Scottish Rocks v Sheffield i"-i: Eiiii i)“.:"‘: a "-.,-;:' '."~',- mark. and IS proVing to no a scam" 0" " rm 'r. '“ ' 53:; ': basketball team. F()ll()‘.'.’illtl a 3‘ ii" ::,;:A' ' . blistering comeback aga as: M '.:;t‘ r<-: . hoping for a repeat of tliewi .. * I Braehead Are/la. Kings local? Norm (Ezra: ' 7pm. £7 (£5); family ticket 5‘90.

Sports events are listed by date, and then city. All events are subject to change at short notice, so please check in advance. Sport listings compiled by Maureen Ellis.


Football: Rangers v Dundee Ibrox Stadium. lidmixton l)ri\ e. 113"” 6()() 1993. 3pm. £22 (£1 1 i. The lit'xl mateh ol. the New Year sees the Ta} \itle teatn head to [him to laee the league leaders.


Football: Hearts v Hibernian Tyneeastle Stadium. (iorgie Road. 21111 7201. .3pm. £18 £20 (£111). The capital's derby mateh Pt'tlllll\t'\ to gi\e one team the edge in the light tor third place in the Sl’|..

Ice hockey: Capital Cup Murraylield lee Rink. Rixerxdale Crescent. 337 (N33. (i 0pm. L") iL'S i. The New Year gets oil to a ll_\ ing \tart with on-iee aetion leaturing the Edinburgh ('apitalx. Dundee Stai‘x. I’ite Flyers ttlltl Ne“ L‘il‘llL‘ Vipeh. ll‘\ lil\l paced \tull' eonxixting ol' gamex o1 l\\o 15 minute periods and no ieing or offsides allowed. The toiii'iiaiiient i\ preceded by a puhlie \kulittg \t'\\ltill from 2- 5pm.

Outside the Cities

Football: Motherwell v Partick Thistle l‘it' l’at‘k. Maine Road. Motherwell. (INNS 333333. 3pm. £l3—£l7 (£4 £6). 'l‘eri‘} Buteher‘x \ltlL' need to take something l'rom lltl\ mateh if they are to avoid relegation. Horseracing: Ayr Races .'\.\r Racecourse. 2 \Vliitlettx Road. .\}l'.

76 THE LIST 12 Dirt; 7.3M? \iill .

lll2‘)2 2(i~ll“‘)_ l2.-lllpiii. LS {IS ([51. National Hunt raemg Ii\ltii'e.


Rugby: Edinburgh Rugby v Borders _\1e;itlimti;iiik Spot'lx (’eiiire. 13‘) London Road. (itil 5351. ".3tlpni. L'l2 L'l-l ito ("1. latlinhurgh pla) the lll\l tll ltttll' liitllk til Seiillittltl l’l‘ti iiiatellex agaiiixl the lloi'tlei'x \ltlL‘.

Saturday 4


Basketball: Scottish Rocks v Sheffield lli'aehead .v\rena. Kiiigx lneh Road. Sol llill). "pm. t" lt‘fll: lamil) liekel L2H. lilll. (‘liaiiipionxhip liaxketliall mateli. See photo eaption.

53‘ Hi"

For more than


Club meets eveiy Thursday in

The Bon Accord, North Street.

Charing Cross. 8pm onwards.


|6TH jANUARY Just come along or phone on

0|4I 883 6665/0I4l 639 5706

Ice hockey: Edinburgh Capitals V Fife Murraylield lee Rink. Riverxdale ('i‘eseent. 337 (i933. ()Dltl. £9 ([5 I. lee hoeke} league mateli. The game ix lollim ed by a S.\'l. (‘apitalx game ttgttlltxl the (‘amperdown Stars at 0pm.


Rugby: Edinburgh Rugby v London Irish \leadou hank Sports ('entre. l3‘) London Road. (ifil 535k 7.30pm. £17 [191927 £3). The lleineken (’up i\ slipping out ol‘ litlinhurgh'x \igltl. but the side will be looking to make up ground following their 24 X tlelettl in ()eloliet‘ all the llitlltl\ ol' tlte London \ide.

Outside the cities

Horseracing: Kelso Races Kelso Raeeeoui'xe. Kelxo. (11573 324767. lpttt. £7 ll‘ree £41. National hunt i‘aeing \lttgetl at lltix pieltlt‘exqtte C(llll'SL‘.

Outside the cities

Fencing: Scottish Open l'iiixerxit} ol‘ Stirling. Stirling. ()l3l 453 01174. 0am. l'ree. Seotland's top l'eneei's tlt';t\\ \\\tll‘tl\ to eompete in a range of eompetitionx.


Ice hockey: Edinburgh Capitals v Basingstoke .\lurr;i_\tielcl Iee Rink. Ri\et'\tlale ('rexeent. .337 (N33. opiii. L") H5 I. lllix future has produeed title \\ ltl apieee \t) lttt' lltix \L‘il\()ll. \U the poitth eoultl go either “21).

OutSide the Cities

Fencing: Scottish Open l'ni\er\it} ol‘ Stirling. Stirling. ()131 45 (NIT-l. 0am. l‘i‘ee. See Sat I I.

Tuesday 14

Outside the cities Horseracing: Ayr Races .-\}i' Raeeeourxe. 2 \Vhitlettx Road. A} r. (11202 2o4l7‘). 1.25pm. [8 £15 ([51. See llttl 2.

Wednesday 15


Athletics: Glasgow City Council Indoor Open Graded Meeting Kehin llall International Sportx Arena. 1445 ./\rg_\ le Street. 287 372 l. 7pm. .»\thletie\ meeting hosted h} Seolltslt .’\tllletie\.

listings Sport

Skit HE [312? X

The fortnight’s essential viewing 121% International cricket Sky Sports 2. until Sun 5 Jan, 1 1 .30pm. Coverage of the 5th test in the Ashes test series against Australia. followed by the VB Series one-day internationals against Australia (Fri 10 Jan) and Sri Lanka (Mon 13 Jan). Aberdeen v Celtic BBCl, Thu 2 Jan, 3pm. Martin O'Neill and his team face the Dons in this typically high-scoring fixture.

Embassy World Darts Championships BBC. Sat 4—Sun 12 Jan, times vary. All the latest action from Lakeside Country Club in nine days of continuous coverage. Tony David took the men's title back to Australia last year and this year representatives from

1 1 countries will compete for dart's biggest prize.

British Gas Great North Cross Country BBC2. Sat 4 Jan. Athletes from all over the world compete in this annual cross country run in Newcastle.

Hoops Sky Sports 2. Tue 7 Jan. 6.30pm. Not a programme dedicated to one-half of the Old Firm. but instead a new show devoted to the national basketball league. See highlights of BBL TrOphy and Championship action including Scotland‘s contenders. the Scottish Rocks.

:21 National Cup Finals BBC2. Sun 12 Jan. 1.35pm. Chester Jets and Brighton Bears compete in British basketball‘s cup final. live from the NIA in Birmingham. Australian Open Channel tbc. Mon 13—Sun 26 Jan, times vary. Live coverage of the tennis competition at Melbourne Park. Last year's winners Jennifer Capriati and Thomas Johansson aim to build on their victories in this prestigious tournament.

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l’.)l details call 0131 4.15 .1131 and we'll send ‘.1)l.' .a tee mgr. cl tit-0 Sllii‘JAIlOll Handbook 2003. Or see Sl‘tl‘fl.Sl‘d'lSLCilillltl org