Art listings

Glasgow School Of Art continued

Third Year Painting Wed )5 Tue 28 Jan t.\'ewbery (iallcry). .An exhibition of paintings by third year students at (ilasgow School of Art. NEW Sl 10W. F2T Mon 13 Jan l‘ri 1-1 1"eb tAtrium (iallery). Digitally printed and stitched textiles by Deirdre Nelson. NEW SHOW. Action Replay tfmil Wed 8 Jan (Atrium (iallery). .An exhibition of work by first year students from the schools of design and fine art as part of an exploration of the creatiye potential of drawing.


182 Bath Street. 333 1991. Mon~l5ri l().3()am 5pm; Sat 1().3()am 1pm. Winter Selection l'ntil Fri 31 Jan. A season selection of paintings including works by .Anne Redpath. Mary (iallachcr. llamish McDonald. Peter Nardini and John ('utmingham.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY l'niyersity of (ilasgow. 82 llillhead Street. 331) 5431. Mon Sat ‘).3()am- 5pm. l‘ree.

Intimate Friends: Scottish Colourists at the University of Glasgow L'ntil Sat 7 .lun (closed 27 Mar -- It) May). An extensiye exhibition highlighting the L'niyersity of (ilasgow ’s important Scottish (‘olourist collection. featuring rarely seen works by (‘adelL l‘et‘gusson. Hunter and Peploe. Season’s Greetings l'ntil Sat It Jan. .A group of light-hearted cards donated by .\'ew York collector Phillip Bruno. featuring works by Red (irooms. Milton Ayery and Leonard Baskin.


18 King Street. 552 2541).'1‘ue Sat l~5pm.

How to Undo Spells with String 'l’ue 1-1 Sat 25 Jan. New work by ('hristine ('ollins. Karen ('unningham. Lisa (iallacher and Leonora llennessy.



11 Mitchell Lane. 221 6362. Mon. Wed. Thu. Fri 8.; Sat l().3()am 5pm; Tue 11am-5pm; Sun noon 5pm.

Sooper Double D t‘ntil Mon 6 Jan t('irculation area). Dundee-based graphic design consultancy Sooper Double 1)

rey iew the emergency exit sign at the Lighthouse in this ('l)-Rom presentation. GIA Annual Awards 2002 t'mil Sun 12 Jan ((iallery 4). .A display of the shortlisted projects for the Annual (ilasgow Institute of Architects Award which included the categories housing. offices. healthcare and education. Discodog Limited - Talkshop L'ntil Sun 12 Jan (Alcoyc. leyel 4). .An exhibition highlighting the work of discodog limited who pt'oy idc a range of internet scry‘iccs.

Tait 8: Style l'ntil Sun 12 Jan (Circulation area). A fonts on the work of ()rkney-based textile company.'l‘ait & Style. In recent years. Paul Smith. John Rocha and Shirin (iuild haye commissioned fabrics for their own collections.

Bennetts Associates tinnl Sun 26 Jan (Reyiew (iallery). .A specially commissioned exhibition focusing on three recent projects by aw ard-w inning architectural practice. Bennetts Associates: the Loch Lomond (iateway ('entre. the Astronomy 'lcchnology (‘entre in Scotland and the llampstead Theatre in London.

Glasgow Design - 2nd Batch L'ntil 1‘ri 31 Jan (Various spaces). .\'ew designs from The (ilasgow ('ollection's 2nd Batch including a permanent installation of Mil Stricey ic's .S‘mu'e \i'stu bench.

The Axia Chair l'ntil Sun 1‘) Jan (Alcoye: Leyel 2). A display highlighting the Axia chair. designed and manufactured in the Netherlands and supplied by Scotlaml-based company Amos Beech.

70 THE LIST .7 'v’> .32" 202.“:

New work by Sue Palmer on show at Lloyd Jerome Gallery

Mack Chandeliers: From Junk to Funk 1'ntil Sun 2 l’eb (Young Designers (iallery). The results of a series of one-day workshops in which primary school children created chandeliers from junk. Using the designs of (battles Rennie Mackintosh as inspiration.

The Bombay Sapphire Blue Room Exhibition: Glass in Contemporary Life Tue )4

Jan 1"ri 1-1 1’eb. An exhibition of the shortlisted and winning entries for the Bombay Sapphire Him. a new international glass design award with a £2().()()() pri/e fund. NEW S1 1031.

4c Design 'l‘hu 16 Jan Sun 2 Mar. A display highlighting the work of young design company 4c Design which aims to become a proactiye force in new product deyelopment in

Scotland. NEW SHO‘N.


Station Road. Milngay ie. 578 88-17. 'l'ue Sat l()am 1pm & 2 5pm. Making Faces taint Wed )2 Feb (closed till 11 Jan). An exhibition exploring portraiture from self-portraits to studies of family and friends. Artists include Jolm Bellany. Danny 1-‘et'guson. Lesley Banks and Joan liardley.

LLOYD JEROME GALLERY 200 Bath Street. 331 (1722. Tue Sat 9am -6pm.

A Closer Look tintil Wed )2 l‘cb. A new series of large format prints and paintings by Sue Palmer. inspired by the natural world. In her first major show since 1977. Palmer"s original textile designs are in major mtIseums including the \'&A and national galleries in New York and Chicago.


