Recruitment (continued)


as would a first aid certificate.

is Manual Grade 2, £24.84 per week. Closing date: Monday 20th January 2003.

For application form (quoting ref. M75/02) and job description (available on request in alternative formats for applicants with a disability) please contact the Personnel Office, University of Strathclyde,

16 Richmond Street, Glasgow G1 1XQ.

Tel: 0141 553 4133 (24 hour Answering Service).


Applications are invited for the above post in the Collins Gallery. Based in the centre of the Campus it is a lively city centre venue. YOu should have experience of working with the general public, cash handling and customer care.

An interest in, or experience of, contemporary art would be an advantage,

The hours are 5 perweek (11.30am to 4.30pm, Saturday only) and the wage rate

INVESTOR l.\' l’liOl’LIi



We value diversity and welcome applications from all sections of the community

Dance Bose National Centre For Dance seeks Finance Officer

(20 hours per week)

To implement and control the accounting systems of Scotland’s busiest donce ogency

£8,500 pro-rota

For further details please send an A4 soe lo: Vicky Rutherford, Dance Bose National Centre for Dance, l4-l6 Grossmorket, Edinburgh EHl 2JU

Closing date for completed opplicotions: Friday 24 January

Chaniy 'io SCO?2:'>12 dance

Receptionist/Office Administrator Required Hits} 'l‘\' and Video Production conipan) ltased in l.eith require a receptionist and adiiiiiiislratoi' to ioin our small leaiii.\'ou \\ill need to he computer literate and lime e\celleiit ctiniiiiunication

skills. ll' )tiii are interested please \L‘lltl a U“ L'l‘ lc‘llc‘t' ttlitllg‘

\\ illi a detailed (‘V Greenroom Films, Admiral House, 30 Maritime Street, Edinburgh, EH6 65E. 10th January.


Voice Development

Your vorce is core to who you are. yet many people encounter problems Career. lifestyle and modern IiVing are all demanding on the vorce it may shake when nervous. choke With emotion. or appear weak and lacking in confidence Learning about and usmg the v0ice you own efficiently. enables effective communication and improvements in ycur wellbeing We provide v0ice and personal development programmes tailored to your needs

Invest in YOUR voice!

0131 445 7491

New term starts Monday 6 January 2003

d 85 Singing & Acting We‘re different! You are a unique iiidiVidual and we‘ll treat you as one We‘ll take into

account all aspects of your experience. whatever level and work Willi you to develop a package of skills and unlock your (:realivrly.

For Singing (Pop. Musrcal Theatre. CLassrcal) - these range from vocal l()dltll(ltl(3. microphone work. recording skills. performaixx: l(}(:lltll(ltI(-?S to examinatxm work

For Acting - we offer profes5ional techniques to work in lelewsion. theatre. mu8ical theatre. veice development. accents. dialects and examinations

Group and iiidi\/idual lUIlIOlI available from 6 years

Contact us to discuss your needs

0131 445 7491 www.dbsvocaldevelopmentcom

New term starts Monday 6 January 2003

Amateur string players interested in small iiitensne L‘titll'\t‘\ tutored h} top [)l‘tilt‘\\ltlllttl\ iii L‘UlllltH'lttl‘lt‘ sur.ouiidiiig\. lidiiihui‘gh and else“ lIL‘l'L‘.

Please write to Box no. 458/1

Novel Writing - The Basics .\ nine-neck onliue creatii e uriting course co\ering the essential principles ol' noxel

\ii'itiiig. .r\ll \telconie. Ring Marianne on 0131 554 1857 or email

I Tai-Chi Chan classes. \eu beginners course starts .lanuai'} leth (1 5.30pm at

$1 llt‘lt‘li'x (it‘llllt'. 7 \chl (‘oatex lidiiihiirgli.

l’or inloi'iiiation call .-\iidicia tit) (llll 505“ iii'

(llil 335 $003. it\xu.i‘

Learn Sushi \\ illi a Japanese chcl in her o\\ n home. [35 loi' l\\o hour class. Ingredients included. (iilt tokens a\ail;ilile. Call 0141 332 5707 or visit

Courses & Tuition

Drawing Using The Right Side Of The Brain. Weekend di'au ing course \\ itli ttl'll\l .leiiii} Smith li.v\ (limits) in lidinltui'gh thi .g 0111 l’ehruai'}. .r\ll \telconie. particularl} beginners. ldeal \lllth present. Tel: 0131 554 1999 or email

