It's time to step out of the closet Words: Anna Miller

I am the proverbial go-getter closet case. Last week I stumbled over a 'To Do' list that I'd written two years ago. It went something like this: 1. Take up yoga (If Geri could turn into a twiglet over night. so could I) 2. Learn to sing (I'd always harbored a secret desire to see my name in lights) 3. Get dance lessons (a disillusioned bid to look like a female John Travolta on the dancefloor)

4. Learn French (I felt destined for a boho-chic existence in Paris). The list went on and on. But you're getting the picture. right? Two years later. I'm more of a nicely rounded quaver than a twiglet, Catherine Zeta didn't have to fight me off for her all-singing, all-dancing role in Chicago and blatantly I'm more homeless-hobo than boho-chic. Which leaves me in a bit of a quandary.

I live in constant berating from my friends for never being in when they phone. They explain it away by labeling me as one of lives 'do-ers', a follow your dreams sort of girl. 80 why then in the wake of a new year am I preparing to write the same list again? Maybe it's a monetary thing, or perhaps post-university I just can't be bothered having a meet and greet with a room full of strangers. Both of these seem a bit lame really. Here's a thought, maybe in a bid to always appear busy, often we end up. less the odd decent drinking session. actually doing nothing.

No longer folks. Let's kick our lists of despondency to the curb, grab our berets and flinging open that closet. By this time next year, who knows? I could be starring in Les Miserables just off the Champs Elysees, resembling a bone fide Jacob's snack. Well, a girl can dream can't she?

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