36 Washington Street. 221 2123. Mon—l'ri 9am 5pm.

Design School - Glasgow School of Art t'ntil l-‘ri 1(1.1an.An exhibition demonstrating the range of applications for digital textile printing.

. l 3‘.- . U S) C J

designers. artists and commercial examples.


6 Wilson Street Merchant ('ity. 552 ()7()2.'1'ue. \Vcd & Fri 1 1am 6pm: 'l‘hu 11am 7pm: Sat l()am 6pm; Sun l 5pm. Heads of our Kind l'ntil l'ri 3| Jan. A collection of portrait paintings by (‘olin Park.

Mixed Show l'ntil Hi 31 Jan. A selection of work by Scottish artists including Ryan lixidore and Andy Peuthcrer.

Champion: The Beautiful Game l'ntil l-‘ri 3| Jan. In association with The Daily Rt’t'U/YI. oycr 81) at'chiy‘al football photographs featuring images of icons of football including Billy McNeil and Dennis Law.


('cntre 1-‘or Deyelopmcntal Arts 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon 1‘ri

ltlam 5pm.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Hi to Jan t-‘ri l4 l-‘eb. A group show of work by participants of Project Ability ’s deyelopment workshops based on the theme of

transport. NEW SHOW.


6 Burnfield Road. (iiffnock. 638 1200. Mon l‘ri 11am 6pm; Sat

1()am 5.30pm: Sun noon 5.3l1pm. Christmas Show t‘ntil l‘ri 3| Jan. A selection of affordable works by gallery artists including Peter Nardini. Sarah (‘arringtoiL Simon (ireet'. Blair Millen. (iraeme Sharp. Mairi .Aitken. .Alan (‘onnell and Jonathan Shearer.


26 King Street. 552 2151. Tue Sat 1(1am 5.30pm.

Harvey Jackson: And Now you Don’t lintil Sat 25 Jan. (ilasgow -based llary ey Jackson presents eight works made oyer the last three years. lincompassing slide projectors. natural

light and constructed materials. the works rclerence funfairs and magic. See rey icw.


25 Albert l)riye. ()845 33113501.

'l‘ue» Sat noon 8pm; Sun noon 6pm. 0 Martin Boyce l'ntil Sun 1‘) Jan. A major solo exhibition from Hamilton-born artist Martin Boy cc. who stttdicd at (ilasgow School of Art on the cny'iromnental course. In recent years. Boyce has focused on design. furniture and graphics from the l‘)5()s. but for his new piece. ()ur l.m-e is [.f/xt’ the flowers. the Ruin. I/l(’ Sea am! the Hours. specially commissioned for 'l‘ramway. is an indoor parkscape inspired by utopian ideals. designing sculptures in the form of rubbish bins alongside benches. chain-link fencing and abstracted tree shapes.

Swings and Roundabouts 'l‘uc 1-1 Sun 26 Jan. A series of exhibitions featuring photographic and \ ideo works as part of a Lottery funded project for young people in or leasing


28 King Street. 552 4813.1ue Sat 11am 5pm.

(3 David Musgrave l'ntil Sat 18 .Jan. A solo show of work by London- based artist Day'id MUsgrayc. featuring sculptures and works on paper. Sec reyiew.

(3 Placebo t'nti) Sat )8 Jan. A film work entitled Placebo by Dutch artist Saskia ()lde \Volbers. Sec rey icw.


18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon l-‘ri 1(1am 5pm.

Impressions of Nature 1‘ri It) .121!) Fri 14 Feb. A solo show of paintings by 'l'rongate Studios member Donald \Vardrop. NEW Sl-lOV‘J.


113 West Regent Street. 221 910‘). Mon Fri 1().3()am 5pm.

A Winter Selection Mon 6 Hi 31 Jan. Paintings. drawings. sculpture and limited edition prints.

WHERE THE MONKEY SLEEPS 182 West Regent Street. 226 3-106. Mon l‘ri 7am 7pm; Sat l()am 7pm. Literary Reality Exclusive t’ntil 'l‘uc 1-1 Jan. Mixed media work by Jonathan Scott which decontextuali/es tabloid sensationalism through imaginatiye narratiyes. LAST ()1 lANCL TO SEE.

The Monkey Xmas Show t'ntil '1'ue 1-1 Jan. A collection of work by Various artists.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow Life, page 77.


Argyle Street. Kelyingroye. 287 260‘). Mon-Thu & Sat 1(1am 5pm; 1-‘ri & Sun 11am 5pm. ('afe. l‘ree.

A Kelvingrove Centenary t'nti) Mon 30 Jun. A commcmot'aliyc exhibition marking the centenary of the Art (iallery and Mtiseum. Kely ingroye. The w ell-loy ed sandstone bttilding houses one of the finest ciy ic art collections in liuropc. featuring works by Botticelli. Rembrandt. Whistler and the (ilasgow Boys and (iirls. and was the Venue for some of the finest exhibitions seen in Britain including Picasso-.‘ylatissc 1 10-16). \‘an (iogh (1948) and Dali's Art In .len'e/s

(1973 4).

Endangered Wildlife l'ntil Mon 3().1tm.An exhibition highlighting the endangered wildlife in Scotland.