Ryanair, Europe's no.1 M Low Fares Airline and The " I" " " List are offering you and three friends the chance to beat the winter blues and head off to Norway to hit the wonderful slopes of Vradal, situated in the Telemark region of Norway for a fantastic skiing holiday!

Rich in culture and tradition. Vradal offers a wide and varied range of unforgettable winter activities including skiing in the Telemark Region's biggest ski centre. Whatever your level or however you like to ski you are guaranteed to find it at Vradal where the ski school provides lessons for all levels and where you have the

chance to do both Alpine

skiing or cross country skiing. Vradal has much more to offer than good slopes too as it’s situated in one of Norway’s most beautiful and cultural areas so there is never a shortage of things to do.

Ryanair is offering one lucky winner and three friends return flights to this stunning region from Glasgow Prestwick to Oslo Torp where they will catch the Telemark Express bus that will take them straight to Vradal in approximately two hours. Winners will receive a skiing pass and ski hire as well as enjoy a three night stay in the luxurious Quality Straand Hotel located in the heart of the small town with spectacular views of the mountains and lake. In addition to its beautiful setting the Quality Straand hotel boasts great leisure facilities including the typical Norwegian sauna. indoor swimming pools. authentic Norwegian cuisine and Vradal’s most popular night spot!

To enter, just tell us:

What airport does Ryanair fly to in Norway from Glasgow Prestwick? Answers on an email marked ‘NORWAY to or on a postcard to The List, 14 High St, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. Deadline for entries is 20 January 2003. Please include a daytime telephone number and address.

If you‘re not lucky enough to win this fantastic prize don’t despair as Ryanair constantly has great bargains on offer on Discounted hotel accommodation and car hire may also be booked on Ryanair currently operates daily flights to Oslo Torp, Brussels, Paris. Dublin, London Stansted and Frankfurt Hahn and will begin operating flights to Bournemouth in February 2003 from Glasgow Prestwick. Discounted rail R N ’R' travel is available for all Ryanair [HE LOW I-ARES'AIRLINI: .

————-« passengers travelling to and from Glasgow Prestwick airport on production of a Ryanair itinerary. Ryanair also operates daily flights to Dublin from Edinburgh airport and Aberdeen airport.

For more information on the hotel please visit the website www.quality- straandhotelno

Quality Straand Hotel Vradal

TERMS a. CONDITIONS: There is an acceptance by both parties that seat availability will bec0me more limited towards the end of the prOmOtion. and it IS further understood that there will be some applications that it may not be possible to accommodate. particularly towards the end of this promotion as we will not extend this offer Ryanair Ltd reserves its abSOIute right to determine the actual number of seats available under the prOmOtion On each flight. and indeed to prowde no seats on certain peak-day departures The offer is only available on Ryanair flights from Oslo Torp to (.3lasr~ ow Prestwick This offer must be booked at least 14 days in advance and travel may be taken from 6 Jan until 31 May 2003 assengers will not be allocated with a ticket. as Ryanair.c0m is a ‘ticketless' airline. A booking reference. which must be quoted at check-in will be issued All passengers must be in a possession of a valid Passport fOr all Ryanair flights The number of seats available fer this pr0m0tion on each flight is strictly subiect to availability Passengers are responsible for their own passport and insurance requuements. It is recommended that passengers take out swtable travel insurance (Ryanair sell excellent value travel insurance throth the website). Ryanair accepts no respOnSibility 0r liability for hotel accommodation No child disc0unts are permitted Infants under two ftp free Ryanair bookings are subiect to the c0nditions of Contract as made available on the Ryanair weOSite or printed on yanair form of Itinerary/receipt and to Ryanair's General Conditions of Carriage fer Passengers and Bagga e from time to time and Such c0nditions Shall prevail in the event of any inconSistency within the terms of this offer Trans er to Onwards destinations are not the responsibility of either Ryanair or the Hotel. Passengers must organise their own transfers as they see fit Bus/transfer service are the sole responSibility of the relevant bus/transfer c0mpanies. Neither Ryanair nm the hotels shall be held respon5ible for late or cancelled buses/tans or flights that are missed as a result of delayed/nonarnval of buses/taxis Ryanair reserve the nght to vary any of the terms and conditions of this offer at their absolute discretiOn Ryanair cannot be respOnSible for those passengers who are unable to make a booking on the Internet as indicated in the promotional text USiial List rules apply


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