Piano tuition li\pei'ieiiced pt'tilcxxioltal pianist and teacher. 'l'eaches piano at degree le\el lot” ludinliurgli l'iii\ei'\it} l‘aciilt} ()l' .\lti\ic. 'l‘i'aiiied at Rotal \til'lllt‘l'll ('ollcgc ()l‘ .\lu\ic. Manchester. .v\ll le\el\. .r\n} age lt'ttltl (r upuards. Beginners. adults and restarts all uelcoine. l'i‘ee consultation lL‘\\till\. li\celleiil Yamaha grand piano. ('il} centre location till lllll\ttlc ('resceiit. l‘i‘ee local parking. Peter Bream GRNCM. Tel. 0131 556 8567

I Learn to sing in a i'cla\cd. suppoi'th e cm ll'tllllllt'ltl \\ itli an c\pci'iciiccd \oice [H'aclllltillt‘ll (.lll'l't‘llll} running group classes and iiidi\idual tuition. .v\ll le\e|\ “Clc‘tllllt‘. lel: lllil o5,“ 3‘03.

I Learn Italian for \\til'l\ ol’ pleasure. li\perieiiced language teacher ol'lers iiidi\ idual tuition in a rela\ed. enio_\ahle tlllllti\l)llc'l't‘. .\ll lL‘\L'l\ \\ clcttltlt‘. Reasonable rates. 'l‘el: lllil .ilS Hill.

I Cello and tuition h} currienced. li‘ieiidl}. pi'olessioiial teacher and [X‘rlorineiz ( 'liildi'eii and adult lx‘ginnei‘s. re learners and ad\anced students all \xelconie. ('i‘eatn e. lllll and \tl[)|X)l1i\L‘ learning. 'l'el: lllil SSI 45.”.

Power ‘full’ Yoga. l)rop<iii classes starting no“. Kick start 2003 li_\ di‘ainaticall} iiiipi‘m ing )oui' health. This potent»\t_\ le \\ ill increase _\our stamina. strength and llIllxt‘lL‘ tone. The ltk‘llxt‘tl breathing tlc\lt'c\\c\ and dclo\ilie\. |ea\e\ _\ou lt‘c‘llllg‘ i'ela\ed and i‘eli'eshed. Call Morgan on 0131 226 2941 or 07870 824 133

I Aspire Health Club. (ilasgou lll \\ eek pilatcs L‘tllll'\L‘\tllll} Ull/L‘Nll l’i'i\ate l’ilttlcs litplipltic‘tll Sessions li'oni [35 (i)iii/l’ilatcs lllt‘llllk‘l'\lllp just UNIX) per month lel: (Nil) ,ilti 37'4".

Red Boot Art Group ()nc—l)a} Oil Painting \Voi'kshops \\ ill] a lilc model. Suitable for beginners. Stiiida) Itiili .laiiii;ii'_\ tk 33rd lieliruar}. .\l| material pt'o\ ided. Cd W 0141 433 2903 or Jerry 0141 423 6170

Life Drawing 8. Painting .\' ixeek (‘ourses at Wasps Sllltlltw. llttll\till Street. .\londa_\ inoi'iiiiigs lilh .lanuai'} 3rd March. 'l'ucsda}

l-.\cning\ I‘lth .lanuar} ‘lth

.\larch. Salui'da) Mornings l.\'tli

.lanuai') .\'th March.

Call Vanessa 0141 433

2903/551 0255.



‘Glasgow, O'Neill's, Merchant Square 8th )an.


Scotland's foremost Multi-Activity Adventure, Social 8 Sports Group this month: t :‘r . Ira-3'. i: 's- it i, r“. k“. ... [j If, . “I .. I; H... In Edinbmgh, Glasgow and thioughout Scotland SPItE—rhange your life... for good! For FREE info park tel 0131 317 8822 Or visit our website on www.spitesrotland.rom

PREVIEW NIGHTS :- Edinburgh, iron Bar, Hunter Square 1th )an.

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Dinners and Events for

Single Men and Women with


0141 333 1321 eomauacu a. ouscow


- adventure sports 0 parties 0 pub-nights 0 dining

0 hill-walks 0 films 0 theatre

0 dancing & lots lots more.

Glasgow 07050 248164

Edinburgh 0131 332 1342

1‘ 'ar‘


small flat move specialists

Moving boxes. bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-free

0131 229 8361

L‘\l;tl\ll\llt'tl ll)":

Buy & Sell

I Car for sale. .\l;i/da 333 .la\e|iii. l‘ Reg. (18"35 miles. [M Ma} ()3. .\l()’l' June ()3. good “orking order. L' l "5 oiio. 'l‘el: (H .‘l fifth ~l-lll5.

I 14 inch Colour Computer Monitor. h} (ioldstar. hai‘dl} used. (I: to lil'sl littltlcl‘ ('all (l7.\'(i() 355 .\"l(i ((ilasgou t.

I Brazilian drum for sale. Ill" \xooden \lll'tlt) di'uin \\ itli spare lihre skin. L'lllll ono. ('oiitact .laiie oii (WWW "~13 -l‘)l.


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