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JIMMY PERRY, t - creator of Dad’s Army, It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum and Hi- De-Hi, chooses five sitcoms - old and new.

Robert De Niro, the greatest actor of his generation? Get outta here! The guy’s only got four facial expressions: the thoughtful, the amused, the puzzled and the constipated. I De Niro stars in City by the Sea, general release from Fri 70 Jan.


1 Dad’s Army What can you say? It made a historical statement and showed Britain at its best. It was a great time to be alive.

2 The Office Ricky Gervais is a fantastically funny man. He's taken a certain kind of humour and given it a new style. Any one that stupidly harks back to the “good ol' days’ needs to watch an episode.

Mmmmm’ 3 It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum This was political incorrectness at its very THE AMUSED best and that made for great ,. {4 television. 4 Hi De Mi Sue Pollard remains a great friend. She was a joy to work with on this. She's got such a wonderful sense of comic timing.

5 Father Ted I love this show. Although I told a Catholic priest that once and he didn't seem too happy!

KEVIN DOWNES, manager of Ster ,/ Century / Cinemas at the Ocean Terminal in Leith chooses his favourite films of 2002.

‘Eheheh’ ‘Ahahah’ ‘Uhuhuh’ ‘Fwaheheh’


1 The Royal Tenenbaums I‘m a big Hackman tan and he's in good

form in this bittersweet comedy with .. _, i ; an all-star supporting cast. It's " beautifully written.

2 Y 1h Mama Tambien Mexican

road trip with a clever multiple narration. Well directed by Cuaron I .i .. . - , . 1" l he's nOW touted for Harry Potter. (Huh?! (Huhgh?! thhm?’ (Eugh?)

3 The Road to Perdition Not Mendes' best work. but as a visual experience. The photography from Conrad Hall and the imagery and costume give it a great feel.

4 Lilo & Stitch This film made me laugh, and at one point nearly cry; a great film for all the family. Worth it for the Elvis impersonations alone.

5 Lord of the Rings: The No Towers Peter Jackson has made an epic that Will remain one of the

major achievements in cinema for a;

decades. " " ‘Grrrrrr!’ ‘Urrrrrh!’ ‘Harrumph!’ ‘Eugh!’ l N The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers l ""N‘illffl‘r. l lit"! “vii-2 . , ' Edna lit-I’M”: It”, Unnamed A' W” Philip Marion Stevenson -' ,y 5- (he ran away) - Safferey Devine 'i'ie .’lfili£il ., y, r_ Va", tictiil. tlu: ’1 E xt'<:"‘-::-. lhe (atiiiie' one effects; a'vl (All, ‘zitilt 'l‘ltfl‘t 17M)" ’.'.£lf‘. 'i‘o'e fzke t“<‘: ietliat 133.413 H ,. iigiitk-z l :1 ‘ap. tale; this Lj'}f;°.llll‘t}?s t;.'<;l‘fl'~, t<;:> ' was . i :‘t‘e was; :t httle .70“: sentimental " l- ,. ~it :l i '* :lar'k’ei gi'xt flit:- flt‘.’l“..’"’1()llf; l: «gulls the '7‘ 1‘ 5'»! WOW“) WU“ ("1H ll‘e ‘.‘Tltl(l' SHOW“ t‘iflf'flf; .'.6.:~it> h