sivi i i H i GORGEOUS

Because you're worth it

Spending thousands to have breasts like Dolly Parton or a bottom like .J Lo's might seem like taking artificial enhancement to swollen extremes. But it's no wonder that a product that makes you look younger is flying out the door of a new Glasgow iiiake~up studio.

Gorgeous. in [)eCourcy's Arcade. sells an anti- wrinkle treatment designed by skin technology specialists iatineau. One tiny dot from the botox based. collagen» filled Melatogenine pen (EV/.130). applied twice a day. is enough to Wipe fine lines from the face. Alternatively. Eatineau's neon pink packaged laser pen. also costing S‘Qr'fit). brings a healthy glow to dull winter skin. Other brands exclusive to the shop include lvialy ()ohr and the Tony and lina makeup range vhich draws on aromatherapy and the chakras of the body to pinpoint where energy is needed.

'lhey want to get people \JJearing lots of colour again.' explains Paulyne Sheridan. Joint owner of Gorgeous who set up shop with her sister. Kathleen Sheridan looks after the business side of things while Paulyne's experience as a iiiake-up artist in TV and theatre provrdes customers with the star treatment.

‘We give free consultations and make overs. as long as one purchase is rnade.' she says. 'I find it most enjoyable doing people who don't usually wear make- up. One girl cried when she saw herself because she didn't believe she could look that good.'

The white walls and natural wood of the shop's biiou interior creates an ideal backdrop for a multiliued array of lip glosses. cheek gels and eye shadows.

Sea tonics iostle for space amid aquamarine lotions on one side of the shop. while the red boxes of the Sex Symbol brand dominates the opposite wall.

But for the ultimate in party season beauty preparation. the Phytoiiier gilt at 539.95). containing contour emulsion. body exfoliator and cellulite massager. steals top pi’i/e. il ouise Prendergastl I Gorgeous, Upper [.evel. [)eCoi/rcy's Arcade. C/‘esswe/l Lane. Glasgow. ()M/ (935) 8280.

iiioNIc ()ii MORONIC'? URBAN OUTFITTERS Having a kitsch bitch

from the name itself you more or less get the gist of what Urban Outfitters is all about. It's a postmodern collection of knick knacks set amid designer labels. kitsch home interior pieces and some clever merchantlising. It's life styling. with an edge. Yes. it's overpriced. Yes. it seems like a cruel joke to anyone who knows the independent retail landscape. But you've got to hand it to them they know shoppers. I'll bet more than a few of you found the ideal office party gift lurking in U() somewhere. Who hasn't ga/ed lovingly at Jeans only to reel in horror at the price tag. making the feted item even more desirable. It's a formula that ‘.‘/orks. You need nothing. but want everything. istentially it's cool stuff. collected. and housed under one roof. No one kits themselves out head-totoe in their gear - see Exhibits A. B. C and l). above because they'd look ridiculous. Moderation is the key » appreciate that and you see the funny side. (Maureen l llisi I Urban Outfitters. Hi/c/iaIi.’i/i Street. Glasgow. ()M/ 2/18 9203.


Spend, spend, spend .

I DESCRIBED AS ‘A jewellery collection which encodes the glamour and despair of high-rise living’, High Couture is the first jewellery exhibition to take place at designlab designshop. The gallery shop, on Edinburgh’s Causewayside, normally stocks a range of interior furnishings. And this exhibition, which runs until 5 February, reflects the Bauhaus notion of one-stop design service and comprises 80 exquisitely crafted works in gold, silver, copper and semi- precious stones. Call 0131 667 9166 or go to www.designshop. for more information.

I FOR A RANGE OF quirky cards. gifts and accessories. why not check out the website of local company Paper Tiger. It stocks a selection of funky items including film star playing cards. moleskin diaries. velcro lettering t- shirts plus original cards and giftwrap. Go to www.papertigerltduk or visit one of the Edinburgh stores on Stafford Street or Lothiari Road.

I IF YOU’RE SALES shopping in Buchanan Street in the next few weeks, don’t forget to pop into the Lighthouse. Its fantastic design shop, Form, continues to stock over 300 items including stylish home furnishings, lighting, accessories, ceramics, cool kitchen appliances and toys. Its prices range from a very affordable £3 to a very bank-breakable £3000.

I YOU WANT ORIGINAL. retro clothing. but you don't fancy trekking round grimy second- hand clothing steres’? Why not check out Irnpractical Clothes new website? Go to wwwimpractical clothescom to see its range of 'dinky' bags (available in a wrde


range of colours and fabrics), made-to— measure suits. basques, and evening wear.

I IT’S ONE OF THOSE things that simply has to be seen to be believed. Lush cosmetics sell a range of shower gels which are designed to be frozen. These come in packs of 16 blocks - which look like coloured ice cube bags - and the range has proved so popular, that Lush has introduced two new variants, Freeze and Chai in time for our great British winter. It really does take all sorts.

I ANOTHER NOVEL. idea from the completely-useless- yetbrilliantly—inspired stall is the Procrastinator Deskpad. This rather groovy device is perfect for those people who like to while away the hours at work. Doodle on the plain expanse. or.

when boredom really sets in. there's a selection of games and puzzles to keep the most idle of minds occupied. (30 to wwwiwantone ofthosecom to order.

I FINALLY, IF YOU’RE looking for a way to relax following all that exertion from the festive season, then why not check out the new holistic health centre opening in Edinburgh. Energetics is based on Broughton Street Lane and offers complementary health therapies to help maintain balance and health. Weekly classes and consultations are available, and anyone interested should call 0131 557 9567 or go to

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