play at the Venue. Next date the.

G Popcorn at (‘abaret Voltaire.

llpm 5am. £8 (£7). 4 Jan. Residents Keb l)arge (Deep Funk). (iino and l-‘ryer (Motherfunk) drop funk. soul and disco. While in the Breakneack Beat Jam studio the Resonance and Stevie lleadspin are Ninja lime and lru 'I‘hought Records' 'l'reva Whateva. Mr Scruff's radio shovv DJ Partner. For this date only ‘' ("uni llU/(l(’l'.\ gel [3 (tilt/nor price more midnight.

I Progression at the Liqtiid Room. l().3()pm 3am. lh’ Jan. Monthly. Residents special to vvelcome in the new year as Derek Martin. (iav (irant and Alan l)obson dish otit the best in tribal progressive house.

I Rewind at the Liquid Room. l().3()pni 3am. £5 £6. 4 Jan. Monthly. 'l'ony Blackburn is taking a break this month but the Fire Island l)Js vs ill be on hand for some camp lli-NRG action and old skool disco jocks Mick ('ool and Shuggy Bear offer Bob their support in the main room.

I Ultragroove at (‘abaret Voltaire. l().3()pm 3am. £10 (£8). ll Jan. l'ltragroovc lounge residents specialise in real deal house actioti from (iareth Somerville. (’olin ('ook and Mikey Stirtoti. l'ltragroov e would like to say sorry their l4 Dec date vs as cancelled. btit building vvork on the (’ab had to be held back because of access problems due to the fire. But vvith (ieorgc 'l' on guest duties all is vvell and truly

forg i \ eti.

I Vain at 'l‘ev iot Rovs l'nion. 0pm 3am. £4 (£3). 22 Feb. Monthly. 'l‘echno. goth. industrial. 80s and iieyv romantic tunes. So that'll be cheery thenf'.’

I Vegas at Iigo. l()piii~3;iiii. £5 (free to anyone with a ticket stub from the Vegas llogmanay Ball). ll Jati. Monthly. llep daddy svving. country classics and slea/y listening vvith your high-kicking hosts Frankie Sumatra. Bugsy Seagull. Dino Martini and the stunning Vegas shovvgirls. And do try to make an effort vvith the fancy dress code. eh‘.’ It's the annual Vegas January Sale so take advantage of those cheap entrance prices.

I Wiggle at ligo. l lpm--3am. £(). 4 Jan. Monthly. Maggie and Alan Joy need no introduction and this is their nevv night of gay ftin and frolics. In the main room vvill be 'l'rendy Wendy and (ieorge 'l‘ (filling in for Jon Pleased) playing tracks that are a little bit camp. a little bit cutting-edge but a vvhole lotta fun. Dovvnstairs Sally l" and Michelle vvill be deploying R&B. hip hop. indie and chart tunes and hovv could we forget the lovely Penny Pornstar on hand to meet and greet the punters so it‘s something a bit different to vvhat the capital's other gay nights have on offer. See preview.

Chart & Party

I The Big Cheese at l’otterrovv Student l'nion. l()pm» 3am. £3 £5. ll Jan. l-‘ortnightly. Massive student night of the best in cheddar-flavoured chart tunes from the 7()s and 80s. featuring the Star in their Ifyes karaoke.

I Cavendish/Diva at

(‘avendish Diva. l()pm» 3am. £tbc. Weekly. The fully refurbished space hosts a night of all the grooviest hits from the Ms 7 90s. vs ith current chart faves on the top floor. Over 35s only.

I Skool Disco at Potterrovv Student l'nion. 9pm 3am. £3 £5 (free in school uniform before Ilpm). l l-‘eh. The popular nostalgia format comes to lidinburgh l'ni. expect trashy hits and plenty of uniforms.

I Subway Lottery at Subvvay West lind. 7pm 3am. £3 (£1 ). Weekly. (‘lubbing's often like a lottery. in that you're never quite sure if you’ll get a vvinner or a shit night otit. This club features a lottery numbers game vvith big. big prizes up for grabs.

I The Subway at Subvvay. 9pm 3am. l-‘ree before I lpm: £3 (£l ). Weekly. See 'I‘hu.

Edinburgh Sundays


I Immersed in Music at Pivo (‘affe. 9pm 3am. l’ree. Weekly. From chilled-out to vvhacked-out. Skyvvalker and Solo spati the musical spectrum at this all-nevs Sunday social.

I In the Spirit at Bu (formerly Bam Bou). 0pm lam. l’ree. 5 Jan. l-‘ortnightly. Dennis Probert. Rick 'I‘. (iary Young and (ieorge Reid explore an alternative side to club culture. fusing nu skool. R&B. rare groove. sotilftil house and soul classics.

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